Scent of the Day: Leather Blend & The One

Two designers that did the job.


Blue Iris says:


King Ted says:

SOTD Creed millesime imperial mixed with Jubilation xxv! !

jay smith says:

my sotd is pi love it can’t get enough of it.

cdresz says:

My SOTD, Ungaro III.  Glad you broke out the camera today!

danumba1drumma says:

Weird, bleak question: When you die, what would you want sprayed on you in the casket before burial? What fragrance would you want to be remembered by/encaptures your life?

prtmanprtGod says:

Great Vid, terrible jersey. SOTD Aventus blended with lemale. : )

Marinkovich says:

Been on wedding last night. Wore Body Kouros. Great underrated gem!

wagsbass says:

SOTD: White Musk by The Body Shop.

RaptorWolf says:

Bound Nº 9 Andy Warhol (Face)

Man you need a little sunshine in your body. lol

Kerry Pope says:

im wearing the one tomorrow.. thanks robes & keep the videos coming

coreyregs says:

Im new to fragrances, i have only put my nose on around 30 fragrances or so, but i still think The One is my favorite scent. I wish it just lasted more than four hours and had some decent projection. Even though it performs weak, i still wear it two to three times a week! Its also a scent i enjoy wearing to bed. I feel it has this comforting quality about it. I wish they would fix this juice by creating an intense version or an edp. May i ask for a recommendation? Im looking for a nice summer scent, but not one that everyone has. My issue is i love fragrances with depth, ones i have to search for the notes. I feel that a lot of summer colognes are just bland and citrusy or aquatic. Thanks for the great video and channel! You found yourself a new subscriber.

sugarman454 says:

LOL… We can never have enough of you, buddy!

King Metta says:

SOTD: The One

I just got it the other day. A lot of people complain about the longevity and projection on it but I only have projection issues. I’ve had it last well over 24 hours. For me it just sits too close to the skin.

Also what are your opinions on wearing A Men and A Men Pure Malt at the same time in the winter time? I tried it a few times and I get projection all day and I think the scents go together well. I usually go 1 to the neck and one to the back of the neck with the original and then one on each arm with pure malt.

Colin Morris says:

The one is great for a cozy night in. My sod is Guerlain’s Vetiver.

James M says:

Chanel allure

04a0 says:

SOTD : MEHAREES acqua di profumo   by L’ERBOLARIO

kingfolston17 says:

Sotd .. Club De Nuit Intense ( Smells like Aventus). Sotn..Uomo Moschino

Guinea54 says:

I only wear the one in the summer.. Its too weak for anything else really.  I think it fits the summer better than winter anyway.. its very sun tanish and tropical smelling.

Jim R says:

SOTD: Bvlgari Aqua Amara.  Trying to figure-out what I’m going to wear out this evening.  Thinking…looking for suggestions since I plan to get a haircut, some dinner, and perhaps go out dancing (casual). I was thinking Arabian Oud Kalemat Black, but I wear that and Aventus a big too often. Too many choices…LOL

Red Salmon says:

Chrome Summer 2013 SOTD! Sniffed the 2015 edition today and I’ll pick that one up as well. Like you said designers know how to do summer. 

Billy Calzone says:

Hot and humid day here in Pittsburgh, gave Spice and Wood a testing

James Baird says:

Bath and Body Works Dark Amber SOTD

namo730 says:

Sotd Green irish tweed . Can you review Oud Royal by Armani Prive

namo730 says:

Great to see you again man.

OpoSai says:

Insurrection pure 2 and dior homme fahrenheit vintage

Cambo48 says:

Great vid Marc. My SOTD is Tonka Imperial.

VikingShaver says:

SOTD: Brut Original
SOTE: Xerjoff Uden

KoolMintBluu says:

Jazz w/ a splash of Hei.

RyzFragz34 says:

Great to see 2 vids in one day:) sotd was Original Cologne.

Claudiu Potop says:

My SOTD was the one and only Le Male!

King Metta says:


E99Y.O says:

Dude you really don’t get the recognition you should like love the videos and keep doing what your doing #FragranceGod

Adamizer702 says:

ADG this morning, Guerlain Homme tonight. Freshy day!

BananaBoat629 says:

The one also

AGentlemansJourney says:

SOTD By Kilian Bamboo Harmony.

Allen Burgess says:

SOTD: Lalique White…incredible!

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