Sexy Leather Fragrances Ranked By Italian Beauty | What Are Your Favorite Leather Perfumes?

Sexy Leather Fragrances Ranked By Italian Beauty | What Are Your Favorite Leather Perfumes?
➡️ Lonestar Memories:
➡️ Godolphin:
➡️ Tuscan Leather:
➡️ Noble Leather:
➡️ Mille Feux:
➡️ Cuir De Russie:
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Sexy Leather Fragrances Ranked By Italian Beauty | What Are Your Favorite Leather Perfumes?

This is my Sexy Leather Fragrances Ranked By Italian Beauty shot with guest Sara. Sara is a cousin of a friend visting San Francisco from Italy. Sara loves leather fragrances We decided to shoot this video together with Sara ranking these 7 leather fragrances in order of her preference. We smell:

Mugler Pure Cuir/Pure Leather
Tom Ford Tuscan Leather
Tauer Perfumes Lonestar Memories
Louis Vuitton Mille Feux
Chanel Cuir De Russie
Parfums De Marly Godolphin
Yves Saint Laurent Noble Leather

Watch Sara pick her favorite and least favorite from the list of leather fragrances she smells in this video. What are your favorite leather perfumes? Please put a comment down and let’s get a conversation started.

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Scotty Payne says:

Darn I might have to change my scent of the day from la nuit de l’homme to Tuscan leather based on this beautiful lady’s pick!

Taffy J says:

Sarah is an excellent guest; I tend to agree with several of her rankings. Enjoyed the conversation between the two of you. Good questions, Seb!

lj6583 says:

Thanks for the review. You were both wonderful. Great list. Love Tuscan Leather. Off-list, I also love Destrier by House of Matriarch!

Frederick Jonas says:

Damn sexy for sure yes. Thank you for this video. I learned alot and not know what to check out when looking for leather colognes

edward gurango says:

Cuir de Russie is one I’d like to try

LolaScents says:

If you ever do a gourmand version you better call me!!!

Isabelle B. says:

I love you both ! Sara is an amazing true beauty and I understand all what she says 😉
Cuir De Russie is the only one I know, a gorgeous one. My favorite is French Leather by Memo : rose + leather, stunning.
Because I really enjoy Parfums de Marly, I’m going to look after Godolphin.
Thanks !

Benjimikey says:

I’m wearing Davidoff leather blend as my scent of the day. Tuscan Leather is a master piece and is one of the 3 Tom Ford’s I own, the others being Tobacco Vanille and Noir de Noir. My collection is under 50 and I never go above this number it’s quality over quantity for me and I’m poor lol! Not rich like you fragrance YouTube channel presenters but I appreciate all that you do for us Sebastian and the hard work you put in

Marco Alessi says:

Tuscan Leather is my preferred leather fragrance too, but I’d liked a head to head with Rasasi La Yuqawam pour homme. I also love Memo Paris African Leather, since saffron give me the idea of a soft-dark-rich leather. Gran bel sorriso Sara <3

Lefty Righty says:

Very informative with your sexy guest. Thanx for a fun video.

kenzoh25 says:

Great video! Yes! TuscanLeather is #1!!! 🙂

pandora p says:

Very nice take, Seb and Sara. My first niche is Godolphin. I find that leather actually amps up the longevity even for notoriously poor performers like citrus. It had become my favorite because of that.

Oh, and I received my orders of Vetiverus and Nebula 2. Bought them blind and so far they seem to be winners. They do perform and they do not smell similar to anything I have tried so far. Only thing is they are on the soapy side which must be because of aldehydes as you mentioned in this video.

Shahab Ganjavi says:

Tuscan Leather… always the winner

Nurdaulet Tileukhan says:

I think next time you can make it more exciting if put frags like Atelier Cologne Leather, Memo African Leather, DHP, MIP instead of Pure Leather and Lonestar Memories and Mille Feuxe)

beijingboi says:

Amazing timing – was just searching your channel for some leather frag reviews. Nice video, mate!

912alldaylong says:

Where was Montale aoud leather? , I own 2 100ml bottles of that.

John Wen says:

Oh my,tks S

Love it soso much,totally made my day

Do u think Tom ford and marly can be redundant

William D'Alexander says:

I actually love john varvatos dark rebel,, i know the performance is lacking, but its still one of my favorite leather scents

DESC81 0000 says:

I dont like pure leather,was a blind buy and it smells very cheap.I miss aoud leather from montale,i love it.Great video!

Nagy Timea says:

Very nice video! 🙂

Adele Aracri says:

Love you both!!

Jithesh Kumar says:

Nice pick Bro. you are wearing nice Glass. was it a Ray ban………….?

Joey Swaney says:

WOW! Nice video. Leather is a favorite of mine. I have Mugler’s Pure Leather and Tom Ford Tuscan Leather. Must get Godolphin and Noble Leather.

Lazzplayz Perez says:

Surprised not to see ADP colonia leather concentree in here. I bet 20 dollars she would LOVE it!

Rizwan Rahim says:

Boss…I wonder how come Sarah didn’t use TL from TF as she was praising herself as a leather fragrance lover n TL was released a decade ago…..Secondly she was mentioning that she may use but price factor is a bit on a higher side…pls advice her to use La Yuqawam from Rasasi which is cheap n beast mode in terms of projection n longevity….Finally I agree of all above fragrances in ur review accept for Chanel coz I didn’t use it as of now….what u think about Memo African leather…Turkish leather by PP…wild leather by Mancera…Royal leather by Killian….leather blend by Davidoff…all are simply amazing n importantly different to one another slightly

Michael McDonald says:

Wow she has beautiful eyes

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