Top 10 Atelier Cologne Fragrances | What Are Your Favorite Atelier Cologne Fragrances?

Top 10 Atelier Cologne Fragrances | My Favorite Atelier Cologne Fragrances, Perfumes And Colognes
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Top 10 Atelier Cologne Fragrances | What Are Your Favorite Atelier Cologne Fragrances?

This is my Top 10 Atelier Cologne Fragrances. Ten Atelier Cologne fragrances that I love plus 2 honorable mentions since I have 12 total Atelier Cologne fragrances. Atelier Cologne was love at first sniff for me as I love many of their fragrances. So many wonderful freshies and as well many unique scents that are true to what the scents are. So I quite enjoy wearing this brand and their collection of fragrances. Since I had many it was time to put this list together and because I love Atelier Cologne so much. Like I said there are 12 fragrances here and even though I love all of these they are in the order of which I love the least out of the ones I love to the ones I love the most from the 12 that I love. If you know me and this channel and have been following me for a while now you probably have an idea of where these 12 Atelier Colognes in which order they go but if you don’t now it’s time to watch and see where these 12 fragrances land on this Top 10 Atelier Cologne Fragrances video and to learn all about these 12 Atelier Cologne fragrances.

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Ari Rabia says:

They have them at sephora

Frederick Seymour says:

I fell similar with the gold leather. My hope is that I can layer it with Oud saphir and get less of the dry down

Carly Dees says:

My favorite from this house is Orange Sanguine!!

A Scented Soul says:

Clementine California and Orange Sanguine are two of the best orange scents that I’ve smelled. Just bought Cafe Tuberosa two weeks ago and I love it. Didn’t think I would. Thanks for sharing

Oscar Perez says:

Have a discovery set fom them that I picked up from Sephora.Only full bottle I own is Cedre Atlas.They have alot I still want to try.They do citrus well.

01BethR says:

My favorites are Vetiver Fatal, Cafe Tuberosa, Rose Anonyme, Vanille Incensee, Cedre Atlas, and Sud Magnolia

Lisa Thomson says:

Are these unisex fragrances?

Wahid Khan says:

Excellent review Sebastian. Great choice.

Hanim Amer says:

best perfume review ever. Very lovely taste. I was wondering if you could share your thoughts on Santal very curious since we have very similar taste in perfume!

Billel says:

Where is Santal Carmin ???

Amy Leonhardt says:

Anyone know of a fragrance similar to Orange Sanguine that lasts longer than a minute/a little stronger?

Chris Brown says:

Great video Sebastian. Love the Atelier colognes. What are your thoughts on the Santal Carmin?

Krysykinslove says:

Great list of fragrances! I am enjoying this house and would say that my favorites so far are Silver Iris and Pomelo Paradis. I am just loving all the ones I get to try from this house 🙂

Coluboi90 says:

I cant believe you havent got Pomelo Paradis in your collection!? :O

The Scentrepreneur says:

Great video man! Just got to try Cafe Tuberosa and WOW, so delicious smelling hahah

Cheryl Lopez says:

I have only tried a few, but current in the process of purchasing a discovery set so that I can explore more. My current fav, which I have full bottle of is Vetiver Fatal.

Guy-Adler Dorelien says:

I have emeraude agar, and tobacco nuit as decants and full bottles of our saphir and rose anonyme. To me emeraude agar smells like rose 31 with a little bit of agave, what do you think?

victor carrillo says:

My favourite is oud saphir

beau lafort says:

For a guy with a 1000 fragrances, some of your bottles are surprisingly empty though are there some fragrances you barely wear and others you often wear then? Oh and great vid too Sebastian



Ari Rabia says:

I love orange sunguine

elaineongpp says:

Ahh..I was waiting for Santal Carmin to pop up cos I’ve been really wanting a sandalwood fragrance, and some reviews say it’s good. Spent about half an hour scrolling through your vids to find sandalwood fragrances, but am guessing sandalo is probably just not one of your favourite notes. Would be great if you could do a vid on the best santal fragrances out there.

Edit: Yay, I found the review I was looking for in your joint review vid at the San Fran AC store..thanks!

