My Sister Rates Tom Ford Private Blend

Wondering which is the best Tom Ford Fragrance? My Sister rates a selection of the Tom Ford Private Blend Collection. Fragrances mentioned are Noir de Noir, Tuscan Leather, Oud Wood, Tobacco Vanille, Tobacco Oud, Neroli Portofino and Mandarino di Amalfi Acqua.

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Jim Tyrrell says:

am a newbie to your channel/reviews loved this one am a big TOM FORD fan here so this was right up my olfactory alley keep up the good work I’ll be watching thanks! (OUD MINERALE is my addiction man, its weird & beautiful a real compliment getter) I’m JIM from MIAMI BEACH

StephenRahrig says:

Holy hell is your sister part deer? Remarkable!!!!

Lee Style&Fragrance says:

Great video Idea I love TF she rated them very well

Jamie Morris says:

She is stunning. Thanks for the review I love Tom fords stuff he is another level.

Kai says:

I have Oud Wood for myself and absolutely love it, good to see that elegant women like Sophie like it on men!

Chawn Crawley says:

She shrieks away from Oud. Probably because she hates the idea of masculinity.

tarun arora says:

Hi Chris, have you tried layering tobacco vanille with Oud wood? I tried it recently and it was a very unique experience. The former tends to alleviate the best notes of the latter. Great review. Oud Wood is the love of my life and the reason why I started exploring niche fragrances. Cheers

Daniel Smells... says:

Anyone ever tell you that you look like Tom Hiddleston? Lol great video! I like how your sister was honest about which ones she liked and didn’t like. And was definitely not influenced by you haha

suyash kumar agarwal says:

Totally loved a beautiful womans take on fragrances. I loved the end of the video where Sophie is smiling more and is having fun. Would love another video from you guys provided its a fun one and less formal like this! Great video.

Jeff Souter says:

Interesting thoughts from your sis, although i think it’s an unfair comparison against the blue range in this heat 🙂

CH HC says:

I have Tobacco vanille, noire and Neroli Portofino

Marci LK says:

Great choices!

Aaron Rigby says:

I think your sister would like Solie Blanc.

Kevin Ashes says:

Is it worth buying Tom Ford PB or does perfume parlour sprays come close enough?

MiguelGaditano10 says:

i watch this just to hear ur sister’s accent

M Abid says:

Five favourites “1. Oud Wood 2.Tuscan Leather 3.Tobacco Vanille 4.Tobacco Oud 5. Neroli Portofino

Won Honglo says:

You two look like royalty.


ooo.. ur sister hot mate.. …

Rawmetal1968 says:

heyyyyy,,,,,what is wrong with that mule?,,,running and farting at the same time?
who is that?….obviously he thinks he’s funny…what a dork.
greetings to you and your lovely sister ,,,,from california,U,S,A…….Pablo.

UncleNezer EJ says:

Great video and it doesn’t hurt she’s beautiful. I have Tobacco Vanille and Tuscan Leather and love them both. I’ve smelled a few more from the line but somehow never got my nose on Oud Wood. Seeing Sophie like it so much just got me to order a sample to try it out. Cheers.

It's Dawson says:

My wife has similar thoughts on these TF fragrances, to me though Tuscan Leather is the boss!!

Joey Swaney says:

Nice review sir. Oud Wood is the stand out scent from Tom Ford IMO.

Perfume Guru says:

Classy! Really enjoying your videos brother. Great job on the production!

VT 24 says:

Tuscan Leather’s by far my favorite. I ordered .7 oz Oud Wood and its good just not for me.
Tobacco Vanille i cant stand tbh

Bradley Elias says:

This video was very enjoyable. So comfortable to watch and the discussion practical and informative . Thank you both so much. I look forward to your future videos.

Jeffrey Lizar says:

Chris your opinion on Perfume Parlor version of Tom Ford’s Tobacco Oud?

JohnSmith says:

No matter how u try n balance it tuscan leather is ughh lmao

International Harvester says:

Thank you for the upload and your sister’s thoughts.

rami s says:

Thank u. Great classy video. She rubbed the fragrance at the end , call Al from street scents quickly ! Lol

Aaron Rigby says:

But would run at the smell of oud wood intense lol

toobalkain says:

Why is it reviewers and their guests always rate fragrances by their openings, isn’t the drydown supposed to be just as important if not more? I mean, you can always edit out the waiting period. Or you could spray them on a couple of hours in advance. As for Tom Ford, I don’t use his stuff since he genocided Tobacco Vanille, that reformulation was a crime against humanity.

FCM415 says:

10 out of 10 (in a British accent)

Carpe Diem says:

your sister is beautiful.

JohnSmith says:

Oud wood is legendary status

Νίκος Νότας says:

Nice video !

Eugenia Fateeva says:

To me every Tom Ford on the skin smells nothing like it does on the paper, especially when just sprayed

M Ladd says:

Does Sofi like old guys?

Anthony Harvin says:

Why did she rub?!?!

Alex Gumbrell says:

Another amazing video Chris! I have smelt all of these and I own 5 of these: TO, TV, TL, NdN, and MdA (I own the Alexandria Fragrance clone Citrus Splash) You have great taste my friend! Having your sister is a great addition and definitely fun to watch you both have same and different views! As always, keep up the great work! 🙂

Blight says:

Been deciding on whether to get a flacon of oud wood. I definitely should. Thank you!

Rahil Dogra says:

Hope you’re keeping well brother and how are your kids doing ? They are so cute ! May god bless you all !

Anthony y Vanessa says:

Hope all is well brotha! Question…actually is more like a requested can you review FUntastic by Alexandria fragrance and do a comparison to TF F fabulous? I would like to know how close they got with that.

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