Top 5 Best Fragrance Oils (Perfume Parlour)

This is my top 5 best fragrance oils I have bought from Perfume Parlour.

I have loads more amazing ones from there so let me know if I should make a follow up video.

I will be ordering more fragrance oils from other brands soon, not just Perfume Parlour.

p.s. PP’s version of Dior Homme Intense (Spray, I haven’t tried the oil) lasts for a few days on my skin…I am NOT messing… and it’s almost a perfect clone. I might mention that in a future video.

I did buy the Dior Homme Intense clone a few years ago though so I don’t know if they have changed the formula, I will test their new batches soon! 🙂

Fragrance Oils Mentioned:

5. ANTEEDOT = Antidote by V&R

4. TUSKAN LEATHER = Tuscan Leather by Tom Ford

3. LA NUITS FROZEN = La Nuit de L’homme (Frozen Cologne) by YSL

2. PARDONED = Pardon by Nasomatto

1. BLACK AFGHAANO = Black Afgano by Nasomatto

Perfume Parlour:

I’m still getting used to my new camera so the settings are way off. I am also working on getting a new microphone.

I’m stupid and filmed myself in direct sunlight…sorry about me squinting lol

[In case you’re wondering, Perfume Parlour has not sent me anything to review, I purchased these oils.]


mc ifty says:

I got the black afgano from pp a few weeks ago and it’s amazing filled the whole house.

Fun with Frags says:

Tested those oils out on your recommendation – 5-10 of them – pretty great given the price. Was impressed! Thanks a lot for the tip 😉

Guinea54 says:

man you always are showing stuff no one else is talking about.. and its always cool affordable and high quality stuff.. I need to look into this.. I just ordered oil samples from another company ,, but i seen this one, i need to try it for sure.. sounds really good. Do you have a contact info?

David G says:

I have some on the way from Perfume Parlour – none of these but i’ll add them to the wishlist. Good vid! 🙂

Ashley Bishop says:

I bought the oil and the spray about a year ago and it’s beastmode.
I’m hoping they haven’t changed it. I have a list of oils I want to get from them soon.
try the perfume people as well. they had an oil of plum japonais that I’ve been waiting for perfume parlour to have. the next order i get from them will be S.L chergui.

Bluebird 71 says:

I have the Black Afgano spray and the smell is amazing but doesn’t really project off my skin that well and I bought the oil from precious pearls but smells slightly sweeter with the hash being toned down. Be interested to find a clone of Black Afgano and Pardon by Nassamato any ideas?

jammasterj13 says:

Killa in the field.. Nice video. I’m gonna purchase a few perfume oils from the parlour, especially Pardon, but it’s out of stock!!!!
Good day Sir!

Dor child says:

Thank you Killa ! Makes me want to try some of those

Darci Milord says:

Just made my first purchase but have u thought about doing a woman’s review

ShaveNontheDarkside says:

so glad you are showing oils. you can smell great with oils too. just use it carefully for stains and aroma being too strong. also good for layering with original to improve performance. bravo killer!

iooi says:

If they have weaken the scent in their oils then they only shot themselves in the foot.
I found some of their oils are hit and miss. I only turn to them if I can’t find alternative sellers who offers a more competative price to them on the same oil.

Tomas Av. says:

I ordered 7 oils from them. What can i say-they all smell like cheap 5eur per 100ml colognes. Nothing special. Oils contains maximum 3 smells, nothing complex. I dont know how can you be amazed if they smell like this. I ordered Black Afgano – smells like old lady perfume mixed with ink. Also now they added black color to is and it stains. All my ordered oils are so called copies of Niche frags which i never smelled in real life, but anyways if those originals smells like these oils-i would never pay for them more than 4 euros per bottle.
Oils last for me 2hours. All they VERY hurts nose. I ordered Royal Oud copy-total SHIT. I hope original is not so bad. Oud Wood -better but still nothing impressive, Spice Bomb smells 100% like CHERRY, nothing more just cherry. All those oils super cheap smell. Better then nothing but i suggest people to order sprays, maybe they smell better.

Oils do NOT contain top and middle notes only base. Base is cheapest to make. Now i know why people love Paco Rabanne – they smell good, not shit like CREED or many others. Looks like the cheaper to make frag and higher the price-the more so called frags freaks loves them 🙂

House of Banelord. says:

The pardon was not strong enough for me, as I real one should be crazy powerful…but hey for the price it good enough.

Samuel Gustav says:

I bought pardon and black afgano about a year ago, pardon is a very I mean very weak scent (not sure if I got unlucky or the formula has changed), afgano is good I just hate the smell lol. Recently I bought more, like oud ispahan, a perfect clone in all regards! Also Ambre nuit, from memory I remember liking it much much more in store, I thnk pp version may have a little more pepper and rose. One of my favorites Amber eccentrico, very I mean very close to the original, really good. Would like to see more reviews and pleae share us new findings about stores that sell these oils

carebearstare5000 says:

I’ve bought a few oils from them but haven’t been blown away by many. Green Irish Tweed clone is decent. Love their Virgin Island Water edt and Neroli Portofino edt. 2 good buys.

Abdul Mozid says:

I just purchased la nuit de la homme after I watched your other review which you did about a year ago. Is it completely ruined or is it still okay enough

Merino Teflon says:

I got some Perfume Parlours on a whim after a previous video you did, though I’ve yet to try them out, so I guess that’s what I’m gonna do this week! Anyway, I also tried out this American outfit who do original recipe perfume oils, which are amazing, including this one called A Roll In The Hay, with hay, and honey, and all that good stuff goming at you, warm and sexy, think it is meant to be for summer off the top of my head, but I can see this doing well in close spaces at night in autumn, if not winter, even.

Steven Sproat says:

DHI one last super poorly on my skin (I have the spray too). The TL and Black Afgano ones are fucking amazing though, cheers for steering me onto this site a while back!

What's The Scents In That says:

Their amouage interlude is amazing, and also their pure malt! to be honest iv got around 20 oils all which I find stunning… and they 5 sprays I own are good too

Z3Chosen1 says:

Please review Scensational Shopp…. I hear their Aventus is really good.

Hayward Enterprises also(mixed reviews)…

Steven Sproat says:

Hey Killa, I bought myself a sample of Black Afgano and mate…the Perfume Parlour one is spot on! I’ve ordered myself a spray of it – hoping it’s good 🙂

Courtny E. says:

What country are you from?

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