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SilentKnight1000 says:

Make a video on Clive Christian No. 1

Serge Rabaev says:

Jeremy what about Clive Christian ??

Super Divinus says:

who is the first girl please?

Arash Ghasemi says:

This is a great fragrance. You should have asked some office and staff people too. … Smells like tequila to me

south91201 says:

What do you think about la nuit del homme ultime ?

Simplerway says:

I spent over $1500 on cologne in the past few weeks; You are the inspiration & the beautiful life. Have touch cologne in years. Now…haha.

Emdjo says:

whats the first girls @?

urbancoyote8 says:

Just watching for all the hot German girls 🙂

Juan Ramos says:

You are the man bro, your reviews are priceless and with so much insight

Mnus L says:

Only listen to beautiful girls advices. So only first one counts

Francisco Brazao22 says:

Tried it yesterday and it is a masterpiece! Loved it!

aztekkr says:

It’s soooo astonishing what kind of women like any fragrance. Like this one. The first and the last lady are the same type of woman.

Ryma Alajran says:

we looooove enigma in Kuwait

Paul Merriman says:

what about parfum lanuit by roja 995

Juan Valladares says:

Hi, Jeremy…Have you ever reviewed Baryshnikov cologne from 1991?

P Holmes says:

2:05 that face you made

Maltese Fan says:

Jeremy my question is this. These girls in your videos do all of them know about the cost of that cologne?   I wonder what would happen for experiment sake if you had girls smells Fragrances, and those who do not like the smell. To smell it again with maybe another person and they know the cologne cost the second time around and see how much the opinions changed.

Fidel Lio says:

That guitar right in the beginning tho. Name please?

rana ati says:

Always watch your videos whenever i have to buy perfume

Parikshith Mohan says:

Jeremy got pissed when sprayed it on her hand….lol

FIRTINA 01 says:

They r not most expensive. Good ones are over 1000$.

Nina Camby Del Rey says:

Damn the first shorty fine asf

Steven C says:

This is why i love women from europe. They are more about fashion than most of the american girls i know.

DMaster81 says:

why is everyone only smelling the frag in the bottle? i get i guess that you get the general vibe of the scent, but i think some smell alot better on the skin

adey1708 says:

Jeremy can you review Roja Dove Elysium both versions i would like to hear your thoughts on them

Kev Puk says:

smelling the sprayer vs smelling on skin and paper test is much different tho haha.. great vid still

Wanda Santillo says:

You are so handsome.  You could sell me air.

Rob Weaver says:

Jeremy, don’t hand them the bottle, apply it and let them smell it on you.

Michael Cosme says:

Have you ever tried Prada Luna Rossa Sport? It’s not that expensive but everywhere I go then I wear it girls always stand by my. You know, for longer than to just say hi, guys ask what I’m wearing and say it smells Bomb! Then they want me to spray gone into the travel cases that they have.

Ryan Gabott says:

I absolutely love this juice it’s so special and unique makes me feel good when I wear it not all people will appreciate this fragrance but to me it’s so special Ive ordered a bottle of the pure parfum I can’t wait to get it how do you like this one Jeremy ?

Donnie Brasco says:

You should review #1 Clive Christen sold at Neiman Marcus.

AppDever says:


Sardar Yasir says:

I am from Pakistan i need one fragrance for all seasons all occasions office outdoors party everywhere just one fragrance people feel and notice me its miracle everybody love to me when i used everybody ask me wow men your smell killing us longevity and projection sexy sweet attractive people notice me

Robert Bird says:

Hey Jeremy, thanks to you and your review on Clive CHRISTIAN,I now own V,No.1 and C, amazing responses from people,,,D from Vancouver!

sarita sara says:

I was waiting for you “peace” at the end of the video. what happened?

Mr.Smellgood says:

Beautiful women bro! Especially the first one! Wow!

Steven C says:

The perfume for the man who can afford anything and wants to just be able to say, he has something most men can afford to buy without complaining.

mohammad hamoodi says:

Amazing review Jeremy it’s expensive but the best ☺️

Matt Owen says:

Nice one Jeremy. One question, is it pronounced Roja in English or Roja in Spanish? It’s a Spanish word after all.
Keep it up, cheers.

Steven C says:

Girl @ 1:49 on left (brunette) and girl @ 1:57 can sleep in my bed anytime.

Hugh Jinvaney says:

Jeremy always makes me spend money

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