Top 10 Fragrance Clones from Perfume Parlour

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What is the best Perfume Parlour fragrance?
In this video I am going through my list of top 10 fragrance clones from uk perfume store/shop Perfume Parlour!

If you’re looking for the best men’s cologne of all time, the best women’s perfume of all time or the sexiest men’s fragrances, I will help you make the right choices!

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bmw e30/// says:

I have the amouage reflection man from perfume parlour and its 99% the same as the original
Also the roja amber oud is amazing from perfume parlour
And the creed aventus is about 90 % the same as the original

Marisa Hernandez says:

Oh geez you’ve just enabled me! I am obsessed with baraonda! And need to get my hands on some Back to black for that yummy honey tobacco. I hope they ship to the US!

Christian V. says:

Great video!

10GALLEN81 says:

OK ..  I’m going to Perfume Parlour’s  website and check them out.. Thanks for the tip

Corona light says:

Starts at 3:30. Thank me later

Always Smell Good says:

Really good lighting and production on this video! Well done! Looks goods man!

Callum Smythe says:

I’ve just placed an order for
Aventus Fruity & the woody version
Oud Woodies (TF Oud wood)
Royal Oudh for men (creed royal oud)
Heerods (PDM Herod)
Clyve one (Christian Clive one)
Are-manis Oudh Royal (Armani royal oud)

Have you tried any of the ones you haven’t mentioned ?

It's Dawson says:

Bro, try this blend.

PP version of TF Tabbacco Vanille,leave for a few mins then apply Tuscan Leather over the top.

Absolute Monster!!!

Jon Byrne says:

Ordered aventus and it’s superb – projection 2-3 hours longevity 10+ hours . Almost identical to the original

Talk N Review says:

Got me on this one, I thought yep it’s oud wood that’s number one. Glad you surprised me. What is your fav clone of oud wood?

Muhi Hoque says:

I’m actually going to visit their shop tomorrow. I’m quite new to the fragrance game. Can someone recommend me some good fragrances to buy from them?

Mohamed Mostafa says:

Great insightful review, you mainly were focusing on closeness to the fragrance, how is the performance in most of these

Also I noticed that for some niches they offer a man and woman version do you have more info on that

Just Add Light says:

This is exactly what I was looking for Chris. Brilliant. Quickly becoming my favourite channel mate. Btw, have you tried their version of the original D&G pour homme? I’m very curious to hear how close it is because the reformulation absolutely killed it and it used to be my signature. Since vintage bottles are at a premium these days, PP could be the solution…Cheers 🙂

Muhi Hoque says:

If anyone is interested I have 10 fragrances from perfume parlour which I’m selling, 7x 13ml and 3x 50ml, all are spray bottles. I paid £71 for all 10, I’ve only just tested them so more or less full. I’ll sell them for £50. I’ll update with names of fragrances if anyone is interested.

anotherFragranceReviewer says:

Hi there, would you say their copy of grey vetiver is nice?

MelSub says:

hi are those perfumes roll on or spray,thanks.

martin ellis says:

Hi, I bought Neroliz Portofeeno from Perfume parlour a while ago and really like it. Do you have that one.. if so do you enjoy ?

SunsetSheen says:

How is the performance on these? I was reading online that the newer batches of everything PP releases is way more watered down and has crappy performance. Is there any truth to that?

Khaled Saad says:

Hi there, thanks a lot for your reviews. Would you recommend the oils or the sprays from Perfume Parlour? Regards!

John T says:

I’m beginning come round on the Tuscan leather ….that raspberry really adds something and the more I wear it I’m getting a sophisticated subtle smell replacing the furniture polish smell I couldn’t shake at first

Jamie Harper says:

YSL La Nuit isn’t quite right and the longevity is 2 hrs. Aventus has similar longevity issues and is definitely not right, there is a note that should not be in there and the pineapple and blackcurrant isn’t there really. Apart from that I’ve got all the others and they are very good.

wishawlad says:

Great video. I have just ordered Suavage from PP based on this video so hopefully be here soon. Have you tried Arab tradition? Was wondering how it compared to PP Tuscan clone?


I agree with all of your reviews, good choice my friend.
From my experiences I have had a few let downs…

Kilian – Straight to heaven white crystal was not good, the same goes for Tom ford Noir extreme.
They were way off the mark.

Paul Wadsley says:

Hi I’ve just found this channel in regard to perfume parlours scents I have tried a lot of their oils and some are so so the Tom Ford Grey Vetiver is overpowering it gives me headache if I wear it where as the genuine scent was fantastic at the moment I have three farenheit flankers and original farenheit these are excellent layer pp Farenhiet with their molecule 1 and it smells just like vintage formula Farenhiet that I remember from back in the day and their Pure XS is superb lasts a good 10 hours on me. On the whole for general everyday work wear they are great scents.

