Top 10 Dior Privée Collection Fragrances 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

Top 10 Dior Privée Collection Fragrances
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Top 10 Christian Dior Privée Collection Fragrances

The fragrances in the Dior La Collection Privee video I discuss are Feve Délicieuse which is a beautiful gourmand with tonka bean, vanilla and cacao dominant fragrance. Vetiver which is one of the more difficult fragrances to get but still can get which is mostly a vetiver with hints of coffee fragrance. Oud Ispahan which is an Oriental oud and rose fragrance which smells so wonderful. Granville which is a citrus aromatic fragrance with lemon and pine dominant notes. Ambre Nuit which is an amber but a very easy to wear amber which contains rose and pink pepper with the key amber note. Mitzah is another amber fragrance and one of my favorites has the notes of incense, honey, spices and cinnamon. A truly delicious perfume that I love very very much. Mitzah is also more difficult to find currently but you could find it in France in Paris as that’s where I purchased mine recently. Eau Noire is the beautiful lavender with licorice and a coffee note. A fougere but almost gourmand. Truly a beautiful scent that I am so sorry to see it go. If you can get a bottle get it now. Cuir Cannage is a leather with iris and birch notes which smells truly beautiful soft leather very classic to me. Bois D’Argent is one of the most popular in this collection and next to Ambre Nuit it’s very easy to wear. It’s woody, powdery with iris and woody and resin notes. Leather Oud is a leather, civet and oud fragrance and very animalic. There was a time when I really enjoyed this one but currently do not reach for it more but this one is truly for the animalic perfume lover. And finally Patchouli Imperial is a patchouli with woody and spicy notes.

As always please watch, rate, share this video and please subscribe to this channel if you haven’t yet. The 10 Dior Privee Collection fragrances featured in this video were all purchased by me. The views and opinions are all my own.

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braine milden says:

I like how Katie puckrick described the honey in Bois d’argent as animatic I think that’s a cool way to look at it

el moctar sidi ali says:

Love yor videos …humble! You know the perfums…super

Rebecca Pena says:

Shisshhh, sure wish I would have tried the Vetiver. No chance this Texan is going to Paris, but I will sure go online to look for a decant. I have Feve Delicieuse and absolutely love it.

Amy Sirghi says:

I enjoyed your review! I work at the Dior counter for a Neiman Marcus and have you ever experienced one of the candles?!? They are divine! I have Ambre Nuit and Eau Noir in a candle! Let me know if you are interested in purchasing any!

The Bopper says:

Good list…I actually enjoy Cologne Royale quite a bit as well. Admittedly, it’s not a show stopper but just a really good dumb reach for me in the warmer weather when I cant decide what to wear and the day calls for a citrus. lol

Sanjay Shah says:

Thanks. Wonderfullll video. I have one question. Can you rank Chanel, Tomford and Dior Privie collection.

Margo Barsukova says:

I have Ambre Nuit and Oud Ispahan (I would think – the old formula, as it stays with me for days), but would love to get my nose on Mitzah. Sounds exceptional! Thank you so much for the reviews – really enjoying this!

OdinIsYourFather says:

Ambre Nuit is superior…

Chang Liu says:

I tried Purple Oud last week in Galerie Lafayette. It smells great! Of three oud perfumes of Dior, Purple Oud is the most wearable one.

grizz 94 says:

Bois d’argent is excellent

wldnemesis says:

Christian Dior La Colle Noire is beautiful

cedriceccentric says:

“Cuir” you simply pronounce the same way as “queer”.

Michael McDonald says:

I really need to try cuir cannage and vetiver (somehow…)

International Harvester says:

Haven’t really been wowed by Ambre, Cuir Cannage and Cologne. Too expensive and underwhelming.

Deejay CriB says:

no one like “GRIS” (the old name was Gris Montaigne) ? LOL

Julien Michel Mr Jm Riche says:

Bois d’argent is one of my favorite fragrances for me is like the holy grail

Mayowa Olusunmade says:

My fave is a toss up between feve, OI, LO and mitzah. I know I know. But I love them all lol. They are all so good! Those huge bottles are 450ml.

