TOP 5 LEATHER FRAGRANCES | Men’s Cologne | Perfume

Leather fragrances are known for their animalistic quality; the note of leather adds of a rugged aspect to the fragrances they’re a part of.

The top 5 leather fragrances in my collection are personal favourites because the incorporated leather accord is done in a really enjoyable way. You will not find ‘Complex’ by Boadicea the Victorious on THIS list…

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edward gurango says:

Yes for Dior Homme Parfum!

hassan bokhari says:

“Congestion”! :D, you,somehow,know how to make people laugh. Stay Blessed my friend.

Javanne Parchment says:

“Quick Maths” HAHAHAHAHA

Brad Peterson says:

I don’t get leather from Dior or Prada.

Marco F says:

Great list!!!! Waiting for the Iris video, 🙂 I share your choices!!

MSW 1912 says:

Great list, I really want to sample Dior Homme Parfum. Currently i’m really enjoying Polo Supreme Leather.

Just Add Light says:

All winners J. Appreciate the list. But why am I wearing leather? Why is it tight leather? With a hole in the back? And why is there a whip in my hand? Call for an appointment……

pandora p says:

My experience with leather is that it seems to add to the longevity of the fresh scents E.g. ELDO Cologne, Excelsior Bouquet and even L’homme Intense. My favorite leather is Godolphin. The one that got away from me was Cuirs by Carner Barcelona (the name alone should qualifier it as leather). There was a promo of USD100/bottle if you buy 2 CB bottles. Got sold out very fast : (. Thanks, J!

sorooshusa says:

im balls deep inside DHP. dem gainz!

A H says:

Dua’s Cuir de Milano, a clone of Memo’s Italian Leather

Coluboi90 says:

Enjoyed the Big Shaq reference! Mans not hot in that leather jacket!?

javy8229 says:

I love Ch Men Prive!

Kaka Brar says:

You haven’t tried potion royal black. Don’t you?

Robert Perricone says:

I have the Rasasi La Yuq……….love it …and also the Dior homme Parfum…amazing and i think a masterpiece..totally rich smelling and long lasting…prob the most “espensive smelling” frag in my collection..La Yuq is dryer and more of a heavy leather wow….always. Thanks for the review……youre one of my fav reviewers here…so entertaining and you give good info……………………Bob

Adam Smith says:

Good list, but imho CH Men Prive > Pure Leather

Harvey Rustandi says:

I love pure leather!

Apex Black says:

DHP was love at first spray. And it was a blind buy.

Tom Schroeder says:

Good call on the Dior Homme Parfum, a beautiful frag. In nicheland, there are many that are amazing. Memo African Leather is the bees knees when it comes to an easy to wear and enjoyable leather, and much of their line is devoted to leather. Also truly enjoy House of Matriarch Black No. 1, Dior Leather Oud, Daniel Josier Green Leather, Parfum D’Empire Cuir Ottoman, Acqua Di Parma Colonia Leather.

Alex Chu says:

Vanille Fatale has suede too. lol

ahmad sameer says:

Great to see that i own your number 1 , DHP….such a fantastic fragrance specially for suit tie affairs….looking forward to purchasing the Prada L Homme & L Homme Ideal EDP Series…Great list James!

Demirel32 says:

How many takes did it take to say the man’s not hot reference? xd

John Wen says:

love it

Big Wolf says:

Fahrenheit, AdP colonia leather, burberry brit rhythm, polo supreme leather and Memo Italian leather

Alistair Thow says:

Favourite is leder-hosen der mann, but only at night in the winter by yourself.

Grig says:

Damn!Dhp is my favorite perfume ever!RESPECT

Walt Pollock says:

Favorite tobacco next?

David Wyatt says:

It’s really strange to me how DHP is considered the most masculine of the DH line. Everyone seems to agree on this but me. I personally smell more rose in it than anything else and that makes me immediately think of grandma hugs. Every other note takes a back seat to the rose, to my nose. I find it to be even more feminine than the others because of that.

Bernardo Marinho says:

Man it’s great to see all this love for DHP <3


Great video. A little list of 5 leather fragrances. 1740 by histoires de parfums, Acqua Di Parma colonia leather, Bentley intense ,but my favorites are Cuir by Mona Di Orio and rhinoceros by zoologist.

kirkham says:

Acqua Di Parma leather is amazing

Frank Katsaros says:

5 – Marly Godolphin
4 – Zoologist Rhinoceros
3 – Dior Homme Parfum
2 – Tuscan Leather
1 – Acqua di Parma Leather

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