Top 10 Leather Fragrances

My choice of the finest leather scents not necessarily opting for the most popular choices. Enjoy!


Alex Martinez says:

Xerjoff 171/17 Homme is my King of leathers. Great list!

duplomacette says:

Nice review. Where’s the accent from?

Smells Good says:

What a fantastic review and presentation style. I absolutely loved the fragrances you picked and how you described them. I personally, only, own MIP EDT which, I absolutely love but, I am definitely going to get a sample of the top 3 you mentioned.

I am extremely dissapointed by the characterless fragrances that are being banded about nowadays like Sauvage, Homme Intense and Bleu de Chanel to name a few. I have gone on a journey of smelling and discovering hidden gems and your review has given me at least 3 to explore.

Thanks a lot.

Sr Fragancia says:

Great review dude! Actually all your review are!

Mark Harris says:

You’ve given me some great ideas to try to get my nose on, especially your top three. I’m somewhat surprised that Puredistance M didn’t make your list, but I’m looking forward to seeing how your top 3 compare to it (I’ve sampled it years ago and loved it). Like another commenter said, you are quickly becoming a favorite reviewer (my favorite so far is your review of Aramis Havana).

edward gurango says:

Want so much to get Jules but not available in the US. Happy New Year!

john savvas says:

I stayed Indoors tonight.enjoyed some old cask strength malts and sprayed some tobacco vanille on me.2017 has been here 10 minutes now.I am having tea and watching this beautiful video.Thanks Chris!!!

david d says:

good job. i am gonna have to look into these scents. they sound amazing. i am fairly new to cologne scents, but am enjoying finding new and old scents alike. Thanks for the review.

Vladimir Tanascuk says:

Such an interesting and adventures list.. THanks

Gabriel Garcia says:

pheeww. nice comprehensive review, slow paced and the jules pronunciations are spot on.
and no loud intros!
lol. thx man from las vegas nevada usa

1928flash says:

Very enjoyable and informative review. I had noted that Jules was released and will have to get a sample if possible – I’ll need to say it the right way now 🙂 Thanks for your efforts this year and a happy New Year to you.

MrMatt C says:

Great List , oh how i love Trussardi Uomo ,i need fendi uomo , you have me really interested in the house of Knize , plus being a big James Dean fan I really need Knize 10!!!!!

Roy Estringel says:

Thank you, Chris!! Happy New Year!!!

L8bro says:

I’m looking forward to watching this over a glass of Scotch… 🙂

Rensy says:

Interesting choices, some i haven’t even heard never before this video (i only have tried that trussardi uomo and planning to buy that Midnight in Paris). Good New Year from here!

Jim R says:

Some interesting picks…many new one (to me) that I will have to check-out, for sure. Enjoyed!

Agnes Eva says:

I appreciate your videos because you actually show perfume houses and perfumes I never heard of before. Which happens rarely for me since I’m no more 20 too and smelled a lot. Great list!

dspada67 says:

Ha ha haaa, I knew that would get you going, totally agree bro.

Rich Mitch says:

Any tips/idea where I can buy Jules and trussardi uomo?

Robbie Hustwick says:

Trussardi Uomo is absolutely amazing,I have just taken delivery of my 3rd large bottle of it. Leather,with soft spice, longevity and projection is fantastic, I get so many compliments when wearing it. I took delivery of Jules last week,wore it at the weekend,only needing 2 to 3 sprays maximum,it lasted all day, smells similar to Kouros,but it isn’t at the same time,it’s much more sophisticated. Loving your review’s Chris. As a matter of interest,what fragrances would you recommend for the coming Summer?? season?. Thanks.

Darren Newell says:

Excellent review and Happy New Year to you my friend. I see that black bottle of Prada standing tall behind you.


I heard knize ten was reformulated it doesnt smell anymore as before


Nice vid!

Rich Mitch says:

I have to smell Jules now!

Carl says:

Great video, I’ll try to get my hands on Jules, kinda hard to do in the US right now.  Happy New Years!

bhaffar says:

Have to get my nose on Jules. I really enjoy Knize Ten, Bel Ami, and Fendi Uomo. Happy New Year!

IntotheFire says:

Awesome video Chris!!! I have to try the Fendi Uomo and Dior Jules!!! Happy New Year to you my friend!

Smells Good says:

Chris, your focus is absolutely right, its the quality fragrances that deserve the spotlight and some reason most of them have gone under the spotlight.

I have been in fragrances for more than 2 decades but i have kept it mostly to myself and like you I have always associated fragrances with emotions and my sense of well being.

I might change that , and create a few videos to bring my opinions into the wider community.

Your presentation style and thinking have given me the motivation to do so.

Rixa says:

Where can I get Trussardi Uomo 1983? And shipping to Finland? Ebay/Amazon, but how do I know which shop/person I order it?

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