Roman George says:

my favorites are, and i consider myself lucky to have them
1- Mitzah
2- Feve Deliceuse
3- Vetiver (Best Vetiver ever)
4- Eau Noir / Grandville
5- Oud Ispahan

Tal says:

Loving this vid, Seb. Pretty much everybody is doing top 10 lists these days, but nobody does them as well as you do, amigo!

kouji omega says:

Best video forever

Edmond carter says:

I’m looking for a leather fragrance idk if leather oud tf Tuscan leather parfum de marly is in the same category but feve delicious and amber nuit is on my radar

Jim Tyrrell says:

Im on the fence with D LEATHER OUD I think its the CIVET that turns me off otherwise I like it JIM from MIAMI BEACH

Bruno Barros Pinto Borges says:

Where can i find mitzah ?

Bill Sorrell says:

Feve Delicieuse is my number one gourmand as well. Great video, Sebastian!

SONICE69 says:

Easy Choices: NUMBER ONE: Bois D’argent; NUMBER TWO: Feve Delicieuse; NUMBER THREE: Vetiver/Gris Montaigne

Imagine Scent says:

I just picked up Eau Noire, Mitzah, and Milly-La-Foret recently and I think I have a new found appreciation for the line. I eventually want to own most of them. My Top 3 if I had to pick has to be…

1. Feve D.
2. Gris M.
3. Mitzah

I think the only one I haven’t tried yet is Vetiver, it’s impossible to find here in the states, I raided all the boutiques in Vegas and nothing. Maybe I’ll go to Paris one day haha. Awesome video, watched it twice!

Sam Grant says:

They have completely screwed up this collection – a combination of pandering to the sweet icky florals and tragic reformulations. Hardly any of them of worth their face value any more.

MSW 1912 says:

Just tried then picked up Feve Delicieuse – wow! I love it, I got a 7.5ml sample of Ambre Nuit with it so looking forward sampling that. Love your channel Sebastian.

AllDapperEverything says:

Good vid. I can’t get enough of Ambre Nuit

Kyle Stevens says:

Just recently got into higher end fragrances and started watching your show more. I don’t have access to as many privee line but I love Ambre Nuit and I’m getting Patchouli Imperial. Great review not too many people review these.

Alberto Gonzalez says:

Amazing review, Sebastian. Unfortunately, I don’t own a La Collection Privée bottle by Dior. I have sampled all the current available bottles and I found my “holy grail” scent. I got to say that Fève Délicieuse was love at first smell. It reminded me of Christmas and Christmas is my favorite holiday out of the season. Fève Délicieuse is the best gourmand scents ever, in my opinion. I am kicking myself right now because I should’ve bought it. I’m also hearing the same thing about new bottles that Dior is planning to release for his Privée line. I really hope Fève Délicieuse doesn’t get reformulated.

SNairD says:

Bois D’Argent and Gris Dior are some of the best that I’ve had from any house. Too bad that Feve Deliceuse is now discontinued (or atleast it according to a sales agent I met at the Dior Privee kiosk at a mall in HK).

Isabelle B. says:

I received Fève Délicieuse for my birthday !!! Love !

Sanjay Shah says:

Nice Video. What is the cost of 250 ml. bottle in Paris ?

Immumia 2 says:


Chad R says:

Just ordered a BIG bottle of mitzah 😉 I can’t wait I have many of your list and I totally agree ;)) love love love your videos

pascalle douven says:

about the new ones .. They stay exclusive in Paris , Las vegas .. , and …
Just one off them will join the current private line around November ( and then one will have to go out I guess)

what you or others here think
about La Colle Noir
grand bal
and Granville which was in this video as well
I own 8 off this collection now
and want to add maybe granville
and La colle noir or grandbal
xx Pascalle

Kristen Capolino says:

I definitely want to get Ambre Nuit and Feve!

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