Terre d’Hermes by Hermes Fragrance / Cologne Review

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Here is a fragrance / cologne review of Terre d’Hermes by Hermes! Thank you for watching!

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George Besa says:

Hey Steven! Have you smelled the Voyage d’Hermes Parfum? Which do you think is better, the Terre d’Hermes or Voyage d’ Hermes? By the way great review on Terre d’Hermes. Keep it up.

Naushad Lo says:

Very well presented Steven! Always

seansimmons73 says:

Hey Mr. Steven, you never said why you didn’t get this until now like you said in this video

Nicky T says:

Such a classy fragrance . I have both the EDT and Pure Parfum. Not sure which one I like better , but the EDT projects a bit more. Keep up the great work dude

19DMac88 says:

There is something going on, on the bottom. The glass is shaped in a ‘H’ : )


podria hacer un review de sun java de frank olivier mi hija de 12 años le gusto esta fragancia por encima de 20 otras entra versace , gucci , dolce gabanna , 1 million y muchas mas eso me parecio interesante

xHibachi24x says:

Hey Steven! Kevin Samuels just gave ya a shout out in his latest video.

D'von Gilpon says:

In a world full of sweet, feminine scents for men, this masculine, retro type fragrance is a huge breath of fresh air. This is not an old man fragrance by any stretch of the imagination. Any age can pull this off. I f you like the scent then own it! Terre along with FM French Lover are the best in this genre.

Nick B says:

Dang the code expired last month lol.

defman85 says:

This or Grey Vetiver?

Ken Mi Lambo says:

This cologne reminds me of Eau de Rochas. Doesn’t one one else get a similar vibe?

Markymark Yumul says:

edt ?

Shave- a-thon says:

I watched this review before purchasing TdH during the recent Target sale. What I liked most about it was the presentation where you showed the batch code on the bottom of the box and where it was etched into the bottle. I can’t tell you how important it is to know where the manufacturer is placing these things, especially when buying from a discounter. I’d still like you to mention the batch date of the bottle. Consider it a public service and acting as a consumer advocate. It’s just one of the ways to examine if our bottles are genuine Based on the code I was able to decipher on your bottle, it’s dated Feb. 2016, which means that Foreverlux sent you a bottle that was a little over a year old (which isn’t bad at all for discounters. I’ve received older bottles direct from authorized retailers).

CG says:

Firstly thank you for the reviews Steven.
And I want to thank you for your inspiration of me.
I got a question, maybe you can help me.
I search for a new Fragrance
This are my favorites Top 6
Bleu de Chanel EdP
Hugo Boss THe Scent EDT
Armani Code EDT
Terre d’Hermès EdP
Acqua di Gio Essenza EdP
Joop Homme EdT
I hope you can help me to find new fragrance.
Greetings from Germany

Mark Fishman says:

I just got mine today . I love it .

John Clark says:

its on the way from fragrancenet just one ounce. this should have been a super large. this review something about smells like bug spray. rapid city, south dakota has some huge potato bugs here. some 6 foot tall 170 lbs on up. try to get rid of some with this spray. the american indian never had a chance with some of these idiots. many business feel the same.

Mohammad Hasani says:

Awesome review, I really agree and like it so much.
Thanks my friend !

Sunny Ra Deen says:

Hermes is a designer house that produces niche quality fragrances. Very fond of Terre. My signature scent during the spring. Tremendous review Steven. Complex heart & very masculine.

Spiritual Scent Gents says:

Yes great review pound for pound it’s my favorite

Eduardo Garciadealba says:

love it! to me it smell´s like wet earth.

TheCOP8 says:

The first time I smelled it I also thought it smelled like bug spray but somehow the day after I couldn’t stop thinking about it and how I wanted to smell it again and again. Now I have a full bottle. It has something special that is not directly percieved.

aj dicarlo says:

does anybody know the name of the amouge pure yellow juice sitting in his collection…in the back there… directly next to the all white bottle of amouge ?? the bottle looks cool also looks incredible but never got my nose on it ?? thanks…

DD DD says:

The first time I smelled it, I was like “What the …..!!??”
But somehow I kept trying it whenever I went to Sephora. I couldn’t neglect it. There was something that attracted me even though I kept convincing myself that I hate it…

Fast forward. Now I have 1 bottle at home already….

and I love it…..

Oscar Cervantes says:

Great review! I just recently started watching youtube reviews and I find your reviews extremely informative and insightful. My wife bought me a bottle of the Eau de Toilette several years ago and I really enjoyed it, but I have found that by the time I get to the end of a bottle I’m pretty done with that sc ent for a while. Since it has been several years I plan on buying another but I have a question. What would be the biggest difference in the Eau de Parfum and the Eau de Toilette. I heard that the Parfum is heavier and has less of the citrus scent and that if you live in a warmer climate as I do it is too heavy. I’m just looking for some guidance on weather to stay with the Toilette or check out the Parfum. Thanks again,Oscar

Melvin Nixon says:

I have a sample and it is fabulous. Love it…..

270Crunchy says:

I remember when I first smelled this I hated it, 7yrs later I like it.

Im David says:

I have the EDP version. It’s a fragrance that is hard to understand but when you do, or when you meet someone who knows how to combine it, it’s sick. I’m not saying it’s hard to appreciate, again, hard to understand. I’d call the smell even a bit feminine.. not that a woman can wear it but if you want to hang out the player who smells he just came out of the shower… this is not the one. This is also not the one for a first date or one I’d wear in a club. Go for something like Invictus or Allure sport.. Instead.. this is for the 25-35 year old man with class, who doesn’t just want to smell nice but also wants to look good. I don’t agree that this fragrance is very versatile therefore. You need at least two very different ones but this smell is just amazing.

Frederick Calabrese says:

My go to.

Jose Cito says:

The code has expired

georgegeorgiou74 says:

I just tried this yesterday for the first time and I really like it a lot.
I was checking out different citrus summer options, and was originally trying out the Hermes D’orange Vert.
Both are really nice.
Tom Ford Mandarino Di Almalfi Acqua is where I ended up, but I definitely want this as well.

T Nyce says:

Hands down my favorite citrus fragrance

CUMMNurWAY2 says:

I see you posted a link to foreverlux, I’ve read that they weren’t doing authentic products. I’m not sure if it’s true or not, I just remember coming across that tidbit…. can you confirm if you’ve purchased legit bottles from them…. thanks!

Sibte Hasan says:

Hi Steven, excellent review. I am a huge fan of your work. keep it up.

i just wanted to let you know that your Coupon Code Steven20 expired on Apr 17, 2017. my birthday was on 19th so i waited to buy but realised the code expired.:( Can you get in touch with them and get it reinstated??

cheers from Canada

Amir Pi says:

Great review bro,thx ps. i really do like this frag a lot so does my girlfriend as well

Mike B says:

Steven you are hands down by far the best reviewer I’ve watched. keep it up and thank you.

Brian R Ochoa says:

Good vids thanks, but here you missed the H on the bottom of the bottle

Jaime Valencia says:

Hi steve. Can you make a review on unique fragrances

Dennis Genova says:


nicolas mayrand says:

what about the edp version ?

Steve Bingham says:

Been looking online to buy this one and found a 500ml bottle for £199.00, is this worth the larger investment?

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