Tom Ford – Tuscan Leather (Fragrance Review)

Quick look at Tom Ford Tuscan Leather – With some opinions from the ladies! Don’t forget to subscribe for more videos.


Joyce R says:

I absolutely adore the leatheriness and smokiness of this perfume but I hate that it becomes a little less badass and more sweet on my skin after a few hours of wear.

Ms. Nohotyoga says:

You are very sensitive

robes08 says:

Thank you Peter for your take on this classic TF private blend. Do you still feel the same way about this one years later?

Jim Slade says:

Well put together videos, I appreciate that, man. Keep it up!

Shahid Javaid says:

Its a masterpiece and my No.1 frag too.
Nice Review

Moody Dowin says:

Nice review, could you please make a comparison with godolphin

Yann Olivier says:

Great review !!! TL is in my top 3 in my collection with straight to heaven by Kilian and aventus. Merry Christmas to you & your family

NOODLES38 says:

I like it and as you know i like the more bergamot ones the neroli’s etc but i do like it although few ladies have said it’s quite powdery smelling ! i do prefer Tom Ford London though it’s more leathery

Herman Goldstein says:

Ladies options DUDE SUBSCRIBING !!

Notes Punch says:

Great review my friend i my self love tuscan leather as well but unfortunately don’t get the raspberry note on my skin at all

Darren Newell says:

When I first got my nose on this I knew right away this was going in my collection. This is a perfect blend of notes. I only need two fragrances to make it through life and it would be Tuscan Leather and Oud Wood period.

EasyPeasy says:

Don’t blind buy this. Smells like absolute garbage to me. If you like smelling like gym sneakers, this is for you.

Kinger68 says:

Great review and what a lovely woman!!

bronx1924 says:

Great review…. Will have to check this one out

Scentmonk says:

this was the first frag that really ramped up my enthusiasm about fragrances

Markafa Creative Solutions says:

What do you think about Tuscan Leather with the time passed over this video? Does your views stand the same or is there anything you particularly criticize/find different/lost in this fragrance? (since I think your nose have developed and changed quite a lot through the course of time)

Avalanche says:

Does Rasasi La Yuqawam Pour Homme smell exactly like this or does it have a cheap and synthetic smell to it?

Hollywood Scentstory says:

Great video! I’m planning on trying this tomorrow, I’ll make sure to give my opinion as well, very excited

Chandra Budi says:

Hey Pete! I know that you’re a big fan of Tuscan leather, but I’m just curious about what you think about tobacco vanille.. Please let me know.. Thanks a lot!

Dope Fiend says:

10/10 seems a lil to low for me. This is truly a masterpiece.i really enjoy this one, not xerjoff not roja dove and their insane prices. This one and aventus would be 2 that i would keep in my collection for the rest of my life.

James Lee says:


beefcurtainz69 says:

That leather couch is beautiful. Love it

Charlie Scott says:

For some reason the raspberry note comes out very prominently on my skin and people have told me it smells feminine. Fuck it, still my all time favorite.

Tomas Av. says:

Buy Trussardi My Land. Costs 32$/100ml believe me -your TomFOrd will get 2 out 10 compared to My Land 🙂

Peter Turley says:

I really wanted to like this fragrance, but all I get is an overwhelming smokiness. I’ve only had it on my skin for 30 mins though so I’ll see how it develops. Not sure I can see a woman pulling this one off.

Tomas Av. says:

when men will understand smells that men like – WOMEN HATES.

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