Memo Paris African Leather Review + Full Bottle USA Giveaway

Memo Paris African Leather Review | Memo African Leather Review
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Memo Paris African Leather Review | Memo African Leather Review

This is my Memo Paris African Leather Review, Memo African Leather Review video. I’ve been wanting to review Memo Paris African Leather for some time now and finally, it’s happened as a Cafleurebon contributor review. I personally believe that Memo Paris African Leather is the most popular leather fragrance from the Memo Paris Leather collection of fragrances. The leather collection from Memo Paris is called Cuirs Nomades. What I love about Memo Paris African Leather is the beautiful and very spicy, aromatic cardamom note with the slightly animalic, aquatic leather note in the fragrance. Along the way, you’ll also notice, cumin, geranium, oud, musk but Memo Paris African Leather is all about the cardamom and leather. Such a great combo here and I can see this fragrance is certainly a favorite with many reviewers and also in general with the community. It’s a spicy leather fragrance and one you should certainly check out if you like leather fragrances or spicy fragrances.

Memo Paris
African Leather
Concentration: Eau De Parfum (EDP)
Year: 2015
Perfumer: Alienor Massenet
Price/Size: $295.00/75ML

Memo Paris African Leather is a A safari leather fragrance.

Oil of bergamot, Oil of cardamom, Oil of saffron, Oil of cumin, Geranium absolute, Oil of patchouli, Oud accord, Leather accord, Essence of vetiver, Musk

As always please watch, rate, comment and share this video and please subscribe to this channel if you haven’t yet. And please stay tuned for more videos and giveaways real soon! Memo Paris African Leather Fragrance was sent to me for this review video. The views and opinions for Memo Paris African Leather are all my own. If you’re curious to try Memo Paris African Leather please buy or obtain samples or decants to test prior to purchasing a full bottle. Because what I might like you might not like and vice versa so I cannot guarantee you will react the same way to this fragrance as I have in this video. Thank you.

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bob bob says:

Similar to amouge epic weman
and similar to Majda Bekkali mon nom est rouge
Not unique fragrance but amazing

Eric Sanchez says:

Awesome review Sebastian. I have had the chance to experience any Fragrances from Memo Paris. Hopefully I can try it.

cejII says:

One of my favorite leathers from Memo. Interesting and stupidly I thought it would smell like leather from an elephant, hippo, rhino or some other type of African based animal. None which I’ve ever actually smelled so I would not know anyway

K Fukuma says:

Love all oud, tobacco and leather! Thank you for nice review again. Ken of MD.

Just Add Light says:

The signature scent of Indiana Jones and Han Solo! Great review Sebastian. Saffron is one of my favourite spices and it’s definitely done right in this one. Easily on par or perhaps even better than the leather in the Tom Ford blends. Didn’t you get the memo? lol

Isabelle B. says:

Oh I love this brand and the leather range is gorgeous (I don’t know Russian leather). I lived in Africa few years ago and … Africa is in this scent ! Alienor Massenet is a beautiful nose and she brings back so stunning memories from her travels, there is a big emotion. On my skin, “French leather” with his rose is the more suitable, but the travel is shorter….

Mr Sillage says:

I’m surprised you havn’t done this one yet Sebastian! TERRIFIC take on a great fragrance. I have a good size decant and I love it. I won’t partake in the giveaway because I’ll love to see someone else who hasn’t tried it, win. But great great review Sebastian.

John Gult says:

African leather is my absolute favorite

Matthew Donovan says:

This is as good as it gets with cardamom as a prominent note. I love this stuff. Great video!

Clista Scott says:

I love your stories. I almost tired it but my sample cart was getting a bit much. I’m glad it’s a winner. Thanks, Sebastian.

Doughboy Manning says:

Good luck everyone. Thanks for the video! Love the reviews! Watching from Oklahoma. Tobacco, spicy/sweet is my jam!

edreamsincolor says:

I love Memo Paris Irish Oud , Irish Leather and Lalibela. I would be ecstatic to win this African leather fragrance here in NJ, USA

Jacob Bonilla says:

Why am I the only one who thinks there is a huge Mentholatum smell to it due to the geranium. ….. Sebastian, how often do you actually get a conversation started? Or is it just me…,

Michael McDonald says:

Hilariously high price when you can get 30 ml in the travel bottles for $135

Charles Montgomery says:

I love this one. One of my faves from this house memo. When I first tried it, it caught me off guard and didn’t like as much because I was expecting something different.. more cuir and less green. As Sebastian said in his presentation of this gem, it has a vetiver note which at the time isn’t one of my favorite notes but this one has climbed the charts as for leathers I’ve tried. I sometimes layer this with a patchouli fragrance like LeMet or a Monsieur by Frederic Malle with great results however its outstanding on its own. Thanks for sharing another great review Sebastian

Bad Kid says:


blackeuro718 says:

Italian leather caught my nose.. The line itself is very primal. Loved it

Oscar Perez says:

Love African Leather..already own it good luck to some one!!Italian Leather prob my next that tomato leaf note.Great vid Seb

pandora p says:

Nice take as always, Seb. As I’ve said before, French Leather is one of my favorite amongst those that I don’t own yet. My next favorites from Memo Paris are Eau de Memo and Italian Leather. Just tried their newest, Tamarindo, and it did not made much of a first impression. Thanks.

Cesar Cybstem says:

Somehow when i posted on Cafleurebon it posted twice and i only hit it once o well they are going to think am being slick posting twice but i only hit it once , anyways thanks Sebastian you are the best keep up the hard work

Hasib says:

Sounds nice. Haven’t tried any MEMO Paris fragrances.

J Owen says:

Great review! Sounds spectacular start to finish. I love all those notes.

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