Top 10 Classy, Masculine Fragrances/Colognes For The Gentleman 👔👞🎩

Top 10 Classy, Masculine Fragrances For The Gentleman
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Top 10 Classy Masculine Fragrances For The Gentleman

This is a list of my classiest, most masculine fragrances for the gentlemen out there. We’ve got some designers in this list like Hermes, YSL but mostly niche brands such as Creed, Maison Francis Kurkdjian, By Kilian and more. If you’re looking for classy masculine fragrances, if you’re looking for more gentlemanly fragrances than this list is for you. Pure class all the way with these fragrances.

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el moctar sidi ali says:

Bonjour Sebastian,j’ai beaucoup aimé cette vidéo mais j’ai une question
Creed Royal Oud + Oud Wood Tom Ford ?

frankenddl says:

Every shitty perfumer lover addvertise ugly mainstream Creed perfumes for common security guard in the local mall. Creed lover = bad taste person. Just deal with it.

Serg S says:

Great review Sebastian! I’ve smelled some of these fragrances but have not tested them.

Ploi Uma says:

great review 🙂

The Last Don says:

I have 13 calognes but my 2 favorite fragances are Tom Ford Noir Extreme and La nuit delome

Krishna Mullapudi says:

Love this

Smelling Great Fragrance Reviews says:

▶️ Watch Top 10 Fragrances, Colognes For Father’s Day:

RM apCynan says:

I’d make Sebastian’s body temperature rise…

mana beast says:

Creed – spice & wood should have been on that gentleman classy list it is my nr 1 scent. Royal oud is one of the best but i think spice and wood has that extra dimension and quality. (:

Artyom Shipov says:

Fully agree

Human being says:

Invasion Barbare
Green Irish Tweed
Chypre Palatin
Oud Wood
Rive Gauche

ml1 TheBajraktari says:

U forgot one *gucci by gucci*

Rdog785 says:

– nailed it! A few of these have eluded me, but of those of which I am familiar, I stand in total agreement. I would like to reference Tom Ford Grey Vetiver edp, M. Micallef Aoud, or even Pal Zileri Viaggio D’ Africa as nominees for this category, as well.
Thanks for sharing another thoughtful concept, Mister Seb.

Masum Khan says:

Where is Encre Noir?

el moctar sidi ali says:

Bonjour Sébastien et félicitations pour cette belle présentation.
J ai 2 questions:
Tom Ford oud Woods se porte à quel temps Été,hiver….?
Même question pour Bois d argent
Salutations cordiales

Martin Mugwe says:

Give me any smell from the houses of Creed and or Tom Ford any day! Gotta give the YSL M7 a try soon too!

Sunyool Baek says:

Hi! I’m looking for a cologne for my husband. He loves Calvin Klein eternity and Jimmy Choo Man (not the intense one). Would you be able to recommend me 1-2 based on that? Thank you so much!

Hikmat Sher Afridi says:

Great List! Fougere Royale tempted me the most and will definitely buy as Oakmoss is my favorite note in perfumery. Citizen X and Special For Gentlemen also appealing to me.

Masum Khan says:

Troy Smythe says:

At my “stage of life” classy scents come in handy. I reach for them a lot, but I’ve always been drawn to them. I love your list. Royal Oud has been calling my name for months. You may have convinced me to pull the trigger. I think I’m one of the two people who bought Penhaligon’s Endymion Concentre. It is a classy just shaved scent and I like it. And those bottles! Even with their crappy caps they definitely make a statement in my gallery wall. Now I want to try yours! The only classy fragrance I’d suggest that isn’t on your list is a vintage, and it’s Guerlain’s Habit Rouge. For me, it screams “a very good life.”

ahmet ayaz says:

finally a decent list from a man looking has some taste.. i m sick and tired of seeing same fragrances in the lists. sauvage aventus la nuit delhome bla bla bla

waltherP99BG says:

Instant like EVERY time…since Man Loves Cologne and “bashing fragrances/brands i don’t like” more cocky version of you haha. I don’t like TdH – it goes very bad on my skin-like a huge pile of rotten fruits.Love Royal Mayfair , but i don’t think it’s really mascuiline and i get VERY bad projection and sillage from it-same as Royal Oud.I get good longevity from Oud Wood ~6-7hr , but i have the older brown bottle.If you like Straight to Heaven try the new extreme version-you’ll love it with the amped up rum note, and also Ursa by Tiziana Terenzi. Ambre Eccentrico , Intoxicated , Vert des Bois , Vert d’Encens , Established Cognac 66 by Krigler , Immortal Beloved by Ys-Uzac , Oajan , Noble Leather by YSL,Ursa and Amber Desire by CH will be my top 10. P.P. I’ve sent you an email.its’something personal – pls check it out.

Mundher Alshabi says:

Indeed, Royal Oud is one of the best fragrances in my collection. I wear it when I want to feel like MOFO billionaire. And guess what, I don’t detect oud either

Ali Jaber says:

Interesting list , royal oud ❤️

FragranceConsultant says:

Royal Oud is the real king.

el moctar sidi ali says:

Bonsoir Sébastien
Mes voeux de bonne et heureuse année
J aime les parfums Vanille Tobacco Qu Est ce que vous me conseillez entre Tom F Tobacco Vanille ou Herod PM ?
Salutations cordiales

Eccentric Parfumes says:

great list for gentlemen from a Gentleman…thumz up , i would have added Aventus , LIDG edt, Sycomore, Fahrenheit and Danger PH/Heritage ..

Roman George says:

Dior Eau Sauvage Parfum

Wayne Tully says:

Nice to see this kind of list (vs most popular or sexy, etc). Do you have an most “elegant” fragrances list for men 40 +?
I’m not a huge fan of Creed, but I would add one to this list – Bois du Portugal and perhaps more predictably, Amouage Jubilation XXV. Not tried yet, but I’ve heard Nasomatto Pardon is the ticket.
And, Chanel – Pour Monsieur and Allure Blanche Edition particularly are excellent, but perhaps less masculine than most on your list.

Thanks for posting! Enjoyed this very much!

Masum Khan says:

Iblame Summers says:

only one I would be interested in purchasing is the Y.S.L M7 Oud Absolu. & maybe the Tom Ford Oud Wood….

Fragrance News 4U says:

Love ur style taste in fragrances A man after my own heart classiness like it says on your channel smelling good feeling good with a touch of class

TM Scents says:

For me Green Irish Tweed is the ultimate gentlemen’s fragrance

Kuti Slide says:

thats 200ml but is very weak now

Mohmed Osman says:

Fantastic choices —- STH by Kylian is a masterbeast. Bakarrat By FMK ❤️

hmoen says:

Hi Seb, could you please review Nuhi Paris Eau De Toilette. Thanks 🙂

Frederick Jonas says:

Love classy scents. Thanks for this video.

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