Top 5 Best Tom Ford Fragrances

My Favorite Tom Ford Fragrances for Men and Women
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Top 5 Fragrances for Men:

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ShunPoh says:

Come on, Tobacco Oud literally smells like piss :/

ינון זילבר says:

Very strange that grey vetiver is not mentioned here

Kristian Ngjela says:

No Costa Azzura?

RC RC says:

The best for me noir de noir by Tom Ford wow and velvet orchid

Justin Wong says:

3:42 what did he say?

Tyrone norfleet Norfleet says:


Marina V says:

And “Plum Japonais”?

Steve Lewis says:

How about the best Beckham fragrance? Cheapie? Yes, but some of us want to know!

Jerome Weir says:

Ombré Leather?

János Kaszás says:

How about Grey Vetiver?

MrWTH 74 says:

Jeremy awesome work mate, I just started watching your video’s and love them, I recently purchased Sauvage Dior as it made it to #2 on one of your videos and how you described it is exactly what it is and I didn’t even smell it first but I love it, long lasting and so clean and fresh….

I am now looking to purchase Tobacco Oud however there are a few on the market, so I am confused. Do i purchase the one that is Tobacco Oud (Private Blend)

Or the Tabacco Oud (Unisex)

Diego Fernando De La Torre says:

Oud Minerale and Tuscan Leather? Mamma mia !

Blue Sparrow says:

Kulfi tastes damn good! It’s an Indian desert. Try it sometime.

Mahmoud Ali 92 says:

Number one is excellence in a bottle

Shab Chique says:

This is unisex?

Hassan Chahine says:

My favorite by far is neroli portofino not even close !

Yusif Ahmedov says:

No Tobacco vanille

Billy Gouret says:

Can you make a review for Ombre Leather?

lessbattle says:

Which one would you prefer better between Tom Ford Oud Wood and Tom Ford Plum Japonaise?

Sulaymaan Khan says:

can men wear tom ford black orchid

Crimson Clover says:

Rive d’ambre, tobacco vanille and oud wood are my favorites

Tekin ermis says:

I think The Best fragrance is attelier rebul 1895

Noah says:

Black Orchid should be on this list. The smell and longetivity (EDP) is beyond great.

pvazquez5714 says:

Jeremy franky

自来也Jiraiya says:

Tobacco Oud =8

warteinbisschen says:

what about T.F. Ombre Leather 2018? I just cant whait to hear what you smell,say about it!

Cyprin86 says:

Tobacco vanille is good after 30 minutes…the opening is not that good but the drydown is fantastic and a cacao vanilla based very gourmandy

Housam Abbas says:

nice video jermy

Tayfun ÜnlÜ says:

Tabacco vanilla

Dakkadot09 says:

White Suede

Matthias Clemens says:

Black Orchid du Bastard

Joseph Azzato says:

I have Mr Fabulous;) I like it allot but but also has a note that reminds me of flea raid how ever that scent note I really like and find comforting. love Oud Wood! have not smelt Tobacco Oud but plan to 🙂 another I like and get good reactions from in his PV line is Mandarino Di Amalfi Acqua

Adi Ju says:

Love Tom Ford

Blowfishes YouTube says:

Personally adore my 2010 Amber Absolute. So glad that we’re entering the colder months here in the UK so that I can start wearing it again.

saudiwave says:

Polite person thanks

al jaga says:

Tom Ford has put ridicules price tag on his stuff he can’t be more expensive than Chanel

Adrian Mikołaj Błażejczyk says:

Neroli Portofino <3

Nadine says:

my favourite tom ford fragrances are noir de noir, cafe rose and black orchid!!

Hemani Azerbaijan says:

Where is the Amber absolute, Tuscan Leather?

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