Sexiest Mens Fragrances

My personal taste for what is a sexy fragrance over the past year.

Honourable mentions to By Kilian – Amber Oud, which is a rich warm amber vanilla. Also Guerlain – Spirituese Double Vanille, one of the best vanilla fragrances ever, let down by terrible performance of around 3 hours, which is why it didn’t make the list.

In this video includes:
Nasomatto – Pardon
Maison Francis Kurkdjian – Satin Mood
Tom Ford – Tuscan Leather
Xerjoff – Ivory Route
Parfums De Marly – Habdan
House of Matriarch – Coco Blanc
House of Matriarch – Black No.1
Creed – Aventus

Sorry there’s no designers in this list! I own a few designers, but don’t consider them to be sexy, and the usual “sexy” designers are not really my taste.

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The usual designers like YSL La Nuit De L’homme didn’t make the video because the new formulation only lasts 3 hours on my skin with 20 minutes of projection.. CH Man only lasts 3 hours also, and it feels a little more like a teenager fragrance rather than a mans scent.
I am personally not a fan of Armani Code Profumo or anything by Armani, Chanel and Dior.. So the usual “sexy” scents most people would pick, are not my taste. I am always looking for good designer fragrances, if you can think of anything I might like.. feel free to suggest I try it out!


Summer 林 says:

Have you tried Federic Malle?

Naushad Lo says:

Perfect perfect perfect

Bottom Note says:

Subbed a while back. I’m getting older. I also do reviews. You have swagger. A new youth word but you get the direction. Gonna tune in for ideas of great fragrances that women adore. That’s my quest sir, what will women like as you’d be into the going out and surrounded by beautiful women where I’m settled. So forgive me if I steal your ideas 🙂

Troy Smythe says:

You get what most guys into fragrance don’t. Confidence is the most powerful scent. You have a discerning nose. Lay yourself down and your thoughts too and the right mates will follow. Best scent reviews I’ve seen and I’m an old dog by most fragrance hound standards. Well done and thank you. I subscribed and will keep watching.

Tal says:

it’s hard for me as a man to even conceptualize a sexy men’s scent. I don’t think of men in those terms. I know what scents make a woman smell sexual and seductive, though. but surprisingly enough, most women themselves don’t find those sexy. go figure.

Joey Rey says:

you should check out santal 33 from the house of le labo

Youssef kotb says:

Don’t you realize that this is a niche list

datboykam 777 says:

You the truth it’s not about ladies it’s wearing something that compliments you well spoken oh an you were dead on about pegasus smells Weird an metallic someone might like it not me tho

Jaroslav Tomachevskij says:

The best fragrance i’ve tried so far this year is Mystery Man

pandora p says:

Hi, what’s your take on Godolphin and Xerjoff 1888?

Pietro Sessa says:

BLACK N1 . do u think id enjoy it if I like Tuscan Leather?

Joel Lavalley says:

Thank you for the excellent videos as a new subscriber to this channel I like the unique fragrances that you bring to my attention as a new Cologne collector I appreciate all the passions you put into these videos I also love the music tracks for this video can you kindly tell me about the songs or artist please 🙂 look forward to seeing more great frag reviews from you ty once again.

Ramy salah says:

Excellent choice loved it

Arne L says:

I recently bought the honeycomb test box from matriarch. Im not a big fan of Coco Blanc myself, maybe because im not really into choclate. But i really really enjoyed Forbidden. I think its a really good , a bit mysterious signature scent. Even though its quite expensive to war on a daily..

1 L says:

what’s the name of the background music in the end?

Fear Girl says:

Nice suggestions! Recently try out some and found out BLEU DE CHANEL is nice!

Darryl Gore says:

Excellent review. Being picky Peter is the biggest reason I like your reviews. Some reviewers seem to love everything. Your taste is very very close to mine. I have all of the frags you displayed except the Matriarch frags.

Craig Rolle says:

LOve your channel.

Gabriel Perez says:

Oh man, this is some other level type stuff right here man. You have impeccable taste my friend, all of these are amazing in their own right. I like designers as i got used to them in an office setting where i am in close contact with people nearly constantly.

i do however love Niche and feel there are some incredible gems (like most mentioned on this list) in the niche world.

Kologne says:

Wow. Just ran across your channel on my feed. Great review. Black no. 1 sounds intriguing. I love leather and pine. Just subbed. Looking forward to your review in black no. 1.

Pietro Sessa says:

Peter, if you could only own 5 fragrances what would they be ?

I Smell So Good says:

my collection consist of only 2 niche fragrances and rest are designers but I’m familiar of creed & Tom Ford but I’ve heard very good things about Nasomatto pardon I must check this one out

The Fragrance Apprentice says:

loved the video! great list, just go easy on the Color Grading yeah? 😉

Andrew Corps says:

hi Peter destroyer vs coco blank

Bottom Note says:

House of Matriarch is freaking awesome, amazing and fantastic! So very expensive though.

MegaFrasi says:

who stupid persons push the thumb-down ?
very good taste. actually SDV lasts 20hrs. on me…sillage better then yourself would think…
amber oud is amazing, ivory route as well…
habdan is a mix of ambre narguile, aoud 1 with a unique twist to me…
pardon is defintly mysterious, unique and sexy… my most complimented fragrance…women love it
tuscan leather is very nice, but quiet hard to wear for me somehow
satin mood is nuclear and so smooth but a lil feminine for me but although a very nice scent
coco blanc is one in a million…

thumbs up Peter!!

Mike Lykan says:

Agreed i really get Tuscan Leather and Aventus not so much Xerjoff Pardon it come’s across as incensey and i prefer amouge Jubilation XXV. Again i agree i like to wear fragrance’s that i like definitely not to please a woman. Did that already D&Gs the one now i can’t bear the stuff overrated and badly blended imho.

Tru Dat says:

Your review was on target as usual. Peace

Sonic 84 says:

Your review are my favorite so far. Not to mention great video quality especially environment and color grading. 🙂 What I appreciate in this videos are honesty, effort you put in it and objective view about what best known houses really offering for the price. And yes, your taste is picky but this is what I appreciate the most about your videos. 🙂 I completely agree with everything you talk about at the end of the video (compliments and silly things like that). Thank you for introducing me to the amazing House of Matriarch. Keep making a great videos.

terranking1 says:

hey..would like to know what you feel about midnight in paris (van cleef & arpels)..?

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