Top 10 Best Leather Fragrances 2018

Best Fragrances for Men Leather Based Unisex
1:25 Tom Ford Ombre Leather
#10 1:59
#9 2:57
#8 3:37
#7 4:27
#6 5:19
#5 6:31
#4 7:51
#3 8:57
#2 10:15
#1 11:59

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Memo Carillo says:

Buen video jeremy un abrazo

AHMED Bo SaEeD says:

Hello I’m from Saudi Arabia and follow your channel suggested that there is an episode entitled perfume Expensive and alternative to him at an appropriate price. Thank you

Bugz says:

Jeremy, are you going to make a top video for winter only fragrances?


woody wood…

n3uroN. says:

Surprised Dior Fahrenheit didnt make it into the list!

Michael Lee says:

To have a true leather you need to try the memo leather range. The Irish, African and tigers nest are real all out leathers

Hossein Abbassi says:

Acqua di Parma colonia intensa

Derrick J says:

I wore Bentley intense. Females around 25-30 yrs old told me i smell like a old man lol

Dalente C says:

Good video bro. Great selection.

ml1 TheBajraktari says:

Jerry what u think about gucci by gucci ?? I love that one.. it has the same bottle as made to measure but this one is a black bottle.. u know wich one im talking about.. ‘gucci by gucci ‘mate give me a shout will ya.. can i use that on work..?? Give me some hints

Assem Omar says:

Jeremy ,Where’s prada l’homme review???????

JoeSCENTMe says:

Great list my friend. A few of those I own and they’re great.

George Dierna says:

Jeremy, what about Chanel Cuir de Russie EDP? I know that it takes a certain amount of confidence to wear it as a man.

marco marc says:

Jeremy, what do you think about Viktor&Rolf Spicebomb? I have to decide which one to choose between this one and Dior Sauvage.

Armando Molina says:

Best gourmand fragrances

Matthew Sprowles says:

I’m looking for a leather fragrance. I’ve narrowed it down to two. John varvatos dark rebel or Mercedes-Benz black leather. Please someone give me a straight opinion. One or the other. I’m leaning towards dark rebel.

Jared Warren says:

Do top 10 fragrances that last all day


Dior homme parfum… Jeremy your opinion..;

Aldo Armia says:

I wonder why you didn’t include rasasi al yuqawam pour homme in your list?

aca faca says:

1-Ferrari leather essence
2-Versace Lˇ homme
3-Tom Ford Tuscan leather

yes sir says:

I would wear a fragrance that is suppose to smell like new car .

peepbmw says:

please make top 10 tobacco fragrances vdo.

Thanks for review

Xuan Son Nguyen Phuoc says:

How do you think about solid cologne?

Charlton Williams says:

Hi Jeremy! I absolutely love your channel! Thank you for what you’ve done for us so far. I want to ask you if you have any recommendations for someone like me that sweats A LOT! Please help!?

Parabalani says:

Can you do top 10 seducing fragrances? You did clubbing fragrances 2 years ago, but the girl had quite a weird taste

sonia Scadena says:

dior homme le parfum just amazing love leather and oud men perfumes i regret acteur by azzao

Sagnik Bhattacharjee says:

Hey Jeremy! What’s your height? I have seen you with alpham. You looked like a giant there.

Fat Shady says:

I have the Bentley Intense and it is ridiculously good for the price! Guys, if you are 30 and up and you don’t have this fragrance, what are you waiting for?? Buy it NOW!!

Pablo Peña says:

Alien Man should be in that list. Don’t you think?

Gabriel Ellis says:

Jeremy can you do a review on the signature collection teakwood cologne by bath and body works please?

StephenRahrig says:

Just picked up Bentley after this video! My first leather fragrance. Interesting!!! I could definitely see it as polarizing. I actually tried doing a few squirts of this followed by 2 squirts of Eros and I starting making out with myself.

N H says:

Hey Jeremy, mach doch mal ein Top 10 sehr maskuline Düfte.

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