Top 5 Best Thierry Mugler Fragrances / Colognes!

These are the top 5 best Thierry Mugler fragrances / colognes! Thank you for watching!

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Pavel K says:

I had many of Mugler, but I gave all excepting Havane. I don’t like: Pure Tonka, Ultra Zest, Pure Malt, Amen, cologne and so on.I can wear just Pure Havane and Pure Wood from Mugler.

Simc Nova says:

Where in EU can i buy this fragrances?

J C says:

Summer Flash was a great fresh scent! I bought 3

max larsen says:

I do not agree with you, A-men is the heart and the perfect base, but the flankers are the dancers, its like food, i LOVE tomato but ofcourse i rather eat Spagetti bolognese then just a tomato alone. nice review btw, i enjoyed..

Jonathan Rios says:

A*Men is my overall favorite fragrance from Mugler, and my favorite flanker is Pure Malt. Great video!

Melinda Simon says:


Nietzsches Muse says:

Which it is the Cuba fragrance you wear instead of Angel Man please? Since you have such a refined taste in perfumes I am curious now.

Dillo159 says:

Pure malt smells so weird, I don’t get the hype at all

Beverley Todd says:

I love the Thierry muffler perfumes. Especially alien

Washing McDishes says:

it looks like Paul McCartney has a massive crow sitting on his head. With regards to Mugler fragrances, which is the most versatile?

DonutsRYummy says:

Thierry Mugler is so hard to find in Germany minus the original rubber bottle. I own that and ultra zest.
I want pure Tonka, pure malt, pure Havana, and kryptomint

Stanley Post says:

When everything starts to smell the same, i reach for one of my A men frag’s. I currently only have 3, and my favorites in order are ; Ultra Zesk, Malt then Tonka. I really love them equally, so too hard to pick a favorite, it just depends on my mood and what i am wearing. I dont pay much attention to the whole ‘seasonal’ thing.. i just ware what i want to smell like that day.

Jonathan Rios says:

I do agree with you… The original A*Men is my favorite, is just something about it that makes it so unique. It’s a very well done mix of notes, and the performance is better than all the flankers that I have smelled (Malt, Havane, and Tonka), is just a masterpiece! Great video! Next brand… Amouage, I see you have a lot of them.

robertgarciaize says:

Great review! Please consider reviewing Kilian please. Straight to heave & sacred wood etc etc

Marcelo Siqueira Lima says:

#1 — Mugler Cologne.
#2 — A*Men.
#3 — Pure Malt.

Mohamad attar says:

Please do the house of ARAMIS…..

Gold Mawf says:

Your frag collection is epic sir. Selling any decants?

Mavtheking says:

Pure malt hands down


I love this line and so affordable! I’m a BIG fan of Pure Havane. PH is my day Tobacco and Enigma my formal.

FuckYou,PayMe says:

I’ve seen dozens of top 10 fragrances for spring, summer, fall, winter, office, school, date, clubbing, one night stands, gym, dog walking, prison, deep sea diving, and trips to the moon, and no one ever mentions By Kilian.

D S says:

The Pure Havane is it like Ralph Lauren Red Extreme?

Kristian Figueroa says:

after seeing how you described Amen the original i bougth that and pure wood. pure wood i wasnt excited about but A*men really changed what i thought manly smelled like. i used to think it was the clean designer sauvage type colognes but i smelled amen and smelled the patchouli and the syrupy smell and it wasnt girly. i discovered sweet doesnt equal girly with that cologne. thank u for opening my nose’s pallet up lol

T'Challa says:

Pure malt for me!

Jonathan Rios says:

A*Men is now my signature scent… It’s so unique!!!! I bought a bottle 7 days ago… It’s already halfway empty… It’s an addictive scent.

Carlos Cruz says:

Well PURE MALT is my current favourite but some times I change my opinion to PURE HAVANNE and a lot of times I just have a renewd love affair with the original ANGEL MAN.

xandria20 says:

I’m trying to decide be the 2 of these for my husband. He’s a professor at a university and I thought it’d be nice to have a new “back to school” frag.
I’m bw Pure Malt and Pure Havane. I’ll be buying blind as there are no local testers which I’m fine w bc he wears Ultra Zest and the AMen DNA works great w his chemistry.
I’m wondering if there is that big of a diff bw Pure Malt and Pure Havane? Is it worth having both?

khurram abbas says:

i blind bought Thierry Mugler pure havene i swear dont buy its a worst fragrance of this world…its like icecream syrup dont ever buy pure havane

Only One Obie Chef Original Obie says:

I’m loving this chanel and your Facebook group,,Thank you

Red Salmon says:

Just ordered my 2nd 100ml bottle. Picked it up for $45 shipped from maxaroma. I have Pure Malt and Ultra Zest but Pure Havane is my favorite of the three.

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