Rich Leather by Zara | Fragrance Review

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Martijn M says:

I paid 18 euro for Rich Leather in my local Zara store. It shouldn’t be regarded as a clone of Aventus. Resemblances? A lot. But it has enough in the mix to be its own boss. I wear this to the gym and it works quite well. I would never wear Aventus to my gym for obvious reasons. It’s also much more pleasant from up close than Aventus.

Harshal Amin says:

Zara Vetiver & Zara Black are really nice. There is a talk that Zara Black smells like La nuit De l’homme, is it true ?

Underdog says:

Armaf club de nuit nails it best

Naa B says:

Bought Al Dur Al Maknoon yesterday it’s also a great Aventus clone so check it out

Moiz Shaikh says:

try bybloss in black !

Neal Francis says:

Hah you bought the wrong one you idiot , rich vibrant leather is the aventus clone , you got the wrong scent ,

rmccollum26 says:

I agree as far as your comparison to Cedrat Boise, on my skin rich leather lasts 8+ hours. Its an edp and its worth $29.90. Not everything that reminds us of Aventus should be compared to Aventus. Worth buying IMO. Thanks!

john savvas says:

I don’t even care to sample Zara..but since you decided to blow $40..thanks for saying it like it is about this..the other reviewers unfortunately promote this brand.

Mike Lykan says:

For me it’s a nah, i bought Rich Warm Addictive and i enjoy it so i tried Future Aromatic it’s not bad said to smell like Savauge if that’s true that’s saved me some cash. Then i went for W/End 3-00am on word by someone who’s nose must be blocked that it smelt like Aventus it does not. It’s 98% Paco Rabanne BlackXS so if you want BlackXS at a cut price Zara’s W/End 3-00am is the one.
As for the search for a truly worthy Creed Aventus clone i”d rather buy a bottle sourced from the Well. Yes it’s expensive but add up the price’s of all the Creed clone’s out there and you’ve got a bottle.
Can anyone tell if the other Zara Tabacco juice is worth buying?

Serg S says:

I like your honest take on this one. I really like CDN and is my go to clone for Aventus. Thanks for the video!


what season should I wear this juice please respond.

Louis Caeiro Ramos says:

30-40 $? You are being ripped of. Here in Euro: 10-15 €

Baronpanda says:

what i find the best is to layer Rich leather and Vibrant leather from Zara.
then i get a much better aventus like smell sine rich leather brings a more fruity smell and vibrant a smokier/darker kind of smell!

jorge gonzalez says:

I was today at New York Zara store and test most of them and the truth none are worth the 20 dollars they ask
you can get a lot of more value with other companies
just a reminder they dint have rich warm and seductive so I can’t talk for that one
I would not buy none of them don’t last 3 hours and like sai said they are really close to the skin

The Tomas says:

What about Vibrant Leather?

Guinea54 says:

man this is why you’re one of my favorite reviewer… See how you compare fragrances and let us always know your preferred choices.. Most don’t do that anymore in this community. IM happy to hear your take on this .. Thanks for the review…It was the information I needed for sure cause i was thinking of getting a decant of this when i heard it was an aventus clone.. Now i won’t bother.

Jay Dee says:

Hows this compare to Vibrant Leather by Zara?

Bob Ono says:

Vibrant Leather is very nice, smells better than CDNIM, better performance than Insurrection P2. No Leather detected. RECOMMEND, very much.

David A. Quiroa says:

Cool T, where did you get it?

Exotic Scents with Nikhil says:

Great review Sai ! I have stopped giving into hype these days. I would rather give my audience a scent they will cherish buying. Thanks for giving honest opinions always

Shave- a-thon says:

Zara has nearly 50 men’s fragrances out there. What’s wrong with a good clone of a more expensive fragrance? You’ve waxed euphoric about cheap clones before in a number of videos. Was Zara’s Intense Dark Exclusive the One Million clone you smelled?

