Tom Ford Ombré Leather Review | Overhyped?

Tom Ford Ombré Leather review. Looking at the new Tom Ford fragrance release for 2018. This unisex fragrance has notes of leather, cardamom and jasmine. If you’re looking to buy a new Tom Ford fragrance, this could be the one for you.
In my Tom Ford Ombré Leather review, I’ll go through the packaging; what Ombré Leather smells like; longevity; sillage; comparison to Tuscan Leather; and the fragrance price.

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Rashpal Cheema says:

Just a heads up for people in the UK, it’s currently at 15% off at Debenhams and John Lewis. So it’s £70 for 50ml and £98 for 100ml.

Will Barraza says:

I have really thick hair and I would like to style it but nothing I’ve tried really works any tips?

flowerbomb112 says:

you forgot the raspberry note

Jose Sandoval Lermont says:

Ombré Leather is an obsession for me; alongside Noir Extreme and Black Orchid, these are exactly what I think a more casual and yet equally opulent/elegant/sexy that Tom Ford stands for.
About lasting, it has to do with your skin, I rarely use EDT nowadays, it doesn’t last on me. That’s to be considered for each consumer.

jas gsxr says:

Good review, nearly skipped it cause of the hipster moustache, glad I didn’t.

Sutan Malvesa says:

World dont need another reviewer


Infighter says:

More fragrance reviews please, really love them

Merlot Rose says:

I’m a women and I love wearing it. Definitely a top pick for me for a night time intimate fragrance

Ryan Tran says:

Robin pin this comment, you won’t.

Sienkiewicz Dkhar says:

Hey Robin i really love your videos man could you please do bluemann cavalier clay vs toni and guy clay.

Barrett's Hair and grooming says:

Great video! Hope you do the vasso product soon! My channel is going okay audience is abit low but got to start somewhere 🙂

John says:

I personally think it smells awful, more into Tobacco Vanilla

Robin James says:

What do you think: Worth a squirt?

Chris M says:

£93 for the 100ml in duty free, the highlight to working in an airport. Absolutely love this, not quite over taken Oud Wood as my favourite Tom but lovely scent. Have you tried the new Issey Miyake?

Yeah buddy says:

so when are we going to see you interview Tom??

Rudy Labsilica says:

What holds me off from buying this fragrance is it changes on me; one day it will smell like a dusty soft leather jacket on me (and I like that), then on another day it takes on the scent of old lady makeup! I love leather based fragrances so I thought I’d easily take this one, especially from Monsieur Ford, but this…

Chris Kimber says:

Love your channel. Just what I was looking for

Rich Mitch says:

Got this yesterday from the fragrance shop, it was happy hour so they had 20% off. Paid 90 quid-ish, that’s more about what it’s worth imo. Lovely fragrance though, similar to leather blend by Davidoff

Adrian Calamia says:

I get so much fashion inspiration from robin!!!

Carlos Bornes says:

You don’t think that Tom Ford products are a bit overpriced?

XY ZW says:

This fragrance is a treasure. A young hidden gem with a price that will keep the masses from smelling like you.

GentleGuy says:

I actually tested this today and really liked it on my skin but not so much on paper.

Karen Tracy says:

Went from a wonderful leather smell to asphalt/road tar in a matter of 10 minutes. All I could smell was road tar.

Sully Mems says:

Not overhyped. It’s a great scent, with decent longevity, versatility, and compliments.

Brad Peterson says:

I’ve been wearing this for a couple of months now. It may be my favourite Tom Ford fragrance

Sunny Goodman aka sunnythesinger says:


Sebastian Wintour says:

Noir is much better. Don’t care about the bottle design much in general, I don’t use it as a necklace pendant.

Beja says:

Bought the 16′ version when it was released. Restocked with the 18′ version. Simply stunning!

Bram Appermont says:

When commes your video about morrocanoil clay out?

Sam Grant says:

I’ve got the 2016 version – which I prefer to TL. It’s similar to this new OL, but has a lot of violet leaf note in the opening which gives it richer greener opening than this version. They converge more in the dry down. Definitely a wearable leather, and much more so than TL as you pointed out. TL is very after hours only.

Nerve evreN says:

Wonder what the compliment factor is on this one.

Steve Lewis says:

The only Tom Ford I have is Tuscan Leather and I love it. Some of my other go-to’s are Bleu de Chanel, Allure Pour Homme Sport, Dior Sauvage, D&G The One. Maybe you can review one of his Oud fragrances next?

raidenkeify says:

I love that candle robin

thomas crawley says:

Thanks robin I have a slight obsession with tom Ford tobacco vanille

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