The Best Tom Ford Fragrances | An Expert’s Guide

The best Tom Ford Private Blend fragrances. Find your favourite Tom Ford perfume in my guide with Francesco Fabiani (@tfbpro_francesco), Education Manager for Tom Ford Beauty.
What’s the best fragrance for men from Tom Ford? Well, this all comes down to what you like! This video should help you.
Featured fragrances linked below.

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2:53 – FOUGÈRE
5:07 – FLORAL
7:30 – GREEN
10:42 – ORIENTAL
13:37 – TOBACCO
15:51 – WOOD

— Fougére – Tom Ford Fougere D’argent –
UK –

— Floral – Tom Ford Jasmine Rouge –
UK –

— Green – Tom Ford Vert D’Encens –
UK –

— Oriental – Tom Ford Noir De Noir –
UK –

— Tobacco – Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille –
UK –

— Wood – Tom Ford Oud Wood –
UK –
— Tom Ford Ombré Leather –
UK –

— Tom Ford Vanille Fatalle –
UK –

— Tom Ford Tuscan Leather –
UK –

Bumble & Bumble Primer (Pre-styler) –
— UK –
— US/Global –

Shear Revival Crystal Lake –
— UK –
— US/Global –
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Matthew Franks says:

Love It!

Hmro says:

Very interesting and informative video. Great vibe too!

Mike Harty says:

Could you please recommend a Tom Ford scent that approximates my favorite (and now-discontinued) Dior Eau Sauvage Parfum. Thanks very much and great video.

Jonathan Lim says:

Great video Robin, loved the expertise and your own opinions involved in it. Great production!

Mazhar Khan says:

Tom ford wich perfume very very very very longlast

Camtaine82 says:

D’argent doesnt mean silver. It’s French for money. Surprised that the salesman doesnt know this.

chanthamala8 says:

Tom Ford fragrances are too simple for me. “They can be layered” aka.. he wants you to buy more than one fragrance.

John King says:

Damn, Fabiani is amazing he’s very thorough and passionate he must of killed when he was doing sales lol…

Oud wood is probably the only scent worth the price imo…but to each their own..

Warriorlike 1 says:

Tom Ford Grey Vetiver is the best by far!

ExtravagantFragrance says:

Robin looks like Tai Lopez long lost brother.

no vnm says:

Amazing video well done !

Mustafa Najeeb says:

Video vantistic tobacco vanilla ilove it and tobacco oud .

hector Alexander says:

Somebody know where can I get Robin’s glasses?

Ohiorichkid Ohiorichkid Beats says:

excellent review @ohiorichkid[]instagram[]prod.

Mikael Lugnegard says:

One of the best videos on perfume. Very high class and great shot.

Md. Nafees Ur Rahman says:

Really enjoyed the interaction there.. I personally love oud wood the most! And also have a long wish list too from this house! I also enjoy the way the employees of TF give time to understand ones favorite notes and suggests the most desired fragrance (almost perfect). Thanks!

Raven Lenz says:

This video was so amazing to watch

Manali Naik says:

I own Santal blush and Black orchid and I’m soooo in love with them <3

theandroids says:

The only thing missing from this video is the Smell-O-Vision option.

Ebram B says:

I bought Tom Ford Oud wood 50 ml for €200,-!
Garbage, smells not woody at all. It’s extremely soft, like your are spraying water. Never Tom Ford for me again!
It’s all fake hype!

Nicolas Sanhueza says:

I’m torn between Tabacco Vanile or Oud Wood. Living in a hot humid area I think Oud wood would be better. What do you think?

Edwin Felix says:

“Tom Ford says this scent represents the sea and shadow”. Does he really!? At this point I’d honestly burst out laughing and run out. Bless him, he’s only saying what he’s paid to say but I squirmed watching this, and I’m serious about my fragrances.

Hani Shamseddeen says:

I feel the quality and versatility of Tom Ford’s fragrance line is second only to Creed

Леха Свободный says:

wtf.. are you men? why U looks like a pussy

M. S. BitEth says:

I am wondering about the new Amber Absolute with the metal plague and the new Beau de Jour fragrance. Any news?

Jack Dean says:

nothing to do with the video but in some of the B-Roll shots either the saturation or lighting was off making subjects skin appear orange, just in case you hadn’t noticed. Love the content though!

Kevin Lenyatsa says:

Great video, I must’ve watched it more than 5 times & I really like how the rep explains everything. One day I’m going to buy myself oud wood

H Bucardi says:


SNairD says:

Great video and such an articulate sales person. I tried out champaca absolute this morning and just had to get it. Brilliant stuff considering it is from a designer house. Oud minerale is quite good too, though oud wood to me is quite boring.

Emanuel Wolfhard says:

What brand are your glasses?

Andrew Vendryes Jr says:

You just changed the game with this.

Sunshine says:

Because of your video I ended up going to tom ford in Atlanta and got the white suede. Awesome scent I love it.

beavisbonce says:

Who knew there was an actual shop!!!!!! Oh wow I’d move in

емилио says:


jroaduri says:

Great video

bostero y boliviano says:


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