REVIEW of 6 fragrances from MEMO Paris + 12 Samples Draw Courtesy of Aedes de Venustas (CLOSED)

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MEMO Paris
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bhaffar says:

They all sound worth trying but if I had to choose one it would be Shams Oud.  Thanks for the vid Carlos.

Jaysin5506 says:

Russian Leather interests me the most! because these destinations make me fantasize about the great World War II. Man I wish I could win these samples, I’d be infinitely indebted to you sir.

seansimmons73 says:

Shamps oud and Italian leather,wow that’s a lot of resins

ACElectro Alex says:

Italian Leather sounds great!

Maher Alsubhi says:

I like Italian lather and the oud perfumes look nice as well.

Jawad Hindy says:

Can’t wait to try one of these ! Thanx a lot Carlos

jvisser23 says:

Great reviews as always.  I have been waiting for someone to review this fragrance house.  They all sound interesting but I am most interested in Shams Oud.  Thanks.

Delicious Delights says:

Manoa and Shams Oud interests me the most. Thanks again for doing the giveaway! 🙂

Larry Frukhtman says:

Gimmie Gimmie

Star Cruiser says:

Was in Paris for Christmas and found this…Was given a sample of Moon River and have never gotten so many complements in my life….Now I just have to find out where I can buy it in the U.S.

Michelle B says:

Nice reviewing!! Veddy interested in Granada and Shams Oud. Thanks for the chance to try!

saeidhakimi says:

I have to try Shams Oud:-)

Lanier Smith says:

Carlos they all sound so wonderful! Big sigh!

Summer Holt says:

Wow I wish I had that collection. Must be tough deciding which one to wear everyday! My fave is Quartier de Latin.

Donna Housden says:

I would love to smell french leather

Jim R says:

Thanks for reviewing these fragrances because there is so little information available. Offhand, I have been interesting in sampling French and Italian Leather for the past year…will have to do so sooner rather than later.  Needless to say, these two leather fragrances interest me to the most – Italian Leather more than French Leather.

Regardless, I WANT SOME FREE SAMPLES! (lol) 😀

RyzFragz34 says:

Awesome vid C!! Just purchased Italian Leather 🙂

mysterygrafx says:

Love to be included, Shams Oud sounds like an experience.

Adriano Bello says:

Thanks Carlos! I just delved into this house myself, as Saks in toronto now carries this house :)) Excited to try more of them :))

Ander Baza says:

I’m very eager to try this whole line! Specially Italian Leather!

xdonnyboyx says:

The ouds really intrigue me, especially the more robust Shams Oud. Great review Carlos and thank you for all the giveaways!

Nerdville17 says:

Nice job ….. The shots of the frag boutiques is a cool opening …… Keep up the good work …….. NerdviLLe17

V. Maya says:

Carlos, thanks for the interesting review! Shams Oud sounds amazing.

MsJcmJcm says:

Kedu would be an excellent choice for spring and summer. The leather fragrances fit perfectly for fall/winter. Outstanding fragrance collection.

RaptorWolf says:

Great overview of Memo house.
Italian leather and Shams Oud seems to be a rock star of this collection.
Will check it soon.

Fazal Cheema says:

I have been hearing a lot about Memo fragrances lately and would love to try them..thanks so much for the draw

David Assis says:

Italian Leather sounds interesting

Neo Xerxes says:

I’m interested in trying the entire line, though the most interesting is probably Italian Leather. Thanks :).

Edward Bladis says:

Shams Oud!

Andigirl says:

Grenada! Thanks Carlos!

Fragrance Bros. says:

Six reviews in under 9 minutes? I think that is a new world record for speed! 😀

thiavolo says:

French leather is intriguing.

fintelecon says:

I am most interested in Sham’ Oud, with Italian Leather a close second.

Georgette Villareal says:

Excellent review! ! I am such a fan of leather fragrances, Italian & French leather. Thank you!!

kwiggins148 says:

Shams Oud sounds great

sandibunnypants says:

great reviews, carlos!  thank you!  so far, lalibela has won my heart, but i’m curious about luxor oud, shams oud & several others.

RAVINDER S Purba says:

I have recently starting collecting Memo Paris Fragrances, I got samples from Neiman Marcus. Best of all most of fragrances by Memo Paris are Unisex which to me and my wife is hugh +. I bought French Leather, Italian Leather, Marfa and Lalibela. We got nothing but compliments when we wear these fragrances, My next purchase will be Luxor Oud, Shams Oud and Jannat.

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