Thierry Mugler A*Men (Angel Men) Pure Cuir / Pure Leather | Fragrance Review

Smell 02:11 | Other Peoples Opinions 10:59 | Ratings 13:40

Smells like Sweet food. Chocolate, vanilla, caramel, mint and coffee bean mixed with a subtle leather undertone. The opening is stronger but smoother than the original. The tar note is still there, but it has been smoothed out.

If you like Angel Men, then chances are you will like this. This is not original enough to warrant buying if you already have Angel Men, but it IS better in my opinion.

My Rankings in terms of the “pure” series.

Pure Leather
Angel Men
Pure Havane
Pure Malt
Pure Coffee
Pure Shot
Pure Chili

Fall, Winter
All Ages
12+ hours of longevity

Scent: B+
Projection: A+
Sillage: A
Unique: D-
Longevity: A
Versatility: B
Compliments: B
Overall: A


Icedout churchin says:

So this is your #1 in ranking far as the house of Mugler?

John Doe says:

Great review. This makes me want it since i don’t own the original A*men. I don’t like the harsh tar note in it. To know that it is toned down, awesome.

Devoted101 says:

i can certainly smell the “leather” in this, and that is why i do not care for it as much.. i sprayed it and the first thing i noticed is that it smelled like i sprayed A*Men on a brand new leather jacket.. how i long for Pure Coffee…

dracdoc says:

legit question..for some reason i’ve just never considered Bmen part of the series… maybe that will change

BoChosen says:

I love A*Men! An absolute classic…

ToonZ91 says:

i bought this and now it’s on ebay

so disappointed with this fragrance. i prefer angel men as i love the harsh tar and mint at the beginning. this was a redundant release and it’s ridiculous what theyre doing in the thierry mugler house…hasnt been original since havanne. great review though man. thanks for your honesty. ANGEL MEN IS KING! slay the imposterrrr!!!!!

mridul chopra says:

This release from Theirry Mugler is like I Phone 5, Both Pure Leather and I phone 5 are very similar to there predecessors. Both of them are quality products, but there was lot of expectations from them and they didnt meet those high hopes.

im2chicago says:

Man I feel like TM is not being creative at all. All they do is take the original amen and throw it around in different things and name it after whatever material they put it in. They lack creativity like a mother! I don’t see why they don’t make a fragrance outside of the amen pure series. They are so scary man. Sucks cuz I really the TM house.

Lord Blackadder says:

thats a real thorough review man!!

dracdoc says:


Jesse Mseitif says:

Fantastic job Cody, really putting in the work to do a substantive review with in depth analysis!

MauricXe says:

Nice review.

This seems like a dud imo given how weak the leather is. Such a shame given how great Pure Malt and Pure Havane are.

I almost missed this vid because the changes to utube are burying my favorite subscribers.

James Weil says:

finally got mine.. really strong leather/smoky smell to me right off the bat.. like really strong.. then as it dries down it evens out and i get more lavender maybe a little chocolate/caramel …. at first i didnt really like it… but it is starting to grow on me. I really think I will like it….

Egis More says:

the best fragrance review! keep it up!

Cambo48 says:

Nice review bro. I really like that you go out and get a lot of opinions of the fragrance.

Nammo300win says:

I get the leather. It is subtle though

ThePerfectElement555 says:

Wow, that survey is incredible, that must have taken some work! If you do any comparison videos in the future, that might be a good idea to try, though you wouldn’t have to do it for as long or get as many people. I’m sure that would get tiring after a while.

theLupeXperience says:

Wow Dee-Oh-See! I hope someone @ ThierryMugler takes notice of this review, yur work is nothing short of stellar, amazing, incredible, breath-taking, epic, dope, crazy, exemplary … Cheers!

slesperado says:

WOW! I really didn’t know that. Thanks for the information 🙂

Andy P says:

Lol all I can say is this is probably a scent that is furthest from being considered “safe”.

jorge gonzalez says:

my the leather is so discusting is like you are inside a brand new leather shoe’s is just unbearable
discusti dont buy this unless you try it

slesperado says:

Hey, Man. There’s some place called The Bay in Canada that supposedly has this. I’ve never been to Canada, but a few people in that country said they found some at that Bay store.

oliveiram84 says:

carbon copy of A*men with a slight leather note. which is actually just fine by me.

slesperado says:

I did this test with my sister. I sprayed Angel Men on on arm and Pure Leather on the other. She liked Pure Leather better because she said Angel Men is too sweet.

Capt. - F/V Atlantica says:

what is the ideal temperture you shoot for with your wine cooler? just purchased one for my fragrances!

Ahmed Alqubaisi says:

Im subscribing not just because this was a good review but for actually going to times square and getting those stats.

Keety Man says:

Would you recommend trading the original for this? I’m considering replacing the original with this but do you think they both have their own purpose or they pretty much accomplish the same thing?

MauricXe says:

Wow @ the 500 people survey.

You should try this with all of the Pure series…well at least the three main flankers (Malt, Havane, Leather)

im2chicago says:

@KeetyPooh I have the original and pure malt. I have smelled the others but I’m really tired and almost frustrated with all these flankers from the TM house. They’re starting to play themselves out

Marc Butiong says:

I don’t own Amen but I picked up Pure Leather for $30. Your review justified my purchase!

WinstonofLansdowne says:

Please tell me the leather fragrances you would recommend. I am looking for one that smells like true leather, not a fake plastic type leather. Thanks

Neil4Speed says:

Huge credit for standing out in Times Square!! Honestly what you have done there is GROUNDBREAKING in the fragrance community (for any reviewing community for that matter!). Thank you for devoting your time to this.

dracdoc says:

lol.. aint nothing wrong with that.. to each his own! Out of curiosity.. whats your opinion on the original angel men?

Stic de Fatale says:

Great, great review! Love your channel. Now I would like to see Pure Malt vs Pure Leather!

dracdoc says:

Yup.. I did. Original Angel men has better performance..but Pure Cuir’s isn’t bad at all… its still good. Just not as good as the original

BoChosen says:

Not to sound negative, but this was a HUGE letdown. I wouldn’t call this a leather fragrance by any stretch. I’ve been sitting on 2 bottles of this trash since it dropped… I better get to liking it though…

Sorry, I had to get that off my chest Cody.

Jason Gilmore says:

I bought the sample and thank god I did not purchase a bottle I don’t understand what the hype is all about it smells like old man cologne for somebody in there 50s or 60s I’ve showed this cologne to a lot of women and they too say it smells like my dad’s cologne mixed with a chocolate cigar. Went to macys and nordstroms and even the ladies there which were in their 20s and 30s said its old and out dated for its time. Yuck!!! gives me a headache. Btw I wear allure sport, dolce and gabbana and Versace…all are clean very fresh the women love it!

juan delgado says:

I don’t smell the tar note in this fragrance

Brandon Thompson says:

Great Review!

Neon Light says:

yeah I notice fragrantica still has that for October as well. But I see its only for a 1 day release and maybe it will be available daily during October either way I’m going to hold of for a swap or a tester.

Neon Light says:

If someone has pure leather up for swap/sell pm me please!

Keety Man says:

Pure Havane and Pure Malt, are actually a lot different from the original unlike this one and bring something new to the line but I wouldn’t buy this.

Akeem Hughes says:

where can i get this in Canada?

Susie Helton says:

I got this for my husband it smells wildly sexy on him.

Gabriel G says:

great review, better than the original no tar note finally

dracdoc says:


dracdoc says:

Yes, I like the fragrance, but I was still dissapointed at the lack of leather

Andy Nguyen says:

this smell is terrible to me ….can’t stand for it

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