Royal English Leather by Creed Fragrance / Cologne Review

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A fragrance / cologne review of Royal English Leather by Creed Thanks for watching!

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Bottle sizes available: 75ml and 250ml
Concentration: Eau de toilette

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L8bro says:

What a great review. On a related personal note I think that a blend of one third Royal English Leather and two thirds Tabarome smells really nice and is the best way for me to personally enjoy this fairly challenging yet interesting fragrance.

Alan George Barstow says:

I use the exquisite Royal English Leather: second only to the unsurpassable Silver Mountain Water.

Cuervo ARG says:

5:29 LOL Haha

Arleth Adame says:

I heard that Creed REL has been discontinue d

axiomist says:

Wonderful review. You are very articulate and explain terms in a way that makes them easy to understand. I must say you certainly got me intrigued about this scent. I must find it and “take a taste”. I love that it takes one back in time. Can’t imagine, though, what is so unsociable about it. What makes it so offensive ?!  I’d like to hear more detail about this particular quality.  Thanks for a great review.

curtflirt2 says:

Good and thorough review. 

Perfect Scents says:

Really glade to see u do this one finally great review brother you did a remarkable job with the history of it

laurent de kalbermatten - im student says:

Nice video!

I’ve been wearing this perfume for a couple of years and it really feels like a part of me now. Having said that, I’m in my 20s so it feels really odd to hear you say it should belong to an older man. Could you elaborate, what makes you think a 20-30 yo couldn’t/shouldn’t wear it? (I’m a bit hurt haha) + any idea how I could get my hands on a new bottle now that it’s vaulted? I ll probably run out by the end of the year unless I start cutting down my usage.


L8bro says:

I have been meaning to let you know…I can confirm that your bottle of REL is indeed authentic. Your bottle used to be my bottle ☺. I swapped it with a mutual friend of ours (JH).

Jamil Wilcox says:

Kilian royal leather is awesome

Pinoy Zoi says:

Not a big fan of creed. Had samples of Aventus but it’s not my favorite and designers just beat it for me.

kermit1 says:

Would you mind doing a review on Gendarme? Its my favorite soapy scent and more people need to know about it. It reminds me of a fresh basket of laundry.

kemetwiccaphilosopher says:

I have this fragrance in a flacone I never opened it because of its rarity but I have smelled it at the Creed store on Madison Avenue in Nyc I’m only 26 and I love this Fragrance I’m into more vintage style fragrances anyway. It smells nothing like English Leather by Dana to answer one of the questions I also have a full bottle of Windsor and Ambre Canelle.

Jim R says:

Excellent review! I thought of picking-up a bottle, but the prices of this vaulted fragrance was just too high for my liking. Plus, as you mentioned, just low often am I going to wear a vaulted scent that is somewhat dated? Anyway, I did acquire a bottle of Acier Aluminum that I really love, but also kind of don’t because it has that dated feel. Can you review Acier Aluminum?

thunderstorm70 says:

Age range: Seventies or eighties – DAMN!!! LOL I think I’ll steer clear. Awesome job.

Xanovia Scents says:

Awesome video man… Thanks much for creating it…

curtflirt2 says:

A lot of the older Creeds didn’t have Serial numbers.

nathan p says:

Good video!  I wonder if this smells anything like English Leather by Dana, that stuff is nasty.  

Himmat C says:

Nice one! On a scale of 1 to Korous, just how unlikely are others to appreciate this? 😛 

RyzFragz34 says:

This was an amazing review Steven. This is a very nice fragrance. Thanks for the great info and review.

landshark321 says:

Finally got my hands on a sample and this is the first review I’m watching (mainly listening to) and as always, it’s great to hear your balanced yet nuanced take on this. REL is quite spicy/animalic/acidic so I agree that it’s not likely a crowd-pleaser. I’m surprised by how well it performs, though, relative to other Creed fragrances of the EDT era.

clintbronson5 says:

Another great review and loved the history of Creed as well. I thank you for your passion as always and look forward to more of your vids. Have to ask about the beard. Are you trying for your own cough drop? Lol j.k.

ragedmaximus says:

creed is too expensive. I like al rehab siver for 15 bucks from saudi arabia

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