Where to buy cologne with cheaper.

Dua Fragrances:
Ferrari Leather Essence:
Armaf Hunter Intense: (Can find it cheaper)
Armaf Le Parfait: (Can find it cheaper)
Midnight In paris: Shop it..Some people asking crazy prices..
Versace Man :
Al Haramain L’Aventure:
Rasasi Hawas:
tommy bahama st. kitts: Ebay it or got to Marshall’s
Givenchy Gentlemen Only:





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xxx supreme says:

I have got a terrible headache from armaf le parfait any thoughts how to overcome it

Greentea Smoothie says:

Cuba going back to his roots! We dig it Cuba!

Corey Saunders says:

Dude I promise that’s not just a spanish type shit, I’m about as white as can be and I do the same thing haha I share your pain.

Tranderson02 says:

CubaKnow loves Bboys. How we gonna kick it?

Rafa Sacerdoti says:

Hey, keep up the videos man. You are great! Greetings from argentina

ForceUser_ish says:

My new cheapie (ish) just came in today. It’s from the Armaf house, Italiano Nero. This stuff is da’ bomb bro! Smells great when sprayed and dries down to something fiercely awesome. Just wearing it out today and some chicks commented ‘now he smells like a man! That’s what a man smells like’. Day 1 victory baby!

JoeSCENTMe says:

Great list! I’ll most likely get that hunter one.

Henry M. says:

versace man is such a damn good frag…but as usual, it’s not a new release so no one cares about it. glad to hear someone talking about a MAN’s cologne…

Kamal Saleh says:

great review brov!!! nice list, good taste as usual, keep it coming.

Emil Tricic says:

cuba you have to try Calvin Klein reveal for men, its dirt cheap and amazing boozy sweet scent

Scott Wilbur says:

Great list! I’ve got most of these and they are all fire!

Jose Soto says:

New Subscriber: love your material. Keep me entertain while getting the new 411.

Tranderson02 says:

New crib… framed art,.. who dafuq you think you is??? Jeremy Fragrance:-)Glad to see you are moving up and making waves. Also drink more, it makes the voices in your head seem more real and you feel a whole lot less crazy than you actually are.

Chris Sapp says:

Midnight in Paris ain’t no more cheap. It’s high as hell

Marc Rogers says:

I’m so surprised Versace man is not talked about more. It’s incredible.

Just Add Light says:

Half naked on the apron. Epic. V-Man is a saffron BOMB baby. Thin, creamy amber and sexalicious. A modern Ron Jeremy. Ahumado. Caliente. And yeah, I think you meant PR Invictus? Aqua? Good stuff Cuba.

Armando Molina says:

Gentleman only doesnt last for shit but smells good

chris wassil says:

The prices are outta’ this fuckin’ world on MIP!! Banger frag, beautiful presentation and juice but, HOLY FUCKIN’ SHIT..the price on this shit is through the roof!! And with that being said I’ll stick with Blvgari Pour Homme Soir. Not as powdery but, always elegant..check it out if ya’ don’t know..

Gennady Golovkin says:

Where’s that missing file at though?

Betty Murphy-Grumpus says:

Hawas is invictus Aqua

tanbir rahman says:

lol van cleef mid in paris is impossible to find under $100 ….. i was lucky to pick up a bottle back in the day

Rich Hinton says:

Ummm one million is nowhere in the same universe. Had to be a misspeak.

Diogo Mesquita says:

C’mon cuba, I love your videos but it’s 2018, Midnight in Paris isn’t a cheapie for the past 2-3 years

Jim R says:

I just love a good cheapie! Nice list and huge agreement with Rasasi Hawas – awesome fragrance, and performance, for a small price. I thought Leather Essense was a good leather fragrance, but it didn’t really grab my attention now has it received a single compliment. Moreover, I have Armaf Hunter (it’s okay) but not Hunter Intense…to be honest, I have something like 19 Armaf clones and I kind of got burnt out this house. Regardless, excellent list!!!

Combine Frags says:

Versace man is crack now I’m gone try hunter intense if it’s trash y’all might see my first video live from philly

Winston Sedgewick says:

Awesome review keep it up

Karanja Solomon says:

I love that Armaf joint……’Le Parfait’ it’s fire !!!!

David Arndt says:

That’s an American thing lmao fuck I’m guilty as charged

Guinea54 says:

Le parfait i got a decant to try it cause of your review.. i wore it twice and got about four compliments lol.. that rarely happens.. U give good picks… i need to try hunter intense .. btw if you ever wanna swap/sell a decant of that stuff let me know fam

georgegeorgiou74 says:

Midnight in Paris definitely is not $40 lol

al capone says:

Youve gone too skinny man,. You ok?

Betty Murphy-Grumpus says:

Title of this video should read ARMAF

ronnie mori says:

..i have the hawas, l’venture and craze….i will purchase the hunter intense next…

redneck gent. says:

Midnight in Paris is not a cheapie. Should got a bottle or two a year ago.

freddy Figueroa says:

Please stop doing E’s clip thing. Be original.

Aidan Shaw says:

hi cuba,anyone tink givenchy smells like invictus?bought tommy by hilfiger other day and got a givenchy sample with it.sorry i slept in tommy:)20 euro.

Reinaldo Gonzalez says:

How come Cubinsky hasn’t hooked up yet with alexandria fragrances?

fitz 90 says:

Damn cuba! My wallet was empty dried out!! Because of my addiction to fragrance,hahahaha

eclipseotik says:

Versace man is a NO!!!!!!! That’s not for everyone Cubano hell naw! Lol it’s a manly man rough shit

CanoNuevaYork says:

Hilarious!! Entertaining yet informative. Subbed!!

nicolas mayrand says:

Hey big boy you have to try tuis make a review !!!!!! No jokes yes its a cologne yes it lasts 4 to 5 hours but on clothes last forever are you ready aint no jokes !!!!!!!! There is the link

keith alexander says:

always enjoyable cuba..lolz..great vid ma man!!

Eddie says:

Dua is over priced for the amount of juice they are selling. $60 for 30ml, that’s $200 for a 100ml, gtfo!

MrDct2006 says:

Midnight in Paris, I’m glade I grab 5 bottles and 1 edp when it was still cheap LMAO

Brian Parker says:

Hawas is going up bro but great video

Hisham Alnawari says:

Your channel is fire. Great work bro

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