Top 10 Best Cheap Fragrances / Colognes Judged by Lena

Here are my Top 10 Best Cheap Fragrances / Colognes for Men judged by my friend Lena! Thank you for watching, and remember to subscribe for more fragrance review / cologne reviews!

Whether you’re searching for the best mens cologne of all time / best womens perfume of all time or the best colognes to attract females, this channel will help you find the perfect fragrance for you. Thank you for watching!

Armaf Tres Nuit:
Arab Tradition:
Zara Rich Warm Addictive: NOT AVAILABLE ONLINE!
Lomani Intense Black:
Reyanne Tradition Insurrection Dark:
Zara Vibrant Leather: NOT AVAILABLE ONLINE!
Nautica Voyage:
Ed Hardy Love & Luck:
Bath & Body Works Bourbon:
Armaf Club de Nuit Intense for Men:

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Serg S says:

Loved the honesty from both of you Steven! Love Lena and can’t wait for the fresh fragrance review.

Guinea54 says:

Tres nuit is sweet? lol I totally agree with her about the zara one smelling like a woman … i felt that way too, didn’t like it reminded me of female cheap body spray or something.. always nice to hear peoples opinions but i think the moral of the story is that she likes more the generic fresh scents and taste is subjective.

ingsve says:

I thought you would know better than tofall for the whole coffee grinds BS. You can’t reset you nose by smelling a different strong scent. The usual baseline for our nose is our own body’s smell. That’s the baseline that the nose has accustomed itself to. So to reset your nose after smelling various fragrances you should smell a part of your skin where you haven’t put any fragrance on.

Juno says:

Great video! Lena is a very pleasent and beautify women.

My only advice would have been to go mostly cheap citrus freshies and maybe fewer green or darker frags. Judging by the last video you did with her, it was easy to predict her taste in this video and was perhaps a bit unfair to the darker frags. Would have been intersting to see a few blvgari aqva Frags, Perry Ellis 360 red, Tommy Bahamas, maybe even a few summer edition frags like Ck one summers or issey miyake’s.

David Wolleon says:

Is she single ??

King Slayer says:

She’s super hot and picks the best cologne please have her back again

hellschatt says:

Nautica Voyage was my best blind buy. Absolutely love it. At first I was underwhelmed and thought it was rather boring and nothing special. But man was I wrong. That stuff is a must have for that price. One of my most favourite fragrances.

Trent Danner says:

Hi steven sorry haven’t commented in a while been busy with work and life but I keep up with your reviews and videos! Lena is very beautiful,she seems so sweet! I have an idea by chance. Pair up the original “high end” colognes with their much cheaper counterparts and do a smell test video. I’d like to see just how many counterparts smell better in ones neutral opinion then their much expensive high end versions.

Jaime X-FACTOR says:

What the … whats wrong with lena

Joe Gutierrez says:

These r in no order
10 Perry Ellis red
9 chrome
8. Ed hardy skull and roses
7 keitthcole reaction
6 nautica voyage
5 Versace
4 insurection pure
3 keitthcole black
2 Perry Ellis reserve
1 Paris Hilton

n l says:

Love the comparison videos, and Lina is great!!!

Yogesh Shah says:

u shuld try armaf italian nero which has a very good pinapple note which gathers? huge compliments also armaf craze which is smooth creamy vanillla

Amir Pi says:

Great choices Steven,thx bro

Jairo Castro says:

Good jobSteven, your channel is great, lena is beautiful awesome team.

Kevin S says:

No wonder Nautica Voyage won, you used to old formulation. Wish it was still available. The new one sucksss

Bruce Daniels says:

Need a different girl with a Different nose just to get a different opinion especially on the sweet scents… Just saying

adypress says:

Just like my wife… Out of all my juices she likes the generic Voyage the best.

Seymour Butts says:

Honestly I seen the video with u and your wife , her reaction made me buy it , tell her I owe her my life lol summer time killer

biggbertz1 says:

was really hoping for links are the zara fragrances haven’t been able to find anything other than decants

Banu Aditiyo says:

Give rating scale it would be better point.

Tony Marinelli says:

Tuscan Leather is far from sweet smelling and is my fall/winter signature scent. I’m kind of scratching my head. TL is  actually animalistic and balsy. Not just anyone can wear it.

Jun Ian Lim says:

One of the best “Judged by …” video. You should do more of this, I really like hearing their opinions

Divyesh Sapovadiya says:

Can you please let me know how does ‘Armaf – Bois Nuit 3.4 Eau De Toilette Spray for Men’ smell?
Is it similiar to any other expensive fragrance?

MRah says:

Good to see Lena return. I hope you bring her back soon!

Aditya Gautam says:

Hi Steven, Congrats for another great video. I have one question. What do you think about the Parfums de Marly Layton and what is the compliment factor compare to Pegasus. Cheers!

765 lb squat says:

i just bought 15 bottles of nautica voyage. i do like 20-30 sprays every 2 hrs or else the chicks won’t be able to smell me from across the room.

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