Molinard Vanille Patchouli + Cuir Review | Win A Bottle Of Each (USA Giveaway)

Molinard Vanille Patchouli + Cuir Review | Molinard Vanille Patchouli Review | Molinard Cuir Review
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Molinard Vanille Patchouli and Cuir Review | Win A Bottle Of Each (USA Giveaway)

This is my Molinard Vanille Patchouli and Cuir Review Video. Molinard is a house that’s rarely spoken about but a house I truly admire. I had the great pleasure of visiting the house of Molinard in December of 2013. I enjoyed my visit to Molinard in Grasse, France very much. There’s a small museum at Molinard’s Grasse, France headquarters with displays of all of the vintage fragrance bottles from yesteryear. Focusing a lot on their very well known fragrance Habanita and all of the different variations on bottles it’s gone through, throughout the years. There’s also a showroom with their current offerings. At the time of my visit though the Les Elements Collection was not released yet. Those fragrances debuted in 2015. The collection contains the following fragrances.














In this video we are focusing on Vanille Patchouli and Cuir.

Molinard Cuir from Les Elements Collection
Eau De Parfum
Perfumer: Thomas Fontaine

Top Notes:
Bergamot, Nutmag, Lemon Verbena
Heart Notes: Chili, Lily, Saffron, Lavender
Base Notes: Sandalwood, Oud, Amber, Leather, Patchouli, Musk

Cuir pronounced Queegh

Molinard Vanille Patchouli from Les Elements Collection
Eau De Parfum

Top Notes:
Patchouli, Sandalwood
Heart Notes: Vanilla, Benzoin
Base Notes: Vanilla, White Musk

Please watch to find out more about these two Molinard fragrances from the Les Elements Collection and please participate in the giveaway. One lucky subscriber of this channel and a registered user of will win both bottles of Vanille Patchouli and Cuir by Molinard. Good luck.

As always please watch, rate, share this video and please subscribe to this channel if you haven’t yet. And please stay tuned for more videos and giveaways real soon! Molinard Vanille Patchouli and Cuir fragrances were sent to me for this review video. The views and opinions are all my own. 🙂

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Mian A says:

I’ve been waiting for patchouli frag. Thanks for it.

Omar Aladdin says:

Patchouli is such a great note. I almost love all the fragrances that has patchouli in them.
I am also so curious to try their Fleur d’Oranger.

Olof Apfelbaum says:

Hi again!
Unfortunately I live in Stockholm Sweden! Have a nice day!

Jon Komatsu says:

Oooh, another vanilla-based juice, and some earthy patchouli blended in for some earthy fun as well!

Thanks so much for introducing this line to me. I have heard of this very old house, but yet to sample any of their wares. I immediately went online and ordered a couple samples of the Vanille Patchouli and found their Muguet as well. Been wanting to try out more lily of the valley based perfumes.

Man, what great value! EDPs for very little “crinkle”! Great review, mahalo!

rox w says:

No, not familiar with this brand, but now I want to be!! I am testing 2 patchouli fragrances today while I am working (took a break when I saw a new review here). I love vanilla and the description of the vanilla/patch sounds perfect for me. The museum looks amazing!!!

Batphink Phil says:

Have you come across Ermenegildo Javanse Patchouli and if so ,how does this Molinard frag compare? thanks Sebastian! Good review as always! I like the purple bottles!

Arjén Marithé says:

never heard of that brand, very interested now though. great review as always! Bless.

Diana Devlin says:

I’ve heard of the brand but not familiar with any of their fragrances. I didn’t realize they were so affordable! Thanks for another wonderful review, Sebastian!

C Demer says:

Thank you

Bigboy 75 says:

Sounds amazing, I don’t own anything from this house, although I would like to. I’m in for the giveaway.

Allen Sandusky says:

Love the notes in these two fragrances.

Ginny Giniver says:

Know this brand very well Sebastian and I love some of their fresher perfumes. I had bought Pour Homme 2 for the hubby from your recommendation many years ago on your other channel. I also bought the Pathcouli Intense that you had recommended so yes know this house very well. Good prices on great perfumes

Guinea54 says:

Thanks for the review, those bottles realy stand out.. Like the new hat

Joey swaney says:

Nice review. Looking at getting Cuir and Vanille Fruitee. Did you happen to test Vanille Fruitee?

edward gurango says:

Fragonard, Galimard,, Molinard! Love these old houses!

Bad Kid says:

Molinard Vanille Patchouli must be a great fragrance

D D says:

So happy to see that molinard has admirers all over the world!Tanks & keep posting.Personaly, I love their products and consider that they offer a very high quality/price deal compared to so called major house who only sell us watered down versions of their hits.I wear Habanita, Habanita la Cologne, Cuir and Patchouli Intense. And I also recently bought Rose Turkia and Ambré Lumière, two big turn on!

Ammar Al Odhabi says:

Oh GOD, You finally changed your CAP! LOL Back to the topic of the video, I really think it is the right time for it, as I have seen a couple of posts on SC speaking about this house and their releases. Thank you Sebastian. Great glasses tho 🙂

Walter Kovack says:

great review never heard of them must check it out

Olof Apfelbaum says:

Hi! Great review, I love Molinard I have about 15 bottles from them! My favorite is Madrigal from the Feminine Masculine line, it’s a rose dominated fragrance absolutely fantastic! If you buy from the website you can order 90 ml bottles, that you can refill! And they have 250 ml and 500 ml for the bottles you can refill to great prices! They don’t sell them all the time, but in different periods on the website. You can always write a email and order the refill bottles any times! I really love Molinard great house and the prices is fantastic! Thank for all your reviews they are the best!

Beata Dufresne says:

That is so exciting, especially the Cuir. I have started on this brand and their creations when I first got into the perfume addiction about 16 years ago. 🙂 I actually love their vanillas and Habanita just can’t be beat!

shehroz malik says:

i have heard the name but never checked any of the frag from this house! the bottles look so nice!! both frags sounds a real deal for the price. i am more interested in CUIR though. great vid (Y)

Gina Tabasso says:

I have tried or own these:
Habanita (modern EDP)
Les Senteurs Mure Blackberry
Vanille Fruitee EDP
Vanille Patchouli EDP
Ambre EDT
Habanita (vintage)
Molinard de Molinard (parfum)
Les Orientaux Patchouli

God bless us on the animalic leather. I don’t love citrus but if it burns off in the top the middle and base sound amazing. I love their vintages but have not been a big fan of their modern offerings. They smell cheap to me.

Jim R says:

Yep, I remember you covering this house during your visit to France…and yes, this house receives little attention within the fragrance community. I’m really gonna have to check-out this house

Mrs Press says:

The only Molinard fragrance that I have tried is Habanita…very nice.

C Demer says:

A great review

Nahanni Riversong says:

Yes Molinard, very old house.. I am surprised at the price point for these,,, how do they do that???? so reasonable. Love your facial expressions Sebastian, (especially when you test the fragrance..even though you didn’t in this review) your expressions tell so much! Really fun to watch thanks.

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