Tom Ford Tuscan Leather vs YSL Noble Leather With LANIER | FRAGRANCE REVIEW

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Tom Ford Tuscan Leather vs YSL Noble Leather With Special Guest

Tom Ford’s Tuscan Leather is a very popular fragrance from Tom Ford’s Private Blend collection but. I love it but I find it a bit difficult to wear. I love the fact that it’s big and intense, very deep, rich leather but it also reminds me of car mechanic’s shop, motor oil very industrial. But then YSL’s Noble Leather is similar but with an added dried fruity notes to sweeten it up a bit and tone down the harsh leathery quality of the leather. I quite much enjoy Noble Leather over Tuscan Leather.

So my guest and I discuss the differences between Tuscan Leather and Noble Leather. If you don’t know Noble Leather do check it out especially if you love Tuscan Leather but also find it a bit difficult to wear!

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wagsbass says:

enjoyed this vid guys.

James Beech says:

Awesome video thank you for doing this. got to smell NOble

abdoo ahmed says:

the 250ml bottle of Tuscan leather is it spray or oil?

in0your0room says:

Great video !!! I love them both but if i had to choose one , that would be Noble Leather

aB3autifulLife says:

Love the review. Please do more review together.

Aiden Perez says:

Love the fragrant bromance you guys give off 🙂 good stuff! Please do some more vids together! Here’s a suggestion –

You should do the entire TF PB line with Mr. Lanier! that would be awesome! but make it so that it is one private blend video per upload, as opposed to the easily hour long vid that would take to do the entire line, if not longer! I would watch the whole series in one sitting!

Keep up the excellent content!


ferdi cesuray ferit rodoplu says:

love both but tuscan leather or copies became little boring .. so i prefer nobile…….

Michael Greene says:

great video…enjoyed this. more videos together please….

HRH says:

What a marvellous joint review! What I wouldn’t give to go fragging with you all in SF 🙁
Sebastian, if you enjoy a leathery, oudy odyssey with tons of beautiful dried fruits get your noseholes around Heeley’s Phoenicia! You won’t look back.

manny44 says:

You guys are awesome together. Tuscan is a masterpiece IMO.

Vincent of Dreamhouse says:

It’s great seeing you both on camera together. I hope to see more of these collaborations. You gents are awesome…!

mr1980chris says:

I’d love to see you guys review Acqua Di Parma’s Leather!.. or Bel Ami (current formulation)

Greggieboy76 says:

Great to see you too guys together again. Great video.

JahReviews says:

Did the Tuscan Leather bottle come with the decant?

Notes Punch says:

Loved the video u guys , ever smelled noble leather to judge it but tuscan leather for me is a love love , not love love love which is the extreme love for me only because i font get that raspberry note i get on My clothes the next day but if i get that note on my skin that would be on my top 10 of all time

Bmorestance says:

Hey! I like you guys together! Good review team! Keep em comin!

Pietro Sessa says:

ever tried GODOLPHIN ?


Great vid!

bhaffar says:

I find Tuscan Leather to be too bold – sounds like Nobile Leather might be more my style?

David Assis says:

Can you do a Split of noble leather ?

WildDoveX says:

Do more of these!

Ginny Giniver says:

Good video Sebastian … my husband wears Tuscan Leathers but I can’t it’s too strong so I need to check this YSL Leather Noble out. You make it sound so nice. I hope you do more videos with Lanier.

Peter Turley says:

Great review and good to hear Michael’s opinions! I’d just checked his channel, to no avail, because I know he likes leathers.

I was a little overwhelmed by the smokiness of Tuscan Leather at first and my 5ml sample sat unloved in my collection. But I must say, it’s grown on me. It’s cold and windy today, so I thought I’d take it for a proper test drive (just one spray because I was still scared) and I’m really beginning to like it. I’m now a little sad that it will spring soon and I won’t be able to wear it much. 🙁

Thanks for this!

FragranceView says:

Nice, I smelt Noble a few weeks ago, wasn’t quite sure about it.. but Tuscan Leather has me stolen, super smooth and sexy to me, my all time favorite

NWOsupportersRdbags says:

I have a 30ml Tom Ford Tuscan Leather decant and a full presentation of Rasasi La’Yuquawam (Tuscan Leather clone) with around 22ml left for sale for $100 including shipping in the Continental US if anyone is interested. Thanks.

Derek Greene says:

wonderful video Sebastian! Michael and you should definitely do some more videos together kind of like the fragrance bros. you both play off each other well. gotta get my nose on the ysl. God bless both of you!!!

Jim R says:

Enjoyed your Very Special Guest and your collective review and comparison between these two fragrances was outstanding. As much as I enjoy Tuscan Leather, it’s a fragrance I wear for me when I’m at home reading or doing chores around the house. It’s a masterpiece for we frag-heads and a masculine scent we manly-man types enjoy, but it’s not well-received by the ladies. Well, that’s my experience. In fact, I’ve had gal pals sniff Tuscan Leather (and clones such as Golden Boy, La Yuqawam, etc.) and they are almost universally disliked. Regardless, I love Tuscan Leather. I’ve never looked at Noble Leather but I’ll give it a sniff should I see at one of the higher end boutiques.

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