Linda C says:

Atelier Cologne is one of my favorite houses . I love Musc Imperial , Bergamot Soleil , Pomelo Paradis , Encens Jinhae , & probably a few more I can’t think of right now .

Seth says:

Great video! Btw Anonyme french pronunciation is (ah-no-NEEM) 🙂

Kriss Carson says:

Great list. Ilove Atelier. My faves that are in my spring rotation are Clementine California and Trefle Pur. I have gifted Orange Sanguine, Tobacco Nuit, Vetiver Fatale, and Cafe Tuberosa.

Elham Albastaki says:

I got rose anonyme today, Really beautiful scent. I don’t have anything similar. Love from Dubai

pandora p says:

I really like this house. Got myself Vetiver Fatal and a 200ml of Bergamot Soleil. On my watch list are Santal Carmin and Emeraude Agar. Most interested to try Cafe Tuberosa and Clementine California based on your descriptions. I
I am curious why Vetiver Fatal and Santal Carmin did not make your list, Seb. Thanks!

Joey Swaney says:

I have 4 from this house. I believe Tobacco Nuit and Ambre Nue are AWESOME! Grand Neroli and Trefle Pur are very nice as well. Great review sir.

Ginny Giniver says:

Such great video Sebastian. I love this Atelier Cologne very much. When my Sephora got it I have sampled many of them. Truyly a great video, thank you sir.

Misa Martin says:

Cedre Atlas and Bergamote Soleil are my top 2, thanks to you I’m ordering some samples from them now!

netweed09 says:

Seriously; people (no disrespect of course) rave about Kobe and Nio / 1861 from Xerjoff – I think CC is streets upon miles ahead of them. In fact, I’d hands-down call it possibly the best citrus/freshie on the market; so authentic, sweet (and so mass-appeal) and dousable. Sophisticated chic, yet casual. Formal, yet fun. And under half the price; outrageous! For me, this house can stand alone on this 1 fragrance and still be better than Xerjoff / Amouage (and I’ve tried all 100+ of their famous ones). It’s criminally underrated but I’m so glad it’s found a high spot (Top 3, not even 5 no less) on your list. 30ml bottle collected from my 1st sample last Year and definitely the 200ml bigmomma flask on it’s way. And probably another backup, just in case of a daft discontinuation (don’t you dare Atelier) =D

Galzura says:

I won a giveaway on your channel and they were supposed to send me a 1 Oz bottle. They never did. Very disappointing.

Sanjay Shah says:


AnotherFraghead says:

Cafe Tuberose is wonderful. Have you tried Oud Saphir? If so, what did you think of it compared to Emeraude Agar? Love your reviews!

Jithesh Kumar says:

You are the only guy dealing with most of the perfume Niche houses on youtube………..!!

Bohdan Palowski says:

Love Cafe Tuberosa and Oud Sapphire by Atelier Cologne …Very classy , excelent fragrances

Michał Kozański says:

I’m a big fan of the brand. Recently, I’ve decided to sell my entire collection and be devoted to only one brand, which – in my opinion – is very versatile and quality-oriented and whose fragrances blend with my skin in a perfect way. Atelier Cologne seems to be the one. So here is my top 10 (unfortunately, I don’t own and know all their fragrances, so the list may change):

1. Santal Carmin
2. Gold Leather
3. Philtre Ceylan
4. Tobacco Nuit
5. Oud Saphir
6. Citron d’Erable
7. Emeraude Agar
8. Cedrat Enivrant
9. Vanille Insensee
10. Clementine California

lj6583 says:

Really like Atelier. I have several. I have not smelled Cafe Tuberosa, yet, but need to because I love Tuberose. I really Vanille Insensee, too. Not really a gourmand vanilla for me, which is a good thing. Also, really like Trefle Pur, Cedrat Enivrant, and Ambre Nu. Nice, unique Amber to me. Thanks, for the review, Sebastian!

Hoodscentz says:

I have 3 My fav, Musc Imperial, then Cedrat Emigrant, last but not least Grand Neroli

Just Add Light says:

Layering Vanille Insensee + Orange Sanguine + Cafe Tuberosa (in that order) = A better TM Orange Zest! Give it a try!

RobKY says:

I agree with clementine california! but it is super strong on me so I have to spray lightly and 30 min before getting in the car ☺

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