Top 10 Leather Fragrances / Perfumes / Colognes | Best Leather Fragrances, Perfumes

Top 10 Leather Fragrances / Perfumes / Colognes
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Top 10 Leather Fragrances
This is my Top 10 Leather Fragrances, perfumes, colognes video. I finally had enough leather dominant fragrances to make this list. Leather is a note that I do love a lot and so the reason behind the creation of this video. I have 11 here in this Top 10 Leather Fragrances video as number 11 is an honorable mention. This list includes some underrated gems, some classics and several by designers but this is the current list and where each scent should be on my list. The higher the leather fragrance is on the list the more I wear it or I reach for it. What are your favorite leather fragrances, perfumes and colognes?

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Top 10 Leather Fragrances / Perfumes / Colognes
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Aria Seraj says:

Armorial Leather Oud .. you then know what the luxurious scent is.

Ali Syed says:

Italian leather by memo?

Willem Krauss says:

Pretty good selection! You have to try B683 by Mark-Antoine Barrois made by Quentin Bisch. For me the best leather on the market! Greetings from Vienna

The Bopper says:

Seb…how does the Knize 10 GE compare to the original, which I have. Is it worth having both or are they some what similar?

International Harvester says:

Avon’s Leather……….you might find vintage stuff on ebay.

lj6583 says:

Great review and list. Thank you!

I love my MFK Masculin Pluriel. Underated . Also enjoy my Acqua di Parma Colonia Leather. Cheers.


u missed Aqua di Parma Leather…love it when wearing my leather jacket.

Kai N says:

Great suggestions! I’m interested in trying Lonestar Memories, Cuir de Russie, the YSL and the “toned down” Tom Ford.

I am a big fan of the leather you can smell in the dry down of good ol’ Drakkar Noir, but I feel like it’s been watered down to death, and I’m looking for a similar creamy leather accord.

Any suggestions?

Yajnesh Shetty says:

Clive Christian C is an awesome leather scent!

Bernardo Marinho says:

What about Dior Homme Parfum??

Lift Out says:

Booze & Leather by Rebel is a really good leather cologne

Praetorian 61 says:

Hi Sebastian
Sorry mate but ll have to disagree on no: 1 as believe the spot belongs to

Cuir Ottaman by Parfums de Empire

Adriano Bello says:

Excellent list Sebastian! Number 1 caught me by surprise, I have to check it out 🙂

rr M says:

this is more like a list of Leather fragrances for ppl who dont like leather scent, almost none would be on a leather lovers top leather list. you dont like leather do you lol

Masum Khan says:

MissKriss says:

great list Sebastian. thanks, much!

Bassam Al Rubaye says:

Very nice list! have you tried the leather from Aqua Di parma also very nice? Any plans for Top Amber based frags?

Kelvin Entsua-Mensah says:

U should check out Mancera Wild Leather!!! Totally insane. Great review by the way.

Matt McGill says:

A little bummed I lost an auction for Noble Leather today! Was looking forward to trying it out. Love Tuscan Leather and Lonestar Memories for sure.

Bresden says:

Have you tried Green Leather by Daniel Josier?

Gabriel Garcia says:

cuir ottoman is great!

Masum Khan says:

Masum Khan says:

saloei says:

Hey you’re back! Good

Francois Makhoul says:

I was more than sure that Lonestar memories will be on the top 3 list 😀 Great list though, cheers!

L8bro says:

Fantastic list! Were is the king of leather benchmarks, the mighty Aramis? 😉
Also, what are your thoughts on Clive Christian C for men?

ehlesdee says:

Tuscan Leather smells like a wet ashtray to me 🙁 Too bad, because I think the raspberry note is really nice.

trkoby says:

Which do you recommend if I want to smell LITERALLY like a leather store at the mall or a western boot and hat shop? I want to smell like a fresh cowboy saddle. Like JUST leather. No fruit, no BS.

mhb246 says:

Thanks Seb! Godolphin is one of my fav leather scents

Scentitar Fragrance says:

I love leather oud by floris !!!!! Great list and I love leather.

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