Parfums de Marly Delina Fragrance / Perfume Review


Here is my fragrance review / perfume review of Delina by Parfums de Marly. Thank you for watching!

Whether you’re searching for the best mens cologne of all time or the best colognes to attract females, this channel will help you find the perfect fragrance for you. Thank you for watching!

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edward gurango says:

Fancy bottle. I wonder how much of the price can be attributed to the cost of the bottle.

Jason Vegan says:

Nice review!! Although at $300 a bottle I may never smell it!! XD

ramboram03 says:

Could you do a review of Oud Mosaic, I also mentioned on other forums , Oud Mosaic is basically a more functional lighter version of Oud Ispahan/Oud Palao

Lucille Shissler says:

Nice review! I really like Meliora by this house. Does this one have a similar vibe?

Stephanie Rensland says:

This one is beautiful! I went to Nordstrom’s recently to smell this and got a sample. I wish it wasn’t so expensive because I really want the full bottle.

Anitei Vlad says:

New camera Steven? Cool!

danni girl says:

can you send me a sample? pleeeease

Graham Bailey says:

Echoing a comment I made a few weeks back but please can you try out (and possibly review!) Miss Dior Le Parfum.

I’d really like to know your take on it as I find it exquisite and a hardly talked about gem.

DrunkNikolai666 says:

What’s your opinion on Pegasus by Parfums De Marly?

Scott Piper says:

Fresh haircut…my man killing it again with a ladies review!

Johannes Maringer says:

Thanks Steven, you are doing a great job, I absolutely love your reviews.
Now, I have a question concerning long lasting good smelling niche fragrances. Is there a fragrance that is original, has beastly performance/silage and is still appreciated by the female side?
Thanks again!

Keith Thomas says:

The enthusiasm you have for this fragance was awesome… I definitely hear the passion in youre voice. Great review..

Rajat Jain says:

Yo.. Give me a bottle

Ignacio Salazar says:

I just love this line! They have some pretty interesting fragrances. They’re a little pricey, but really worth every Penny. Keep the vids coming champ!!!

LolaScents says:

Appreciate you reviewing Niche perfumes for women! I know the majority or your subscribers are males but these are nice to see every once in a while, especially the Niche ones.

Monica says:

I own Habdan which is very unisex. When Scentsplit offers Delina I’ll try it. Getting TF Plum Japonais today at Neimans based on your praise. Burned thru a 10ml decant in 2 weeks.

Ricardo Uriostegui says:

Just my opinion: But dont really like the fact that he is doing women fragrance reviews. Men subscribe because they want to see you review mens fragrances. If Im looking to buy a perfume as a gift then I look for woman reviewers who actually wear the product. It just sucks when I see a new video and its a perfume review, does nothing for me. Just my opinion tho so please take it with a grain of salt.

Dyan Zobrist says:

This was my first Parfums de Marly purchase. I love it. I also own and love Meliora and Athalia. Meliora is uber feminine but I also think Delina is feminine to my nose. To me its a fruity floral that leans floral but not fresh if that makes sense. I wouldn’t think a man could wear it but I’m happy that you think men could wear it. So excited to see you reviewed something I own! Love your opinions always, best frag reviewer on YouTube! Love to see more female frags reviews please.

Gabriel Garcia says:

Great review! Love Delina also, met the creative director yesterday at Nordstrom,
PdM, are slowly making better scents, Im eagerly waiting for a power musk.

Rob Whiff says:

Great take Steven, lighting looks better brighter; or is it just me ?…have a great week ☺

Eddy Torred says:

first with that hair cut i think u should grow your beard ( no homo lol) i dont know how your wife feels on that but im a collector and a fan of your videos is there a way to sell me a a 5ml decant if u would like to reach me direct 7868034886 thnx have a great day

Exotic Scents with Nikhil says:

Great review. Was keen on hearing about this one. Thank you very much for the great take.

verge5384 says:

Like you I also want to wear this even though it’s for women. It smells so damn good!!!! I wish I had a gf to purchase this for. I might just buy it for whomever will be in my future. Good review as always!

MedMusicMind says:

Actually my favorite feminine fragrance from this beautiful house!

Brooklyn Fragrance Lover says:

Great review bro! This is a great perfume for sure.

aaron luke says:

Love the female fragrance reviews buddy! I got a steal for a tokyomilk fragrance today. I found one at marshals for 8 bucks… I didn’t even know marshals carried those kinds of fragrances

john savvas says:

what a video!haircut looks neat.. I love the backgrounds changes..I hope you could do a video with your niche collection.leave the designers out to save time.hasn’t been done before.

The Good Sniff says:

I really enjoy PDM, the men’s range is great (Oajan, Herod, Pegasus, Habdan) but haven’t really loved any of the womens unfortunately! Sedburry was ok. I may just have to try this, especially if you think it’s unisex!

Lucky Fish Noodle says:

Steven, what’s the difference between this one and Meliora? Which one do you like more?

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