Tom Ford Ombré Leather Fragrance Review | Ombré Leather vs Tuscan Leather

Ombré Leather is a new signature line fragrance for 2018 from Tom Ford. With it’s DNA being similar to Tuscan Leather it begs the inevitable question – which is better Ombré Leather or Tuscan Leather? In this video I try to answer that question. The battle is on Ombré Leather vs Tuscan Leather!

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Michael Rodriguez says:

Great video as always brother. It’s funny that I actually picked up a bottle of this myself today. Really do prefer this over Tuscan leather.

AW says:

Both Ombre Leather and La Yuqawam are better than Tuscan Leather.

John Wen says:

In real compliment level
The nasamotto in ur back the self selection

Rate them 1-5 pls

British is more reserved and high class,in not easy to express compare to USA people that’s for sure, good taste

Tks Chris

Undercover fragrances says:

Great video man, I love this fragrance and I have a sample of it. I going buy this fragrance real soon. It smell amazing well worth the money. I hope you have a great day.

The Wanderer Of Wessex says:

I’m on the Red Dead Redemption vibe this month, I actually went to Debenhams with the intention of looking for an ‘Old West Outlaw’ smell, and I came across this and I think it fits the name perfectly. I sprayed a bit on my arm and I can still smell it on my coat a week later… I’m not usually a fan of Tom Ford as I find they lack longevity which does not justify the price you pay for them, but this one, in particular, would definitely be an addition to my collection.

Mimikyu The Pokémon says:

Could this be my next signature scent hmmm?

Rob says:

I got samples of this from sephora and it smells like a fresh leather jacket….pretty cool, smells great too

Nino Alcantara says:

Got a compliment from this the very first day I bought it and wore it at work. I love the smell of this fragrance.

MSW 1912 says:

Sounds very similar to PDM Godolphin which itself smells like a toned down, fruitier, more mass appealing version of TL.

Ernest says:

Another great content review Chris have a blessed, wonderful and safe weekend. We’re celebrating Thanksgiving here in the U.S soon and btw I ordered Parfums de Marly Layton can’t wait to test it out and smell it my very first niche fragrance

Marty Drury says:

Honestly, I think they watered down Tuscan Leather but I still love it. I don’t wear Tuscan leather to get compliments. I wear it when I want to smell like I own the restaurant chain, the shopping centre, the flats next door etc. People have given me free stuff whilst wearing Tuscan leather. It’s also a scent I wear when I can’t be vulnerable to other people’s opinions as I have to do something at work or in life that needs assertiveness.

Ombré leather I’ve found similar but different. It’s a softer, more crowd pleasing leather scent. Still annoyed with myself that I passed on getting a bottle of DUA fragrances “passion” which was there ombré leather 16 clone. But I do like ombré leather itself. Great for this kind of cold weather.

Imagine Scent says:

I laughed for a good 10 seconds at the intro lol. Great one.

Mimikyu The Pokémon says:

Currently only own TF noir extreme love it. And one million lucky also great as well as YSL la nuit. Would this be a great addition to my very small collection

Tim Weed says:

Great take on this one Chris, I have not had the chance to try it yet. Maybe get a decant of it down the road. I still to this day have never owned a TF frag properly because of price. But this sounds good enough to try. Have a great Sunday!

H2Ono says:

Yeaah!..Good compliment, congrats, Frag! I will now approach my two card samples of this, with a bit more enthusiasm. Bob

SilverPanos says:

Still need to get my hands on this. So far my favourite leather scent is Memo African Leather, even though I’d like it to project a bit more, cause it’s a bit too subtle on me.

adam jacques says:

Pretty funny Chis! Not quite Dan from Mr smelly but still very entertaining. Thanks for your hard work my man!

Kingdom Athlete says:

I need to try this, great review my friend

TooSwole01 says:

Great one!

Fernando García Buitrago says:

Bought it this week in the duty free and have loved using it. It lasts from dawn to sleep time in my skin and I agree it has that new car smell but also some sweetness in a perfect balance. Great video again!

Tom Holfordx mqaHq says:

Great fragrance! Got a 3ml sample recently and was impressed. Haven’t smelt Tuscan leather but have sampled rasasi – la yuqawam which I believe smells similar to Tuscan leather. I think ombré leather it’s much more wearable.

zept1c says:

Review perfume parlor version

Hicham Lorenzo says:

Wonderful review!
Your brother Hicham ❤️

Hayley Comments says:

I really enjoy this one, but I have to spray on my clothes. If it hits my skin, all you can smell is overwhelming leather. I’m sure it is just my chemistry. My husband really likes it too!

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