My TOP 5 Montale Fragrances + GIVEAWAY (CLOSED)



RED AOUD is MY FAVORITE. I enjoy the entire house, they last for hours on the skin. Lots of compliments too ! I enjoy them in the summer because it seems to me that they are suitable for warmer weather…..freshies for me aren’t the greatest, they tend to be way to strong e.g, Sauvage , Aqua Di Gio……enjoy this house !

L. Júlia says:

My all time fav is White Musk.

javier gonzalez says:

what do you think about chocolate greedy?

Jay S says:

Great review very informative. Just wanted to ask where do you get you decants from?
Most sellers dilute them down so I’m looking for a trusted seller preferably in the U.K. but US is fine also. Thanks in advance.

Michał Bruzda says:

To be honest I haven’t had many opportunities to put my hands on Montale’s fragrances. For now on my favorite is Intense Cafe. I don’t wear it because i find it too feminine for me but I’d love to smell it on woman.

Dafoodmaster says:

imma try tropical wood, but you should try honey aoud. it’s great stuff

Ryan Mendiola says:

Excellent review

Karim Khan says:

Hi, great video..I have only one fragrance from Montale..which is Black Aoud..I m loving it…by the way, how can I get my hands on a decant of that summer fragrance (silver bottle)..thanks

Politicians Exposed says:

I love your reviews, but with all due respect, maybe it’s time to update that intro song a bit?

folladordeprostis says:

And the red vetiver??? I heard is a summer fragrance

Rdog785 says:

– just ordered my first Montale – Intense Cafe.

peecker s says:

The only Aoud that I own is BLACK Aoud and I just LOVE IT! WOW… I am so interested in others, just haven’t made the move to blind buy… THANKS so much for the informative information!

Joe Smith says:

Never tried a Montale fragrance in my life…..

Antron Ellis says:

I never got my nose on any Montale fragrances but I would like to try the intense cafe.

kamerun1 says:

Montale Royale Aoud … any compliments?

Harold Mack says:

What’s your view on Wood &Spices?

Mark Joseph says:

Cool review. Wish more details on description

Croop Dylan says:

my favourite montale is black aoud

Samantha Derrick says:

I love white aoud from Montale.


excellent review !

TheDeextra says:

can u recommend a good coffee frag ?

Calvin Chan says:

Never tried one before, but I’d love to!

harisphot says:

I only know Black aoud since Montale does not exist here…Looking to buy one online soon , but which one??? Whats the very, very best and unique from Montale??

William Houston says:

what happened to Step? Good chemistry.

Sherman Herring says:

Black aoud is definitely a powerhouse one of the best! I love the bloopers at the end.

Алёна Кононцева says:

Red Aoud самый классный, пряное печенье, очень вкусное, кстати, на зиму самое то.

Pete TheHawk says:

I just picked up Soleil Di Capri on fragrancenet for under $60 for a 3.4 bottle. The feel like temps are a 100 here so should fit in nicely with my freshie rotation lol. Thx Carlos

11eagleye says:

Please provide names of the fragrances in the description with link to buy or at least show it on screen while talking about those.

Cz Andreea says:

what do you think about Embruns d’Essaouira?

djmontyforyou says:

how generous Los!!!!!Favorite montale frag red aoud hands down.

Gary Lane says:

Intense Cafe is my fav, great video.

mexighosthunter 86 says:

have u tried oud night? i wanna buy a montale but not sure wich to buy first…i like warm sweet scent types not fruity but masculine sweet

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