Parfums De Marley Godolphin Fragrance/Cologne/Perfume Review

Godolphin from Parfums De Marley was released in 2012…This Fragrance opens up and dries down with a rich smooth leather has great longevity , projection and silage. Godolphin is a EDT Concentration comes in one size 125ml goes for $275 any questions send me a email


Kain says:

It’s $275 in US?! :-O
Dude, that’s despoil.
It’s around $140 in my country.

TheFragranceGroup says:

You can get this amazing fragrance from Flora at Nordstrom’s Topanga, California – she will ship! 🙂 8185924678

PurplEDC Reviews says:

Got a bottle of this stuff today at a stupid low price.  Its amazing stuff.  Like has been said very similar to tuscan leather.  I call it Tuscan leather without the coke note.   Even though I dont get an actual raspberry the fruity notes really bring this close to that tuscan leather vibe but IMHO better and more wearable.   I am a bit confused though.  This used to be labeled eau de toilette.   Now on many sites its listed as an eau de parfum and even the box has changed to say royal essence like the rest of the EDPs.   I guess it could be an edt or edp with an 80% alcohol content.

dthom71 says:

love tuscan leather, so i’ll check this out

Xanovia Scents says:

Great fragrance… I’ve been very impressed with this line…

Ben Lee says:

This sounds amazing. Thanks for the review Al.

Juan Rodriguez says:

Just bought Herod from Parfums De Marly which is awesome and had a sample of Godolphin. Had to order a bottle of Godolphin, love it!!

Maurice Locke says:

What’s your favorite from the line.

Lanier Smith says:

Saffron and Leather! Now you are talking …sounds wonderful Al! And what a great bottle. A great recomendation indeed.. .checking out Parfums de Marley amazing website now. Wow! 

Bill Bevans says:

My first thought was the smell of a smokey bar- I envisioned cigars, alcohol and sexy ladies…all rolled into one…. imagine going to a club and being with a gorgeous lady and the best evening out ever…the next day the residual scent- this would be it!!! I personally feel the women would love this on a man!!

any one agree with that?

Fragrance Tattoo says:

How does it compare to Rasasi LaYuqawam ? Is Godolphin better than Yuqawam ?


i get no leather and it reminds me of narciso rodriguez musk for him i dont know what to think of it, i need to give it a full wearing can anyone help me with how many sprays are good for work environment? i don’t want to choke my coworkers out.

Pietro Sessa says:

Hi AL ! I have a question. I fell in love with KUHUYAN but I have some doubts about its performances after 2 days try. Do you know any similar juice from other houses?

Jovan Lloyd says:

+FRAGRANCEFANATIC1 You should try parfums de marly o*j*n (black bottle gold top) … Lets keep this one a secret!! Great sillage and longevity. Rare and the ladies love it

Rome3Hundred says:

Good job my man. I really love  Parfums De Marley herod. That will be the next one i get.

KiddGalaxxy says:

Al thank you!

DreDay16 says:

I’m about the get that cologne. And when I do I might make a first impressions video. 

Joe Anthony says:

Awesome vid bro…This sounds like a must try for me.always great to see a vid from you.Thanks for the take

RyzFragz34 says:

Really need to check this line out. Hearing a lot of great things. Thanks for the info Al. Great to see a review from you bro. Please check out Oro from Bois 1920 and let me know your thoughts. 🙂

MrMathieuq says:

good sent!!

jechero4e1 says:

you basically describe ..Tuscan Leather…Richer thenn Tl ..I thought it..with all do respects i say this….and TL has a strong note of saffron also and Fruity to some noses besides the rasberry…This is a pass …

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