Ralph Lauren Polo Supreme Cashmere | Perfume review

A detailed review of Supreme Cashmere from RL Polo Oriental series. The oriental series also released an Oud and Leather variant which were received well among fragrance lovers.

Fragrantica link: https://www.fragrantica.com/perfume/Ralph-Lauren/Polo-Supreme-Cashmere-43529.html

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richard rohloff says:

I subscribed simply because finally, someone put a review on YouTube for this fragrance. Your review is outstanding, and you aren’t lying when you say this is incredibly hard to find. I’m here in the states patiently waiting for an opportunity to buy this, as i love both supreme leather and oud.

MrSmelly1977 says:

Great review as always. I must try this. Thanks Nikhil.

Toronto_NDN says:

btw off topic, but thats one comfortable kurta. i have one like that.. cant get more comfortable than that, especially during summer. Best feeling with a spray of refreshing cologne on ..top damn. lol

Jaydeepsingh Gohil says:

Nikhil bhai you are great …

Rob Whiff says:

tham this sounds super interesting ☺..excellent take

Baghara Khana says:

What is the price sir ? and where it will be available ?

David Tipsy Drinks says:

Great review.. Nikhil !! Thanxxx and I look forward to your next review . Btw…..your review on Profumum Roma Ichnusa was excellent. I was looking for something that would give me the smell of House Of Ouds “Cypress Shade ” but with better performance. Ichnusa gives me that and more . Keep up the awesome work my brother.


Another good review! Thumbs up!

Faisal Shaikh says:

Great review bhai…..you are truly the best !!

Showcase Movie Trailers says:

i have all 3 of this range
polo supreme oud – 2015
polo supreme leather –2015
polo supreme cashmere -2017
polo cashmere is the best out of the bunch very unique niche smelling fragrance different to the other 2
selling on ebay in uk a seller i got it
for £80 cheap price

Francesco B says:

great review!what do u think about supreme oud?

Damon Howell says:

very very good reviewer. content is great!

M. S. BitEth says:

I knew my nose was twitching and here I arrived!

Toronto_NDN says:

have to admit Polo makes nice colognes. I got the red one very all rounded. Used to be my daily morning scent for College…still is my daily sometimes. Anyway il try this too.

Greentea Smoothie says:

great review Nikhil! i sprayed this on a strip earlier tonight while i was out; im at home now 5 hours later and cant stop sniffing the strip. that casheran note is quite smooth with a slight boozy vibe. will try it on my skin next time i come across it! appreciate hearing your take on this!

Kologne says:

Nice sounds like a clean one bro.

Gents Scents says:

I’ve been wanting to get my nose on this one but like you said it’s difficult to find online. Thanks for the video Nikhil!

Pietja D says:

What I’m looking for is best perfume with burning frankincense on charcoal. Best frankincense Omani : royal Green Hojari or white, Hojari. Just single note. It’s hard to cought It ( its very sophisticated fragrance) First you got single sharp lemony-metalic note of smoke, than after, you got hot fiery note, and pleasant like ash and candle wax note. I know there is many variations and incensey fragrances : avignon, armani bois incense, Casbah by piguet, incense flamboyant by gottual. I should say : between incense flamboyant and bois incense… If you have any suggestions, I will be grateful!!!

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