The Battle of A*Men by Thierry Mugler with Stephanie

‘Love U’ by Razihel
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Paul Smith says:

Don’t rub the fragrance, Stephanie. You guys are great!

fitz 90 says:

My most favorite mugler was
1:Pure malt
2:Pure havane
4:Pure coffee
5:Pure tonka

Nomo 4u says:

I love the way she pronounces coffee haha ☕️

Banzan Buddhist says:

original A men is disgusting, my favorite is havane, used to be malt but got a bit sick of it, havane is the best

DoolaMadness says:

There’s a Turkish store right by me in sheepshead bay with coffee bags like that haha

qazi faisal says:

where is my fav angel b the best one they ever made period.

The Fragrance Critic says:

1.Pure Malt 2.Ultra Zest 3.Pure Havanne, then 4. Pure Coffee

Ryan Sweeney says:

Hello this girl needs to stop playing with her hair, love the intro music

Quietteish T says:

I love your david bowie shirt!! <3

The Don says:

I have all. I love all. I love all flakons. The best

eclipseotik says:

Carlos! No Pure Energy/Pure Shot?!!!! Lol it’s the best freshie from Amen for my taste 😀

Gabriel Diaz says:

Que bien ,tener toda esa colección de los A Men Thierry mugler

Trey Scarborough says:

I just bought Pure Malt. But, man now I gotta get Pure Wood. Their notes were similar but I wanted to go with the popular first but now after this video I’ve got to try Pure Wood.

Ethan Gillespie says:

Is yellow the actual color of pure coffee?

Juan Santiago says:

No influence as you said, good video, fine woman.

Nikola Riganas says:

pure tonka!!

Bloodshot Buckle says:

Pure Havana or A*man is tied for me.

Jean -Luc says:

How did I miss this?
Great video.
The two of you are great!

wampy31 says:

Pure Leather doesn’t get enough love. It’s might be my fave of the A*Men line. I have Pure Leather, Pure Havane, Pure Coffee, and orig A*Men. I’ve tried Pure Wood once, and thought it was good, so I might have to get a bottle. I have not smelled any of the others.

arrGjjj says:

that intro!!! +1 sub

Mark Mark says:

Aww she’s so cute lol
I like her
I’ve heard a lot on the tube about pure wood haven’t had the chance to smell any of them …I’m very new to the frag game it’s exciting and overwhelming…there’s so many

Jose Velez says:

Hi Carlos I’m so jealous of u lol I wish I was there with your beautiful quess Stephanie. ..luv u guys

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