Rasasi La Yuqawam Tobacco Blaze Fragrance Review | Ashy Leather Fragrance

Hey everyone! Today I’m checking out Rasasi La Yuqawam Tobacco Blaze. I put a poll up on my YouTube channel (expect to see those more often going forward) that listed three Rasasi fragrances for potential review and Tobacco Blaze won by a handy margin. This one really has nothing to do with the original La Yuqawam and as best as I can tell it’s not a “clone” of anything (the original La Yuqawam is a clone of Tom Ford Tuscan Leather). If you’ve smelled this one let me know what you think about it in the comments. Thanks for your support!

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Tobacco Blaze : https://www.notino.com/rasasi/tobacco-blaze-eau-de-parfum-for-men/

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Exotic Scents says:

Try Shuhrah by the same house bro. It improves on this and costs around 20. Excellent review.

SeniorEng says:

I have it and like you said, in the beginning didn’t like it so much .. But now i looooove it specially when i layer Pure XS with it .. It becomes a women magnetic 😉

Shahid Khalil says:

Beautiful scent. I actually like both Tobacco Blaze and Ambergris Showers than the original one.

Gents Scents says:

Tobacco Blaze won on the YouTube poll where you had 3 Rasasi fragrances to choose from for a review. Let me know what you think of this one and look for more polls in the future! Thanks everyone!

Jason Kim says:

Ive been curious about tobacco blaze for a while now. Thanks for the review. Been searching forever for a good tobacco frag that isnt so sweet w honey or vanilla. I think tobacco oud and 4160 tues eau my soul are my faves so far. Ems leans a bit too heavy on the honey i feel.

Sounds like you really really want to review taa. Youve mentioned it at least 4 or 5 times now on the last couple vids. Just do it, its your damn channel! Haha.

Tyrone E says:

Ashton, which one was better? Coca Cola Orange or Carbonated Semen?

Ozzy Meck says:

How’s the Rasasi Taa like Ashton?

Bernie777 says:

I’m am so glad you checked this one out. I own La Yuqawam and love the hell out of it. And since your nose is pretty on point 😉 I wanted to hear your take on it. I appreciate violet. Did you like it? Thanks for the review.

Tyrone norfleet Norfleet says:


William D'Alexander says:

Which one by this house is the one that gets compared to Tuscan leather?? I can’t remember

Chris Shalaby says:

hey I got a quick question I really like the musj in ch men. but it’s a little bit expensive even online did you know and alternative to CH men that has a nice dark sweet Musk fragrance thank you for your time

duplomacette says:

I’d love to see the other two reviewed as well.

Erik Butler says:

I would like to know about WOODY if you have time to review that one. Thanks

Johmathan .B. Swift says:

Hay note comes from the courmarin. Got it.
Courmarin, cummin, galbanum , olibanum . I need a note pad . Mmm, those 64 college hoops playoff brackets.
Mix this and that, get this , whoops going off track again.
Every since I sampled Mona di Orio’s Cuir,the holy grail for some, in regards to the cigarette ash thing, I’ve become am hesitant .
Mona’s literally smells like on ash try . Etat libre D’ Orange has one too. If you like that.
I should say I do enjoy the house of Mona.Her Myrrh Casati has a pepper/myrrh ,if you like that, that is very potent in the opening. You would think the pink pepper would soften it up some. There’s Unum’s Lavs too if you can handle either .
Anyways, I was just ordering samples on Notino’s and I was looking at Rasasi .
I wanted to pick up some. I have Tuscan Leather and I am fine with the cigar ash in it.
So I will see if I can order this one as well as Hawas. Think that’s how you spell it.
Oh, getting a sample of Golden Boy too , cheap.
I am happy that Notino’s has reduced their prices on samples.
You can pick up some Bond 9’s at a good price on Fragrancenet.
Just got some. Great deals on Creed samples too. You have to get them quick though.
Well I chatted more than I should again.
_best of holiday wishes to the both of you_

James Linderoth says:

Here’s a question I’ve put out to a couple other reviewers and have yet to get a response. 15-20 years ago, I loved Candies for men. It is discontinued and I’m not willing to pay the money people are asking for bottles. Do you know a scent that smells similar?

TheChazas says:

Should check out if have not already or review Rasasi – Al Wisam Day is it really good SMW kind of fragrance.
Recently new Zara fragrance showed up, Night Pour Homme IV Parfum, it was sweet fruity kind of Aventus vibe, just not fresh or woody. Some said that it is the same as Vibrant Leather just re-release as Parfum version.

Really annoyed that there is no Notino international, there are Europe websites like UK, DE but they specify their shipping only to those countries. Notino would be such an amazing place to shop online, plus amazing deals, but yeah…

Ahmed Ironmaiden says:

Ashton, gimme a number, out of ten?
How would you describe the leather? Dirty?
Also, do you have any Boucheron?

Shane DM says:

Do Taa’. looks intriguing and unknown

RRMB says:

Rasasi la yuqawam pour homme next plsss


Clive Christian ‘C’ review? Any good?

Scott Wilbur says:

I’ve heard great thingsss about Woody and would love to hear your spin on that one! Thanks for this review.

Xxx Xxx says:

One cool thing about Rasasi: i am not a rich guy can’t afford to buy expensive full bottles so i just live on 2 ml and 5 ml samples,so i did try 90% of Rasasi fragrances and what i noticed, at least on my skin, all of them give you at least 4-5 compliments per week.Even those notes that suppose to be very polarising, they got them in the right mix.I dont know who they hired to make perfumes but those people know their stuff.Great job.

amine chi says:

I see u steel have Gucci envy !!!

Shane Noon says:

Merry Christmas Ashton & Chelsey, thankyou for all your hard work you put into your reviews, they make life a little easier when selecting fragrances to sample.

homeaway0 says:

La yu qa wam is irresistible in english

nelson lugo says:

Nice review

Frag Hunter says:

Great video bud..how would you rate the dna compared to the original?

RealJoshTv says:

I actually really like tobacco scents if they are done right!
Thanks soooo much for the upload sir!

Andre Szymanski says:

I really like this one! A strong 8 in my books.

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