Testing One Two Three says:

Hey man, have you tried any Jo Malone clones from this house ? I´m looking for their popular one (Lime Basil & Mandarin) ?

TheHugoWay says:

Due to your reviews I decided to give PP a try. I have to say that most of the scents I got are spot on, so thanks again for the heads-up!!! Now I’m eagerly waiting them to re-release their Baraonda version. BTW, which is in your opinion their best oud based fragrance?

William Price says:

Great video, just bought a few recommendations; just a shame a lot were sold out. Would love you to do a review of pocket scents as I have bought a few off them.

UK Plate Spotter says:

Just come across another company selling excellent clone perfumes

kchange07 says:

I bought both NEROLIZ PORTOFEENO FOR MEN 0628 and TUSKAN LEATHER 0688. NEROLIZ PORTOFEENO FOR MEN 0628 is an absolute waste of money. this should be a summer frag. I think it lasted for 30mins. £12 for 50ml when I should have gone for the reliable Nautica Voyage ( £17 for 100ml).

B BG says:

I want to try out several Chanel fragrances. You happen to know why Perfume Parlour has no Chanel? Great vids, subscribed. My 2 favourite British Fragrance reviewers, Frag-Mental and MrSmelly.
Reason professional, humour (often bit self-deprecating), not only focus on compliments but also what men (not insecure teens) really like to smell themselves. At the end of the day, a man will be smelling the fragrance the whole day, you.

Hayley Smith says:

Nice British manner ,thanks sir

Batur Rahman says:

Green Ireland Tweed back on stock in Perfume Parlour Website. It was not on stock for 2 months. Gotta try it out now!

Drew Scott says:

Hated back to black. Smells to me like furniture polish. Aventus fruity is beautiful, sauvage smells identical but doesn’t last, ordered Fahrenheit and Viking. If they are as good as the others I will be very happy. Tried oud wood and Tuscan leather and they are tremendous also.

Chan says:

Are they oil?

toobalkain says:

When you say a perfect copy, are you referring to the opening or the dry down, sillage, projection and longevity, all of the above? Cuz I smelled some Aventus clones and some Haramain and Rasasi clones of other fragrances and while in the opening they do come reasonably close in some cases, I haven’t found any clone to match the original 100% in every aspect, to be a perfect copy as you say. Granted, fragrances aren’t just about the scent, the aesthetics and feel of the bottle play a part in the experience, most clones are just unsightly, so there may be a placebo effect but what with the grey market, the decants, the samples, do we really want to support theft of intellectual property in an industry that’s giving us so much pleasure? On the other hand, if those are exact copies, if all it takes to make a 100% fake is gas photochromatography, if quality of a fragrance does not depend on the quality of ingredients (natural ones in some, if rare, cases) and blending skills, we may be buying into myths here.

OGAesthetics says:

42 pounds for shipping. no thanks lol :/

John T says:

took the plunge and made an order from perfume parlour

aventus amazing and i prefer it to my original decant…honestly that opening or even just sniffing the bottle is insane

pure havane bit feminine for me but wow its beautiful

grey vetiver …superb ,every man should own a bottle

neroliz …excellent again

cant say i understand everyones love for tuscan leather though ,all i get is a nice shoe polish smell from it ,if its close to the original lets just say thats 200 quid ill never be spending

overall a great company ill be ordering a load more now because 4 out of the 5 are beyond what i ever thought they would be

WhatHappendNext says:

What do you mean by ‘I have a decant of this’

RogueVet79 says:

I watched reviews from several other guys I trust in the fragcomm and with an exception here and there, they were underwhelmed or plain repulsed by some of the frags that were reviewed here….Tread carefully…

Leo Bargianni says:

hi man! great recommendations. i was interested on the “thee one” but on the site of parlour i read some contrastant reviews. what was your sample? spray or oil? and am i looking at the correct one ? ^^’

Gerell Fowler says:

Reflection, Virgin Island Water and Amber Nuit are really good.

manny44 says:

Have any of you guys ordered from Parlour to the United States? How did it go?

OGAesthetics says:

is there any way i could buy the tuscan leather version from you? i know it might be a hassle. just curious since the shipping is insane :/. thanks again!

Kosto says:

Which one is better Alexandria or perfume parlour? Which one is cheaper?

Aboriginal Ancient says:

What would be the top 10 Spring/Summer fragrance from this company

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