NEW Tom Ford Private Blend Ombré Leather 16 – Better than Tuscan Leather? REVIEW + GIVEAWAY (CLOSED)

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John Panno says:

New to this guy — Glad I found this and appreciate his review. Yes, I am also a Tom Ford private blend addict. Overall my favorite is Tuscan Leather followed by Oud Wood. Was going to run out and get Leather Ombre -until now

kwaaddo says:

My fave is Noir extreme. Minnesota

NaRdOsF says:

I’m already a subscriber but my favorite top ford fragrance is oud wood. Cheers from S.F. California.

genthom72 says:

Great review. Vert Des Bois is my favorite Tom Ford scent and definitely in my top 5. I live on Orlando.

TheSlowLean says:

My favorite Tom Ford is Tuscan Leather. I am in the US

Israel Lassegue says:

Tuscan leather is my favorite… I’m from Queens, NY

Vandelay Industries says:

I heard it’s being discontinued ?

Clockwork says:

I bought oud wood and it lasted on my skin for 10 min. smh great frag but wtf. I had to return

v3nde says:

Nice Review Carlos! I really adore this fragrance and luckily the longevity on my skin is insane – about 20 hours!

Calvin Chan says:

Tobacco Vanille forever

The Bopper says:

Sooo disappointing to hear this. I was really hoping this would give a different leather facet and last as long as TL.

Donaris Montalvo says:

I think ombre leather 16 is for teenagers, Because Daddy is using Tuscan Leather…lol

fashionimage says:

Thanks Again!!! for another awesome video! I can’t wait to get my nose on this one!, My favorite Tom ford private blend is Tuscan Leather, but coming in right behind that is Oud Wood and Tobacco Vanille! 🙂 Oh and I’m in the U.S.

Paul Fuller drum study says:

i love amber leather, it smells like expensive car! the tuscan leather smells like drugs lol

PrinceyP says:

Oud Wood is my favorite TF but I find Tuscan Leather a little hard to wear. Would love to try this one! New York

Fernando Garcia says:

Oh, interesting take on this new private blend.

I like most of Tom Ford’s perfumes. Neroli Portofino, Costa Azzura and even Amber Absolute!

Leel Sinai says:

My favorite TF is Amber Absolute! I live in NJ

LifelsGreat says:

I find it extremely odd how this performs well on me yet majority fragrances that are known to last don’t for me… I had about half a spray on my wrist and it lasted well over 7 hours.

David Assis says:

Great video ! My favorite is Vert Des Bois. I’m in NY.

BernivonKerni says:

Hello I got one of this. New and everything. For how much can I sell this for?

Gabriel Biase says:

Very awesome channel! I review fragrances In other languages and I gotta say, you have become my go to guy for inspiration! Very good review! I’m overseas military in American territory with US based address. Will that be okay.. It’s the same as being stateside. Thank you!

Jason Juarez says:

San antone tx here. what a bummer another weak one from TF. interested to see how it does in my skin. My go to TF is noir de noir.

Fernando Garcia says:

Loved this review. Great job Carlos! I would love to have a chance. My favorite is Tuscan Leather. I am in the US.

R Pro. says:

A weaker version of TL.

landshark321 says:

Finally sampling OL16 today and I agree, the performance is nothing to write home about, and it’s difficult to justify spending Tom Ford money on weak performance, though I confess I’ve made some exceptions on his summer-leaning fragrances.

Tuscan Leather is much stronger than OL16. My suspicion is that OL16 is to appeal mainly to those that dislike the sweet raspberry aspect of TL and instead want a more “pure” leather, but not something as floral as White Suede.

Doug Citizen says:

Been waiting for your thoughts on this Carlos. Nice review! Please consider me on this giveaway! From the entire Private Blends line, I think the one I love the most is Neroli Portofino.

US here.

Johmathan .B. Swift says:

You nailed it . Smells like the dry down of Tuscan Leather. I got a sample from Lucky Scent and had a raised eyebrow after applying it. Nice , but I already have TL and love it. So so sad. I have already sampled Ombre so I don’t need a sample. I know how much you love TF’s TL , so I was curious about your thoughts.

gee money says:

Señor Carlos, thank you for your candor in all your reviews. My favorite tom Ford private blend is noir de noir. I am in the US …. Washington Heights represent!!

freddiefragz says:

my favorite private blend might be plum Japanais

Dylan Buege says:

1 spray lasted 10 hours on my forearm. Havnt fully wore it yet though. Verts dont last at all.
Favs- TL, Tobacco oud, Neroli

Mansoor Wahab says:

Yeah spending money on fragrances that last 2 hours is a total waste.

Mohammad Mazloom says:

Amber absolute. Love your channel man! Live in CA

R Pro. says:

Tobacco Vanille. USA!

Rodolfo Bejar says:

Thanks for sharing your opinion Carlos, I believe TF is utilizing all the love and Hype from their masterpieces and they are trying to just sell under the success of notes utilized in the past :(. Anyway I would like to try this, probably will react better on my skin, I was deciding in to getting a new bottle of TL or this new one. Maybe I will pass and get another TL??? Who knows lol!

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