Top 5 Ferrari Essence Fragrances


Ferrari Essence Musk
Ferrari Essence Oud
Ferrari Bright Neroli
Ferrari Leather Essence


FragBoy Stewie says:

Excellent picks bro!

Ya Baseel says:

@AGentlemansJourney, can you do a review of ferrari essence musk, Cigar By Remy Latour Paris, and any woody/smokey fragrance you know? thanks

J Copeland says:

Great list Chad! Not sure if it’s a part of the “Essence” line (the bottle is the same), but I own and love Ferrari Uomo.

Angelo Galasso says:

ops ho dimenticato Cedar essence

Vee•Sent•Days’ -EnDZ says:

Never tried any of them,but I sure do want to sample them.

Sainy Scents says:

hey man I thought you already did a top Ferrari fragrances list

Sainy Scents says:

how about longevity on these?

George David says:

Dude.. I’m taking back what I said on the last video I commented.. You’re digging into Ferrari’s perfumes?… LOL man..those are not really perfumes… You should try quality stuff not waste your money on those… wtf! Well if you are into “freshies”.. clearly you are the start of your journey… when you’ll love those heavy sweet-dark-poisonous smells, then you know you are into perfumes 😉

StrangeDays says:

Did you say Arabian Bergamonte? Can’t even seem to find that fragrance online…

Cody K says:

Oooooo man. That Leather Essence sounds so pleasing. I’m a sucker for deeper sweet masculine scents. That Perry Ellis M was a hit. Glad I purchased it

John Manion says:

Hey man great vid….Toronto here as well…ordering Leather Essence as we speak, smelled it yesterday and loved it. Great work keep it up:)

Notes Punch says:

i was that close to pull the trigger on that ferrari oud something i believe from notino this morning , it was like $25 free shipping as well , is it any good ?

Darren Newell says:

Leather essence sounds similar to Italian leather by the house of Memo. Get yourself sample of Italian leather you might like that one. Good review as always my friend.

Angelo Galasso says:

hai commesso un errore! le essenze Ferrari sono gli EDP, Bright Neroli é un EDT! quindi non puo stare in classifica! le essenze ferrari n.5 Amber essence N.4 essence Musk n.3 Leather n.2 Silver essence n.1 OUD come EDT n.4 lavander n.3 Bergamot n.2 noble fig n.1 Neroli

Professor X says:

Hey, Mr. Chad! Just wanted to say thank u for suggesting Leather Essence. I just got my bottle from Fragancenet for only $24 shipped and I like it. It kind of reminds me of a spicier, less boozy & less green version of CH Men.

Max Shapira says:

Very good job! Thank you Chad!! Keep up the phenomenal work!!!

Batphink Phil says:

Cedar Essence sounds like my kind of thing but how strong is the Cedar? as I dislike Atelier Cedar Atlas .
 Also how much orange can you smell in Bright Neroli? and is $80.00 a good price?
 I love blue,green and citrus type frags more than most.Great review you are the Ferrari guy,now you just need a car by them lol! Thanks for any info.

Jim R says:

Chad, I can honestly say that you’re pretty much my fragrances opposite…however, I picked-up and bottle of Bright Neroli for something like $34 and it’s a great fragrance at a bargain price. It’s not quite as good as Neroli Portofino, but it’s damn close and awesome substitutes for folks who like the freshies, but don’t love ’em enough to fork-over $300. Enjoyed

AGentlemansJourney says:

What are some of your favourite scents from this house? They are definitely under the radar and need some more exposure.

Batphink Phil says:

Finally got a chance to check out Bright Neroli very fresh and smooth, and you’re right it is in the same arena as Neroli Portifino good call! I’ll get some next time I’m down there cheers!

Sainy Scents says:

i have bright neroli haven’t opened the box yet. might try it tonight. nice review

Johmathan .B. Swift says:

Howdy hi Chad.
Just stopping by to keep those views up.

sdrawkcabvag says:

do you find vetiver essence to be similar to vetiver Tonka and vetiver fatal?

Nirvana Of Monkasar says:

Great Video Chad. My next month haul would be 1) Kuros By YSL, 2)Bright Neroli ( Although I gota bottle of it but I will buy another one) 3) Ceder Essence 4) Musk Essence 5) Montale Sole de Capri. Sorry about the spellings.

Daniel Iger says:

The best of Ferrari from mr Ferrari himself.

Arden Powers says:

Nice review !
I’m hoping to get my hands on a bottle of Bright Neroli soon !! Thanks again !! 🙂

The Fragrance Critic says:

Do you like Leather Essance better than Canali Style? Are they somewhat similar?

Iceburg0032 says:

I have Leather essence and I love it and I just purchased Essence oud I am waiting for it to come in the mail..and I am interested in trying a few more I am researching to find another one to try out.

Serg S says:

Chad, this is why I sub and watch fragrance review videos. Good looking out man! Poor man’s Neroli Portofino is a seller. Gonna keep looking online and catch that deal. Excellent video!

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