Molton Brown Fragrances First Impressions | Fragrance Review + Samples Giveaway

Molton Brown Fragrances First Impressions | Molton Brown Fragrances Accord Oudh & Gold, Tobacco Absolute, Russian Leather, Bushukan, Coastal Cypress & Sea Fennel Fragrance Review
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Molton Brown Fragrances First Impressions | Molton Brown Fragrances Accord Oudh & Gold, Tobacco Absolute, Russian Leather, Bushukan, Coastal Cypress & Sea Fennel Fragrance Review

This is my Molton Brown Fragrances First Impressions review video of Molton Brown Fragrances Accord Oudh & Gold, Tobacco Absolute, Russian Leather, Bushukan, Coastal Cypress & Sea Fennel fragrances. Molton Brown is a line I’ve know about for a while and they used to have a more expensive line of niche fragrances that I was always very curious about but later once I was more deeply into fragrances I noticed those fragrances were discontinued. These new fragrances were launched in the last 2/3 years.

These are the Molton Brown fragrances discussed in this video:
Mesmerising Accord Oudh & Gold Eau De Toilette (2015)
Mesmerising Accord Oudh & Gold Shower Gel (2015)
Tobacco Absolute Eau De Toilette (2015)
Russian Leather Eau De Toilette (2017)
Bushukan Eau De Toilette (2015)
Coastal Cypress & Sea Fennel Eau De Toilette (2017)

I’m happy to have found these at great prices and happy to have picked them up while on my travels. Have you smelled these or any Molton Brown fragrances or colognes?

As always please watch, rate, comment and share this video and please subscribe to this channel if you haven’t yet. And please stay tuned for more videos and giveaways real soon! The Molton Brown Fragrances Mesmerising Accord Oudh & Gold Eau De Toilette, Mesmerising Accord Oudh & Gold Shower Gel, Tobacco Absolute, Russian Leather, Bushukan, Coastal Cypress & Sea Fennel were all purchased by me with my hard earned money for this video and future videos. The views and opinions are all my own for Molton Brown Fragrances Mesmerising Accord Oudh & Gold Eau De Toilette, Mesmerising Accord Oudh & Gold Shower Gel, Tobacco Absolute, Russian Leather, Bushukan, Coastal Cypress & Sea Fennel fragrances. If you’re curious to try these Molton Brown fragrances please buy samples or decants before buying full bottles. What I might like you might not and vice versa so I cannot guarantee that you will react the same way to these 5 Molton Brown fragrances as I have in this video. Thank you.

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The Bopper says:

Russian Leather sounds really nice..would love to try! Id like to see an incense based fragrance. Pls enter me in your contest….Im in GA.

Frank G says:

Awesome review Sebastian. Bushukan sounds pretty good to me, enjoy the citrusy notes. I’ve heard of this house before but never had the opportunity to experience any. Thanks for the generosity. New York, USA. Have a wonderful week.

Johmathan .B. Swift says:

I love a shampoo & a cologne combo . I am doing that with some of the Jo Malone products.
I get their newsletters . So, if you wait a tiny bit, you can get the 9 ml for free with a purchase of a shower oil, etc.
Free shipping, sample with any amount of purchase is nice. JM’s Basil & Neroli is good .
So, I am going to start getting Molton Brown’s newsletters, for I love the shower gels/cologne combos.
Oh, I have never sampled anything from Molton Brown . I would love the chance to win.

Coastal Cypress and Sea Fennel sounds great.
Enjoying my salty dogs these days. Wood Sage & Sea Salt is very nice.
South Bay , by The Different Company has the most amazing grapefruit opening. It’s a good sea one too.
I profumi di firenze Costa Mediterranea is very nice .
Of course Heeley’s Sel Marin , I haven’t sampled their Note de Yuzo yet.
I also would like to sample Molton’s Russian Leather. You right about that and the elemi .
I sampled Memo’s Russian Leather ? I don’t understand their leathers.

Anyways Sebastian .Thanks for the chance to win .
Glad you got some deals and thanks for the link.

BTW, edit. Free Shipping US .Free Samples . Free Shampoo with purchase . Free Gift Wrap.
All very nice Sebastian . It’s like Jo Malone. Huge fan of Lime Basil & Mandarin.
That’s a big thanks to you my friend. You turned me onto LB&M a few years back.
Best of week ahead to ya.

elke gerhard says:

I love their body products since many years, there are no other better quality for these prices.

Rebecca Pena says:

Bushukan and Coastal Cypress & Sea Fennel interest me. I like citrusy, aquatics and green notes. I see several positive comments below about the oud/gold; I don’t believe I even know how oud smells? Hello from Texas.

Tarek Dhanani says:

Never heard of Molton Brown. Fragrance is like to see more of the Russian Leather. Fragrance I’d like to see from them is a bergamot/ tea. I think the zesty brightness of bergomot and the dryness of Black tea would be a nice scent especially for bath and body. State IL,

surgeyX says:

I love MB I got my mom the purple shower gel for Xmas a few years ago and she loved it, I’m most interested in the tobacco EDT, I’m from NY, cheers

Terence Johns says:

Very interesting, i’m curious to try these. Thank you.

deonmojo says:

great review! i’d love to try Tobacco Absolute and i’d love to see Londinium. i live in TX btw,

edward gurango says:

Curious about Russian Leather.

