review Yves Saint Laurent perfume NOBLE LEATHER

review Yves Saint Laurent perfume NOBLE LEATHER, from the YSL exclusives range of perfumes.

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Dylan says:

You have got me going now, I need to go and spray, it’s my bed time and I think that’s what I will wear tonight. I wear nothing but fragrance to bed, just my skin, my scent and the bed sheets. Nite

Natalee Patel says:

Gorgeous jacket! Love this line, so intense… I haven’t tried this one though. Lanier has sent me to get a bit of Chanel education on your channel so I’m off to go learn 🙂

Millie Moo says:


Pietro Sessa says:

nice choice, have u already smelled TUSCAN LEATHER or GODOLPHIN(parfums de marly) ?

Dylan says:

Well it does seem you do have good taste after all, well in fragrance anyway. Yeah, you own one of my all time favourite fragrance, fluffing Noble Leather, I class this fragrance as a signature scent. I wouldn’t have thought you would like this fragrance and you do surprise me, surprise me a lot. You should try Splendid wood when you get the chance, fluffing gorgeous. I’m trying to curb my swearing if your just wondering. Oh, yes please to the Opion review, love that juice. Is it the parfum in the blue flacon? 

Wai Law says:

I am still sadden that they discontinued M7 , it was such an intense fragrance.

credit card romancer says:

I started to think that you always brag all of your stuff. I’m not very happy to say this but you act (sometimes) like everybody have to be jealous of you. It’s my personal impression and I wanted to share with you (sorry if it seems like an insult or something else).

John John Betch says:

It really reminds me The Fame by Lady Gaga but ON CRACK! I think that’s what she wanted to do with it but they didn’t let her because of the cost . It’s also quite similar to Cuir Amethyste by Armani …. Which is interesting since they are both in the exclusive collection.

Faddy Shammas says:

I adore your JS track top! Faddy xxx

Lanier Smith says:

Yes do that review on Opium. I want to know what I missed in the 70’s. This one sounds so interesting if maybe a bit to sweet for me. But the proof is in the pudding. So it is on my list….very long list of perfumes must try. The more you talk about it the more it sounds like Absinthe as it was in the 19th Century, Illegal and hypnotic. The Golden Fairy! I wonder if Surrender to Chance has samples? I am going to check that possibility out. Wait!! there is a YSL boutique downtown. I am going to hit it on Saturday! I am babbling now so I will stop! But Dacob you really are a great reviewer and an inspiration to me.

HRH says:

“One of those perfumes that just cloys-uh to death-uh”. There is something about the way you describe whatever you’re reviewing which elevates the product and makes it eminently desirable. You could hold a jar of excrement in your hand with a homemade label stuck on it reading ‘Eau Fécale’ and I’d be like, “where can I buy one?”.

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