Top 10 Oud Fragrances, Perfumes, Colognes

Top 10 Oud Fragrances, Perfumes + Colognes
M7 Oud Absolu:
Oud Wood:
Leather Oud:
Honey Oud:
Honey Aoud:
Accord Oud:
Oud Ispahan:
Oud Palao:
Rose Oud:
Incense Oud:
Colonia Intensa Oud:
Black Aoud:

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Top 10 Oud Fragrances, Perfumes + Colognes

This is my Top 10 Oud Fragrances, Perfumes + Colognes Video. It was time to put together a list of Top 10 Oud fragrances as Oud is a very popular note in perfumery. Although I love some oud fragrances I’m not really too in love with the oud note. There are some that smell excellent to me and some I can totally do without as I don’t like the way they smell. This list is a journey of my time in the Fragrance Community collecting fragrances. I have compiled a good 15 – 20 oud dominant fragrances and I have come up with this list. Some of you might not agree with me with this list but this is my list of my Top 10 Oud Fragrances, Perfumes and Colognes. What’s missing from this list? I know there are hundreds of other oud fragrances but this is my list and this list is organized from the fragrances I have in my collection. If you have suggestions for Oud dominant fragrances please comment in the comments section and perhaps I can add them to the list next time!

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M7 Oud Absolu:
Oud Wood:
Leather Oud:
Honey Oud:
Oud Palao:
Oud Ispahan:
Honey Aoud:
Rose Oud:
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Accord Oud:
Colonia Intensa Oud:
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Top 10 Oud Fragrances, Perfumes + Colognes


Timothy John says:

Great list Sebastian I really can’t disagree with you I have a couple of these I like rose Oud but I find it kind of annoying after several hours of wearing.. I really enjoy Aqua di Parma’s and I think it smells amazing. Keep up the great work!

emille van heyningen says:

di parma is also my fav

Hagos Johar says:

Beautiful presentation well informed thank you.

Vincent Stern says:

MFK OUD – MFK Oud Silk Mood – By Kilian Incense Oud ..

mariam ahmedzein says:


enoc guadalupe says:

Great list Sebastian.. I love Oud and need to check out a few from this list. One oud base Frag that’s pretty good is Polo Supreme Oud. check it out if you haven’t already.

Mo naz says:

no mfk? also you should try oud qadim by J. hard to get this but totally worth it. and its a cheepy. let me know thanks

Lungisani LMS says:

You missed Black to Black by Mancera

A p says:

jubilation xxv, Creed royal Oud, Aoud vanille mancera……

Fgar NY says:

I’m wearing right now Indonesian Oud and Ohh Boy! I’m into 7 hours at work and is crazy good and dry down is becoming lovely

PremA lex says:

goud oud! 🙂

Jeremy Terry says:

Mancera Aoud Vanilla has got to be in the top ten.

Gabriel Garcia says:

I might ask you about including the following,, mancera oud insensitive and also mint oud. penhaligons sawira, Robert piquet oud, cdg, wonderoud, and my top fave of all is fragrance du bois, Sahraa oud.

Ozzy says:

When i smelled Aqua di parma’s oud intense I was like WOW! This is the best fresh oud I’ve ever smelt. It deserves the no.1 spot. Just subscribed to your channel and keep up the good work sir

Exotic Scents with Nikhil says:

If you love the Oud Wood so much I would highly suggest a beast mode luxury version of it with authentic oud called London Oud by Fragrance du Bois. It’s a master blend. The original M7 had no performance issues like M7 Absolu and has got a musky tone to it. Both are great imo. Afterall all carry a synthetic oud accord.

A Sally says:

Great review. I have and love Aqua di parma Colonia Intensa Oud

elivesincolor says:

I love Byredo Accord Oud!

saloei says:

Does the m7 leave a synthetic scent throughout its longevity?

Exotic Scents with Nikhil says:

Nice list sir. Great review.

Mansoor Wahab says:

How do you like TF Tobacco Oud Sebastian? I remember smelling it at NM. It was super dry tobacco with some oud, but I don’t remember clearly. Some say it smells disgusting, but I don’t recall that.

Bassam Al Rubaye says:

Nice list! I like the Oud ADP it’s elegant , I like MFK satin mood , silk mood $$, oud malaki by D Ropion , red oud montale (similar to satin mood), rose anonym by A C, etc. , don’t prefer black oud it’s very standard smell in the middle east :), is honny oud that good ? I need to smell that.

Michael McDonald says:

Gucci Intense Oud?

lj6583 says:

Great list, Sebastian! Recently purchased Acqua Di Parma’s Oud. Great scent. I plan on purchasing MFK’s Oud, soon (love that house). It smells better on my skin than on paper. Lastly, I very much enjoy Creed Royal Oud, although I think that scent is more woodsy/spicey on me than oud. Thanks for the review!

Nick Chavez says:

Hi, good video to find out from other oud base (or content) colognes, I only have M7 from the ones you mentioned, but I have some other ouds that I think is worth to talk about. Have you tried the Amouage Epic and Interlude, well those have some good oud on them and last not hrs but days, and what about Creed Royal oud? I think that should be in the top ten list of any oud lover, and a very classy also not very popular which I like and very few people knows about it Chopard Oud Malaki, that is an awesome piece to have, I just got Gucci Oud Intense, but in my opinion the Chopard Oud Malaki is better and gets me the most complements,  Versace Oud gets me some too, and a nice daily Oud for me would be Varvatos Oud, and also in my top shelf is Bentley Absolute, probably you have done reviews of some of theses, but I just happened to see this review from you being the 1st one so far. Keep doing it. 😉

sawaf durga says:

what about desert valvet oud????

Merino Teflon says:

Recently sampled then purchased Oud Divin from Robert Piguet, can’t recommend it enough, a dark, smooth bastard with a morish black coffee vibe.

Cesar Cybstem says:


Romany Gerges says:

Hi Sepastian, what do you think of Aramis Calligraphy rose and does it really smell like Rose Oud By by Kilian?

Timothy Khoo says:

Another amazing review!!! Many thanks!
Just wondering, would you consider Santal Royal Guerlain an oud scent?

Anastasia Beaverhausen says:

I’m an oud newbie so this is incredibly helpful. Thanks Sebastian!

Spencer Anienwelu says:

Cheers Sabestian. I bought the 180ml AQUA DI PARMA OUD. Its sooooooo refined.

Rafael Balarezo says:

Perfect Sebastian, this is the more safety Video review that it match my Oud passion even though Oud is not your favorite scent, but picking all these 12 are as excellent as you Top 10 Leather ones!!
I love MFK OUD’s too.

Sofia Atiya says:

Roja and MFKs oud

iReason says:

Acqua di Parma’s Oud is really underrated. Glad to see it receiving some love from you! 🙂

Ali Albattat says:

Sir, thank you for putting the Amazon link for every single perfume you mentioned. Very good idea.

Michael Saleh says:

Everyone should consider Mancera’s Aoud Vanille. It’s amazing. I own it.

ninyli1 says:

Great selection of oud fragrances, Sebastian! Have you tried Pardon by Nasomatto? I couldn’t help sniffing my arm after spraying it;-) I think it’s lovely combination of flowers and oud.

Dohboy69 says:

Agree with your number 1 ADP Intensa Oud is amazing.

espresso says:

Have you tried Armani Prive Oud Royal? What do you think? It’s very wearable in my opinion.

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