Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille

Worth the Money? One of the Most Expensive Fragrances Review
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ataricombat says:

She doesn’t like sex in the forest??? I don’t understand.

DJ Fahim says:

do a tom ford fragrances battle please

Toms Kalnins says:

You look like Bradly Cooper

Núria Botella Tapiador says:

I think this fragance is 9/10… the other day I was absolutely amazed by a 23-year-old guy wearing this one. I felt in love with the fragance.

Eden D says:

I dont give a shit if girls dont like it… If you like go get it… I combine tobacco vanille with oud wood and works perfectly, it gives you power, presence, authority, the oower of make everyone your bitch… That is what happen when you use those fragance combined

Leilah Kassim-Pav says:

What is WRONG with these girls? This fragrance is stunning on both men & women. My partner and I wear it interchangeably all the time. Tom Ford parfum’s are DIVINE. This is a fragrance to attract a classy sophisticated woman, not a club-bunny fashionista type.

DJ Kevgeez says:


Madava Mahesh says:

can you do review perfums from house of amouage

Jacob Ambach says:

Daniel Craig wore this fragrance while filming Skyfall. In other words, you can say it’s a James Bond fragrance.

Emmanuel Tapia says:


Theodor Diaconu says:

That’s the thing with tobacco fragrances that no one truly understands. The magic happens in the mids and dry downs. If you spray then smell, you may be repulsed by it. “The Dreamer” by Versace is similar in the sense that it’s a tobacco scent that smells simply awful for the first 5-10mins but transforms into something absolutely divine.

Edie says:

Well, I mean Tom Ford is gay so idk if he’s the best at making a manly cologne that will attract women. Just saying.

Borderline Alcoholic says:

“Don’t blind buy this”

Just blind bought this and waiting for delivery. £148.00 for 50ml. I must be fucking mad.

Tyler Jones says:

A good and honest review. I expect nothing less from Jeremy.

Daniel Martin says:

Ok, here’s something related to TF. Where’s Black Orchid review and what women think? It’s my fav and I’m wondering what the chicks think 😉

alexanderkenniethbam says:

Formula have changed,it is medicinal

Ben Farrar says:

I love it so much that I don’t give a fuck about the negative comments I get.

Abhi K. says:

I LOVE this fragrance. My favorite tom Ford for sure. In general it’s my favorite fragrance house. They make very different type of scents. I’m surprised that it got bashed on so much lol. But I must thank you. You introduced me to PDM and it’s coming up for me in my personal liking . I have Layton, Herod, Pegasus and godolphin. All bought within 1 month. I need to try oajan and habdan.

LuckyBartek says:

You know guys… Once I was going to my brother’s party, where was a lot of college girls. I went to Douglas and decided to apply a few sprays of TV. Believe me or not… EVERYBODY was asking what I got on me. Girls told me it is smelling approachingly! BTW. Only Aventus and Kenzo Power EDT got me similar reactions so i RECOMMEND 😉 !

alan jackson says:

Costa Azzurra 🙂 Oud wood

Antía Gala Vilariño says:


Sim says:

Here to say tf tobacco vanille makes me sick!
A girl

Roy Estringel says:

Tom Ford Fragrances for a guy!!?? Absolutely! Tobacco vanilla, Tuscan leather, tobacco oud, Italian cypress! I can go on.., I think I have them all! Nope, no gramma girly here for me! Man, I’m proud to wear these! 10 out of 10

Gabriel Nae says:

i own this fragrance, don t worry women killer f sure 🙂

Jordan Karavasilis says:

WOW, this really hurts me. i love this fragrance still buying it. for personal reasons.

voidz says:

If I wanted to smell like tobacco, I would prefer to smoke cigarettes. That way, I would die sooner and be put out the misery of having to smell this tragic scent!

alan jackson says:

In my experience with the majority of Tom Ford private blend range is that they don’t smell good straight away they have been to dry down on the skin for at least 10-20mins before you get the true smell. Maybe when I you do future Tom ford private blends then wear it for a while before getting the sexy ladies to comment. Peace 🙂

npgSymboL says:

I don’t understand the negativity. It does work better on the skin though. I wore this one on my wedding day. A little goes a long way. Sometimes I must admit I do mix it with a spray up in the air with a more masculine Tom ford scent because as time goes on the masculine notes in this seem to disappear and the vanilla is most prelevent


this is an amazing/mind blowing perfume. only real men put it on. and only real woman (not girly girls of ages 18-22) will appreciate it.
expensive as hell but holy sh!t this is good.

michael smith says:

Tab vanille my top 3 fav. The hell with those ladies lol

The weird guy says:

a fragrance that reminds me as well of tv is spicebomb extreme

Pawandeep Saluja says:

jermy plz do armaf review

Melchezadec 1 says:

Jeremy Fragrance can I hang with you? One you introduce me to the ladies I can close the deal. lol

Phantomplayz says:

U went to ask little girls about TF TV??? They only know Justin Beiber and Britney spears scents!!!…..Gentleman, try TF TV, and walk anywhere, and enjoy the complimets from the ladies….this thing is an aphrodisiac !!!! Hot damn!!!!

Javier Quiroga says:

Jean Paul le male > Tobacco vainille

eZiO71389 says:

Niche is about the art of fragrance. I wear a niche fragrance to make a statement and when I wear something I enjoy. If I want some compliments I’ll wear The One EDP, ADG Profumo, and so on. Keep up the great reviews my friend! love it

worldofgnr says:

Well i tried it on one of my travels when i was in Amsterdam and i must tell u 2 things. First i spray it on myself 2 times only in 7pm and next day in 1pm on lunch time i was still not only feeling it, everyone in the restaurant smelled it lol. It is killer parfume. Amazing smell but way to pricey. I would give it 10/10 if you can afford it.

Daniel Martin says:

Jeremy…. A question totally unrelated to TF cologne. I love your business card. Where did u get it?

A A says:

I wear fragrances that please me as long as they don’t offend anyone. In fact, I never wear fragrances for women or anybody else but for myself. You can check these out:

YSL Rive Gauche, Straight To Heaven, Drakkar Noir, Clive Christian No. 1 For Men, Parfums de Marly Pegasus, Roja Enigma Pour Homme!

The weird guy says:

I’ve found a weird clone of tobacco vanille. Mac the makeup brand released 6 new fragrances and there’s a fragrance called velvet teddy and the first 40 minutes smells identical to tv but doesn’t have the same vanilla smell. The upside its only £35 for a 50ml edp please be aware it’s only marketed at women but it’s unisex

Jon Italia says:

2:00 the look on your face when you realized you sprayed her TWICE

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