Top 4 Niche Fragrances / Colognes (All Stars 10/10)

My top 4 pick from the Niche line, for day time, evening, date and formal.


benguin7 says:

Great Video. Look forward to watching more of your work

Pietro Sessa says:

excellent ! great video you are definetly my favourite fragrance reviewer I love your videos your reviews and I appreciate really alot your “real” knowledge , you really know what you are talking about and when/if you do not talk about a world famous fragrance is not because you don’t know it but you do it well much as went by now far away in a totally new world. you are THE NEXT LEVEL. cheers bro ! Id be so so glad to meet you one day since I travel alot. are you in England right?

im a 8 languages polyglot
used to have a channel aswell
am new in this world of fragrances but im learning alot everyday and purchasing several niche frags and visiting niche boutiques

Boris Lueboreaux says:

Hi Peter, i dont know satin oud, but i love Lumiere Noire by Francis Kurkdjian. If you do not know him, you must test him necessarily! Maybe you will also love the soft and velvety rose in the middle? Let me know your opinion please. Greetings from Germany, Boris

Romeo Numberone says:

Good video try Xjeroff More Than Words it is the best!

Sakthivel Rudramoorthy says:

gr8 line buddy.. I am having creed and tom ford.. I will buy alteast decant of MFK and nasamoto at last

theandroids says:

What watch is that?

Imagine Scent says:

Bro I miss this background music so much! Good vibes. Brings back the times before I started my own channel, and just started discovering niche fragrances haha.

mohamed el-gendi says:

Hey peter love your reviews ,, could you please share the batch code of the aventus bottle which you have mentioned ,, Many thanks

Lazzplayz Perez says:

Peter, do not stop doing reviews. you are made for it man, you have a great way of coming across genuine and true to yourself on camera.

Keep; up the great work! PS, I love aventus! It is one of my most complimented frags, too bad it doesn’t always smell the same per batches and whatnot, still stays along the same lines and a GREAT frag!

Dongchen Han says:

Peter u are my one of fav reviewer on YouTube. I respect your taste so much. Btw I find spray 4times of aventus is not that strong as you described. batch variation? I got 2016 batch , it is just average performance.

Robert Crothers says:

Just found you ..shout out from robes…love your work.your my new guy for niche ….great videos…I’ watching 2018..BOB.SCOTLAND..

zinzunsito says:

try Rose d’arabi by armani prive. For me is really close to salin… MFK.

A A says:

if you liked Satin Mood you would love Acqua di Parma Colonia Oud Eau de Cologne Concentree!

michaelcochrane6060 says:

Great picks. Thanks for sharing.

Landmantx says:

I love all of these, but I prefer Clive C to Tuscan Leather and I prefer Roja Dove Amber Aoude to MFK.

Emerslam says:

I can’t imagine 6 sprays of Tuscan Leather. It would literally suffocate anyone with a km of you…in a good way. I love TL but 2 sprays is enough. You should try La Yugawam Homme By Rasasi. It is about 99% TL but goes for around $75.00 US dollars. Love your reviews.

peepee9161 says:

I like the design of your room/ house / place. Would be cool if you did a video of just a tour. I like the designs and led lights. You have good taste 🙂

steve m says:

ive decided to order some OUD satin mood. you sure know your stuff. great work

john savvas says:

Spot-on of the best top niche videos on YouTube. I watched it when you uploaded and now own all four of these.

MrSmelly1977 says:

Fair enough. Aventus is certainly a classic. I think it’s good that you often give not so good reviews and opinions on things such as GIT as it helps people think twice about what works for them.

A A says:

Excellent! Have you tried Homme by Xerjoff!

Never too old !!! says:

Just found your vids, love them, you’re an interesting guy! I subscribed! I recently purchased Creed Aventus for my husband and after the first sniff – my reaction was “Now ‘this’ smells like a man”, so I totally get what you are saying. I’ll have to sample some of the other scents you like. I tried Coco Blanc on my skin and I really wasn’t a fan – all I could smell was incense – so it could just be my skin. Keep up the great videos!

Saab Replay says:

Really great pics

Ariel Silva says:

thank you for introducing me to nasomatto. i have not heard of it before, until i saw this vid. i was happy to find it in paris last saturday and i tried “pardon” – it is good, but reminds me of YSL’s M7 which i already have, so i bought nasomatto’s “black afgano” instead. it is out of this world good 🙂

ulysse75 says:

Hi man ! not the most technical review on youtube but very genuine and more approchable for a newbie like me ! and you have the congrats from Fragboyboy Stewie so well done ! keep the good work 🙂

Sam Broome says:

Damn, this was exactly what I needed. Great concept my friend keep up the excellent work.

Flav says:

thats a very well done home. the lighting makes it look even better
good picks on the fragrances!

IYONA14 GranTurismo GT6,GT SPORT Legendary Racers says:

but…Tom Ford is a designer

Saguarini says:

Are you the guy from Twilight?

Ducati Drew says:

Waiting for the Old Spice review.

Darci Milord says:

Can u do a video on Niche scents guys or you would love to smell or that are sexy on women… no one has really done that

Amb Amb says:

Hi Peter
Have you reviewed Terre D’Hermes either edt or edp.

Johnny ACL says:

Hi, Peter! Great video. I personally know 3 of your 4 choices. I have a question I´d like for you to answer me, please: do you think Oud Silk Mood isn´t a bit feminine, due to the rose/oud/vanilla combination?


PS: Tuscan Leather is really the #1 fragrance! There´s nothing better, I agree! 😀

FragranceConsultant says:

You and I have very similar taste in fragrances. You’re picky like me 😉 Surprisingly I get nonstop compliments with Tuscan Leather yet I have NEVER gotten a compliment with Aventus.

Asim Taha says:

One of the best in this business

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