Memo Paris Fragrances First Impression!

Here is a first impression of fragrances by the company Memo Paris and Maison Francis Kurkdjian. Thank you for watching!

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A L G says:

great review Steve

Omar Miranda says:

Best fragrance MFK Pluriel and Oud!!! Lov them

lobsterpatriot says:

Dude, if you like Masculin Pluriel I’ll sell you my bottle.

kamerun1 says:

Could a guy wear luxor oud memo?

Professor X says:

Nice review, Steven! Can u next review LA NUIT DE L’HOMME L’INTENSE? I would like to hear your thoughts on this new flanker. There’s a lot of mixed reviews in the fragrance community.

1230naze says:

Hey Steve how are you. Really respect your videos. Me and my wife fell in love with memo luxor oud. Please check it out and if you feel up to it. Please review it. We absolutely love it. Keep up the good work.

Jacob Bonilla says:

Steven have you smelled African leather? If so I’d love to know your thoughts.

JoshCousteau says:

You either love that shirt or filmed a few videos in the past.

Wael Hamzeh says:

At 3:12 i thought you are gonna bite your hand

Marwan Daief says:

good video again….good luck Steven

Pauli eule says:

What do you think about Chanel Allure Edition blanche and pour Monsieur. I got them to my Birthday on Friday.

A L G says:

Love this house(Memo)shame that so far I only own 1(Italian Leather) but will try to get French,African and Irish Leather

Scent Sessions with Christopher EL says:

I bought French Leather which is my favorite from MEMO and Irish Leather 2nd followed by Moon Fever! Very well blended! I’m anxious to try Moon Leather! Awesome review! Thanks

Tal says:

memo paris is an awesome house. love all of their leathers – french, italian, irish, and the latest african – and luxor oud. the house deserves more love from fragcomm

Pietro Sessa says:

wow, IM so curious about your opinion on Satin Mood, and its comparison with Noir de Noir ( which one you like more )

Master Bait Tour says:

See this is what pisses me off…..the people with stuff always get free shit….look at all the stuff you have and still want more for free.

The great Meme in the sky says:

you should do a top ten oud fragrance video

Chris says:

Well put as always Steve Just wanted to say that your still the top reviewer in my opinion Along with Babbs. His is in a different direction of yours but You both are my 2 top Reviewers. Thanks again. Chris

Zeva Rose says:

ooh that’s nice I love samples

Anna Rodnarine says:

irish leather is definitely a winner to me 😀

Roger Rios says:

you’re welcome Steven. I’m so glad you enjoyed the samples. you reminded me of a little kid in a candy store. when you opened the package. lol Once again thank you for what you have done for this fragrance community. I really enjoyed this video! keep up the good work!

Ignacio Salazar says:

Thanks for the videos Steve, it really means a lot for the newbie fragrance lovers like myself.

Quadrillion aire says:

hey do you ever scared that your frags will go bad just out on shelves like that?

AperolSpritz W says:

What’s the name of the first sample you tried before the MFKs?

mqabandi says:

I have the Memo Shams (oud based). Very strong, and very long lasting (days).

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