Top 10 Tom Ford Private Blend Fragrances / Colognes!

Here are my top 10 favorite / best Tom Ford Private Blend fragrances / colognes! Thank you for watching!

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10: 1:24
9: 1:52
8: 2:15
7: 2:43
6: 3:22
5: 4:00
4: 4:28
3: 5:02
2: 5:39
1: 6:25

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Patryk Sikora says:

Where’s Cafe Rose???? It’s amazing!

koppen89 says:

Really nice!

What do you think of Italian Cypress?

guccivsguwop46 says:

3. tusan leather 2. plum japonais 1. tobacco vanille

Maricel Marco says:

may i ask the brand of perfume on the lower shelf on your left ( big clear bottle with black cap). thanks

16 blocks says:

Tabaco oud is the best love it. Don’t like the new tabaco oud intense to sweet and girly

John T says:

Great video but gee you can talk so much… Keep it short and simple. lol

Bulela Mhlebi says:

Can you please review to ford oud fleur??!!!

Neal Francis says:

I ordered 100ml tobacco vanille and 50 ml ombré leather 16 today

Brandon Rebuck says:

Tom Ford Tuscan Leather smelling like a brick.

monib ansari says:

Hallo 🙂 I wondered what perfume is best ¨
Tobacco Vanille, tom ford extreme noir or creed Aventus?

TapThatWhiteGirlForMe says:

does Macy’s carry these? I live in riverside CA any stores nearby carry these?

D. Almeida says:

great video

Snappppp says:

Great review – out of curiosity, do you purchase many fragrances online? If so any recommendations?

hueyyrouge says:

I spent a nice hour smelling all of the Tom Ford Private Blend fragrances at the Tom Ford counter and I can definitely say that Tobacco Vanille is the best one! It was instant love! Then it was Noir de Noir and Cafe Rose. But I need that Tobacco Vanille LOL!

JCA Gómez says:

a top 10 means that # 9 is better than #10 and #8 better than #9 and #1 definetely the better one?

Jamie Rego says:

Great channel and I like it when you and your fiancee join forces.

biron d says:

I totally agree with you tobacco vanille is my favorite scent of all time i tried noir de doir but didn’t like it that much

Alexandru Satir says:

Tobacco Vanille and Café Rose are my fav!

Kawsar Uddin says:

smells like cocaine??!##u sure u aint been doing a few lines before ur reviews mate?

Keith Thomas says:

Fantastic content and really digging the shirt.

RayRay PooteyTang says:

Yo my man Steven have you tried the newest blend called “Fucking Fabulous” yet!! Interested to see your thoughts on that one and what you think of the name!! Plus is it really worth the outrageous price they are going for…I believe almost close to $400! Yikes!! Anyhow always enjoy your videos my friend cause it really makes my day! You and Carlos should review “Fucking Fabulous” together please! Peace.

Meisterio says:

What place would get oud wood?

ricdynasty says:

Have yet to smell any Tom Ford fragrances besides mandarino di amalfi, but I’m constantly hearing/reading about how much women dislike all the other private blend fragrances.

What gives ?

mousemaing81 says:

“It smells like cocaine, you definitely have to get your nose on it” :=)

Dorf says:

Tobacco vanille is my favourite .

Kevin Horton says:

@redolessence can you do a top 5 Tom Ford based on seasons winter/summer

rh16 says:

noir de noir no doubt is the best

enobong akpan says:

hi,pls what’s the website I could use to get one on this good perfumes in line..

Jrivera says:

Great video I had the opportunity to try the whole private blend line at Neiman Marcus here is my order from best to least favorite.

1) Manderino de Amalfi
2) Venetian Bergamot
3 ) Plum Jaiponet
4) Tuscan Leather
5) Costa Azzul
6) Tobacco Vanille ( Cocoa Scent was too dominant in this fragrance killed it for me) Prefer Noir Extreme wayyyyy better and much cheaper imho.

A says:

Tobacco Vanille is disgusting, smells like Christmas fruitcake and NOBODY likes fruitcakes
Tuscan Leather is just as bad, you do realize there is a reason why people put masks when treating leather. Why would anyone want to smell those fumes for 12+ hours.

The only good Tom Ford’s are Oud Wood and Noir extreme, the rest are meh, disgusting or nausea.

Sanjay Shah says:

What about Italian Cypruss ? Have you smelled it ?

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