Memo Paris African Leather | Special Spicy Fragrance

Thanks to Style is Life for this incredible gift. Leather fragrances are some of the best on the market and very masculine. Memo Paris African Leather is definitely top tier. Enjoy!

African Leather by Memo Paris is a Leather fragrance for women and men. This is a new fragrance. African Leather was launched in 2015. The fragrance features bergamot, cardamom, saffron, cumin, geranium, patchouli, agarwood (oud), leather, vetiver and musk.


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Tal says:

My favorite from the memo line. A masterpiece

Anthony Duncan says:


I LOVE your reviews and your efforts to uplift the the BROTHER’S, I RESPECT the sister’s doing “their” THING when it COMES to the Black issues.!!! ( naming on names) BUT sometimes it’s one sided.!!!

BUT I Feel it’s MORE important WE as black MEN’S LEARN to WORK TOGETHER and REDISCOVER are OWN greatness , BY looking GOOD and smelling GOOD and being on “CODE” once again.!!!

YOU my brother fill a BADLY needed VOICE for THE BROTHER’S and it’s WAY over DO SIR.!!!

WE’VE been CALLED everything UNDER the sun, lazy , thuggish, having no responsibility for are actions ; but we’ve not BEEN shown ARE respect as MEN’S for the POSITIVE things WE DO in are own black community’s.!!!???

SO thank you brother for standing-up for US, WHEN others are putting us DOWN.!!!

WE need to unify as brothers and stop the foolishness and respect each other as men’s and as black brothers in a time when it’s badly needed.!!!


Char Willie says:

Shout out to Style the bad boy!! 🙂

Tom Mac says:

nice job….good review!!

Jusdahoops says:



I love that fragrance. In my top 10 since it’s first release.

Everett Overton says:

The man in black. Diggin the dotted tie on you. Very kind of the man to send you this one. I own it myself, and I must agree, it sets itself apart. Great for this time of the year. Like you said, it’s not for everyone, but it is, “just know what you’re getting yourself into.”

Great line.

Jacob Bonilla says:

To me this is like a fine ass hood rat . Yes you fall in love quickly, and out of love even quicker. . I don’t know if it’s a single note or a combination of notes that’s off putting to me. First sniff was like whoa! Something I’ve never smelled before, had this fresh leather/ mentholatum smell I was diggin. Then comes this oud sort of skank in the background I couldn’t vibe with. Classy fragrance nevertheless.

BLACKest Knight says:

Just discovered this line of cologne last month when I was in Paris visiting Galleries Lafayette. Some off the chain stuff. The Russian leather is off the chain too

Tru Dat says:

African leather is damn sexy. Peace

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