Tom Ford – Ombre Leather

We take a look at the newest release from Tom Ford; Ombre Leather. Seemingly a re-release of Ombre Leather 16, a Private Blend release from 2016, now at a designer price.

Obvious to draw comparisons to TUSCAN LEATHER, which we reviewed alongside cheaper options here:


Black Rambo says:

Nice review guys!

early greek says:

Wonderful review! This is not available yet on my side of the pond. When it is I expect to buy it upon first sniff as any nods to Fahrenheit constitute a immediate must have. Savvy one that Tom Ford: release a perfume priced well with hints of Tuscan Leather polished up a bit. He knows his market well me thinks. Urban office workers looking for something frisky yet not overtly sexual should love this one. The bottle design is spot on as well: elegant, understated, and the color choice superb. While not all of TF releases tickle my fancy I have to tip my hat to the man. He knows his perfume. Perhaps more to the point knows his market.

E.R.L 2018 says:

I like your honesty and love for fragrance. I Just order my bottle of ombré leather. What kind of longevity are you experiencing? Also a bottle of noir extreme which I love also.

Miguel Chavez says:

So are you guys saying La Yuq is comparable to vintage Tuscan Leather?

MrProps1 says:

No doubt it’s a great fragrance but Tuscan Leather is just better. This is a more accessible and cost friendly version. Great review as always guys, keep them coming.

DOT ODOM says:

Hi Dot from Ottawa, Canada here.

I sprayed this cologne on before watching a bunch of reviews on it just to see what others get from this fragrance. Different point of views then myself of course. And from the moment you said “play doe-ey sort of manufactured quality” I became a subscriber. Great job on the break down for every nuance and sheer passion for pointing out every nuance that viewers like myself don’t know to put there fingers on.

Great job.

caramelmacchiato says:

Why did you record this in a church?

Jim Tyrrell says:

new subscriber here great review guys you are spot on I own both this as a PRIVATE BLEND as well as TF TUSCAN LEATHER while I do prefer TFTL for its casual boldness this is gorgeous & a terrific value in comparison I do find this one to be a bit dressier/more sophisticated JIM from MIAMI BEACH

nad sim says:

Great reviews guys !

toobalkain says:

Tom Ford does know how to please but I still can’t forgive him for reformulating Tobacco Vanille.

Lee Style&Fragrance says:

Great review

Recep Ünel says:

I always wanted to have ombre leather 16 but bought tuscan leather instead.
I’m looking forwad to this release!

Barking Spider says:

Just an absolute disgusting fragrance. Threw out a full bottle. Dry down smells like an ashtray.

John Cardenas says:

I completely agree with you guys it reminds me soooo much of the first generation of Farenhieght. I love it. Reccomended for ages over 30s

Invincible J says:

I love this! The first day i wore it my friend complimented it saying it was very sexy and unusual. It will definitely be part of my autumn/winter rotation. It reminds me of My Heroine (MAC), which i’ve read is being discontinued.

Shooter McGavin says:

I’m sorry but if you cannot do a side-by-side comparison with Ombre Leather 16 then you should not do a review video at all. All the “professional” reviews talking about everything but the one question everyone has. IS IT THE SAME!!!! Well I did your work for you. Here you go guys.

Jason Rodriguez says:

I purchased TF Anthracite 2 weeks ago. The longevity on it is okay. Been sampling this one (Ombré) at the shops since then, and like it a bit better.

Alan Jackson says:

Black orchid is NOT women’s it is unisex.

999oren says:

Brilliant analysis ! I really enjoyed watching.

Danny Kaminski says:

Ombre Leather is beautiful….I have a large collection of niche and designer and this is definitely top 3 for me. I might make this my signature.

Mimikyu The Pokémon says:

I currently own Tom Ford Noir Extreme and YSL La Nuit would you recommend this for my small collection ?

Brother Enter says:

Please guys everybody can tell me I have like this ombre leather but my friend said that for women’s really this not for men

Edward van Berkum says:

Nice review! Didn’t know your channel but I like your style and way of reviewing, so subscribed! Thanks guys

Tim Wilcox says:

I first smelt this the other day alongside the very much more expensive Tuscan Leather current formula and thought mmm that is good. I bought this today from Debenhams during a 15% off Tom Ford offer day and by the time I’d chucked in some discount vouchers it was £76 for 100Ml. It is stunningly good. I just wish this bloody cold that started coming on last night was not interfering with my enjoyment…When my nose is 100% it is going to smell divine.

Van Glorious says:

This is game changer as far as designer fragrances go. A Man amongst Boys. When you place it next to Savauge and Invictus…Bravo Tom Ford!!

Ben Farrar says:

You two should fuck.

Hoodscentz says:

Smells like Byredo Black Saffron

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