Ignacio mardel says:

Sounds interesting! Thanks, sebastian

Jae Remi says:

Oudh and gold sounds amazing, Texas

Christhopher Smith says:

That oudh and gold sound really good ,I love a good shower gel& fragrance combo too.. Great video !!

TheJimsher1025 says:

Good stuff Sebastion. I have recieved gift samples of their shower gels. Luckyscent and Twisted Lilly sell gift sets as well. I would love to own the Tobbaco Absolute. JIM Md.

Nagy G. E. says:

I’ve seen their shower gels in showy instagram posts, but never whiffed their perfumes or even knew they existed. Cool video Seb.

Adriano Bello says:

Interesting.. I hear the Black Pepper Body wash is fantastic !

Jim R says:

I wasn’t familiar with Molton Brown, but I just noticed the shower gels I took from my recent stay at a Marriott (or was it Hyatt?) are made by Molton Brown so go figure! Anyway, these fragrances sound interesting and I most interested in sniffing Tobacco Absolute because I’m a tobacco/woods fan, and it’s the appropriate time for wearing it here in Virginia. Cheers, Seb!

bob bob says:

amazing one is black pepper charging not sure about name
amazing smelling should be try
amazing review

CognescentiNY says:

Thanks for the review..Oud Accord & Gold smells good

John Thomas says:

Coastal cypress and sea fennel has my interest , CA

Kologne says:

Great house although I find performance on the shy side. Would love to try mesmerizing oud. Great take Seb.

markymark says:

never heard of this house. one great thing is…i can actually pronounce and remember the name!! of course the oud one intrigues me. still looking for that magical oud aroma that will take my breath away. hope this one is it. U.S.A.

Shannon Sand says:

Russian Leather sounds amazing. I would love to see them try some more citrusy fragrances.Please enter me, in SD I love there bath body products. I didn’t even know they had them in fragrances until this. I am so so excited!

pandora p says:

Another brand that is totally new to me. Were you trying to remember Memo Russian Leather? Coastal Cypress and Sea Fennel interests me the most. What do I want them to release in the future? Tough one. Maybe something similar to Straight to Heaven or French Lover but at their more affordable price of course. California. Oh and one question, are these better than Penhaligon’s scent and performance wise? Thanks, Seb!

Cody W says:

The Bushukan Eau de Toilette sounds AMAZING! I had never heard about the brand but excited to get my nose on some Molton Brown Fragrances. Arkansas, USA

Eric Diedrichson says:

Russian leather sounds great to me. I’m in nj usa

Fernando Garcia says:

I think definitely Russian Leather is the one that interests me most. I would like to see something similar to a dirty oud from them in the future, Thanks for introducing us to this line! I’m in FL.

Caleb says:

I am not typically a marine fan. But the notes in the coastal cypress actually sound great

Coluboi90 says:

I hope my country of England treated you well! Nice to see a smaller English brand getting some exposure!

Paul Smith says:

Sebastian, I would like to see more of the Oud Accord and Gold. Also, they had a eucalyptus shower gel. I wonder if they have a fragrance for that? Great video! State- Georgia.

Dhruba Dasgupta says:

I think one of their older fragrances had a cola vibe to it and I love that. I think Russian leather peaked my interest the most, and I want them to create more of their quirky spring summer scents. They seem so interesting! Arkansas! Thanks Sebastian!

Toruadrian Coleman says:

I’m in a Oud Zone right now so IUD Accord! I’m in California

Gina Tabasso says:

I LOVE Molton Brown. Went to their store in London and fell in love. It’s what Bath & Body Works wishes they were. I own the Oudh Accord perfume, gel and lotion. It is my fave of theirs. You got a deal! I paid about $60 for mine years ago. I have the Tobacco shower gel but haven’t tried the perfume. Oooh, I never heard of the Russian Leather. That must be something new in the last couple of years. I like some citrus but no aquatics so far. I’m in Ohio. I’m not sure about future state with them. They have so many that I can’t think of anything they haven’t done. Maybe something with carnation in it? I also own Rosa Absolute perfume of theirs and love it in the top. Jammy rose. But, it has NO staying power. Lasts all of a heartbeat like a cologne, not like the Oudh Accord does. That one lasts all day.

cejII says:

I always ask for gifts, free samples, decants with my purchases. I’m very familiar with their gels. I’m interested in Bushukan and Coastal/Fennel. Here in California

Jake Weber says:

A really want to try that oudh accord and gold. A bright oud sounds awesome! I’d love to see a very sweet frag from Molton. Something like their take on ferragamo uomo

Bernie777 says:

New to Molten Brown. Thanks for that. Coastal Cypress & Sea Fennel sounds interesting as does the Russian Leather. I would like to see and incense fragrance from this house. Very generous! Thanks again, Sebastian. Texas

manny44 says:

I’ve owned several of their body washes. One of them, Suma Ginseng, is THE best most uplifting smell I’ve used to date. The problem, very expensive. Illinois.

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