Marco F says:

Nice video! I was wondering when would you do a review from Zara cause I have bought a lot of its fragances jaja. I own Rich Leather and I really like it, the problem is its performance!! On the contrary, Vibran Leather is powerful, and more citrousy. I have yet to buy Ganache Tonka and Impact Masculin but I’m most happy with the collection. Wood Noir and Exclusive Oud are really good also! See ya Stewie and keep on going the good work!

vakeesan says:

what did you tink of zara rich warm addictive? that’s getting quite the praise on fragrance forums

Jose Ochoa says:

damn bro you bashed this one lol I own it and its a great clubbing fragrace! Great Review bro!

V. NOIR says:

Hello Stewie. I really apreciate your input in general. Regarding the topic, I really dislike clones in general. Companies that only wanna piggy bank on unique, artistic creations, make some buck on the succes of others. Isn’t that steal? I see them as fakes, simply as that. And please don’t tell me that Aventus is overpriced and people are looking for alternatives. If one doesn’t have the finances to buy it, well, then they should not wear it! Simply as that. Who wants to wear a replica? I don’t have a big budget by any means but I prefer to wear the original stuff instead of buying and therefore somehow promoting this trend.

I wonder why there isn’t a regulation that should interdict this from happening (as in music for example where are clearly stated copyrights?)


chronicdesignboss says:

am i that friend? need a gift…

namo730 says:

Vibrant leather is the one which is very colse to aventus this one is good but not colse to aventus

Szabolcs Galambos says:

I dont know aventus, but RL is really similar to Rasasi Pour Lui (zebra). They both have nice, not too sweet pineapple vibe and undertoned citrus (not the cleaning-spray style). I get 8+ hrs longevity with 2hrs+ nice projection which is rare on my skin. How this relates to L’aventure in your opinion, does it worth buying L’aventure if I already have this 2 and Leau boisée from Guerlain or should I get Enteeba next? 🙂

duplomacette says:

Zara is good if you’re broke and/or like to hoard fragrances. Plus they release and discontinue scents seasonally so you really have to stay on top of them to even know what the hell is even in stock. All in all Zara has given me a headache and I’m not talking about their fragrances. I’ll pass.

Blueman Cloud Fragrances says:

I”m pleased to have reviewed this first.

Jose Ochoa says:

I have this one for sale for $40 free shipping.

arpeeh21 says:

Vibrant Leather is i think a better Aventus clone than this Rich Leather

Jose Vancouver says:

I own three Zara fragrances and agree that quite a few aren’t of the greatest quality. They are:
1. Vibrant Leather – (not Rich Leather). I like it. It smells quite similar to Aventus. Longevity and projection are OK (not Aventus like) but I feel the fragrance is well-blended and the perfumer is Jerome Epinet who has created many Atelier And Byredo fragrances including Bal D’Afrique.
2. Ganache Tonka – notes of vanilla, tonka, cocoa. Nice fragrance, warm, mildly sweet.
3. Rich, Warm and Addictive – nice scent. Smells a bit like Herod. Long-lasting.

I think that Zara has stepped up its fragrance game with certain (not all) fragrances.

eboss3000 says:

Gourmand Leather N° 0059 is the best of these collection

hopey1809 says:

My gf likes Zara – Imperial Masculin more than the most designer frags. And Zara – Aromatic Future is a ridiculous close Dior Sauvage clone for 10$ a nobrainer! I own Sauvage myself and don’t even use it anymore, because everyone thinks I am actually wearing it wtf…

Shane G says:

Fantastic as usual man. Stew, I was wondering about updating your collection? I watched an old video of you showcasing your entire collection and freaking loved it. You went into detail, displayed the name, etc. It was great. I know it’s a lot of hard work, but if you would consider updating your collection that would be great. Thanks again buddy.

ardeovapsg says:

i paid 18 dolars for rich leather.i got 2 hours of average projection but longevity is 6-7 hours.i have mancera cedrat boise and cdnim and they are strong .this one from zara is close to skin but in the close spaces works perfect.vibrrant has better projection but lasts only for 4-5 hours on my skin.great channel man.
p.s. try zara 9.0 .fot me a perfect valentino uomo /intense with good performance .3 hour of good projection and 10 hours longevity

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