Parfums de Marly Delina and Layton | Fragrance/Perfume Review

Hello FragManiacs!
As you know I am a huge fan of the house of Parfums de Marly, it all started with the amazing HEROD back in 2012… We are happy to share our thoughts with you with these two latest releases:
Layton (October 2016) and Delina (April 2017)



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EDMlover says:


Charles Martin says:

Beautiful couple, Max your living the good life. as always be blessed

Maria Eduarda says:

Apesar de eu não ter entendido nada (haha) ameiiiiiii demais ver a Paula no vídeo, quero mais participações em. saudadessss de vocês ❤️

Kai Heng Hong says:

Alright.. I’ll wear Layton today

KennethConcepts says:

My little sister brought me a bottle of PDM Layton last year for Xmas. I love it! I also own Pegasus and love that one as well.

Mateusz Konkolewski says:

Hi Max, I really enjoy your reviews. Always fine quality of what you are talking about.
Keep up the good job, greetings from Polska 🙂

abbas alzankaloni says:

I know there are many fragrances that smell alike but layton and hugo boss bottled have no relations . May be to minimal extent

Neal Francis says:

Man you really hit jackpot with this lady

edward gurango says:

Great review, lovely couple!

steve m says:

Layton sure is great. I’m rocking that tomorrow as it happens.

Neon Light says:

Very beautiful, keep the duo reviews going.

Sr Fragancia says:

Great video Max, i Have Layton and i do love it as well great fragrance

Tom Schroeder says:

Thank you for the nice review. I was able to try Layton on my skin on at Nordstroms, and fully agree that it is pleasant and easy to wear. I look forward to obtaining samples of Layton for myself and Delina for my wife to further explore and compare with other fragrances.

Guinea54 says:

Thanks for the review, nice seeing the misses. Layton is really good.. but i have to say it smells like a designer lol. Im not sure id pay all that money for it. Its nice though.

Eric Silva says:

I love Layton!

Axxess Mundi says:

I discern a Brazilian accent. Are you both Brazilian?

Y Ad says:

has he switched wives?

Coluboi90 says:

I really want to try Layton but its not readily available to sample in the U.K?! :/ Max your wife is gorgeous, I detect maybe a Portuguese accent??

Scott Wilbur says:

Great pair of frags. Great couple. You’re a lucky man!

Rafael Balarezo says:

Good to see you with your wife Max!!! We would love to see more videos with her soon!

Anitei Vlad says:

Max she looks like a Greek Goddess!!!! Wow 🙂

Ruben Caro says:

Great review. Love Layton. Wifey is Hot!

verge5384 says:

I love them both! I actually own 2 bottles of Layton and I just purchased Delina for my GF this past Saturday. They mesh well together.

Rob Whiff says:

you both have great day out , really digging the Marly offerings…cheers

Fillion .Ryan says:

Layton is amazing juice, in my top 5 for summer fragrances.

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