Top 5 Leather Fragrances To Consider | Handsome Smells

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Thank you, Handsome Smells (Waseem)


lordjohn knows says:

great selection you have there buddy!

Prakhar Ghadge says:

Noble leather by YSL if u can afford it.

Jose Vancouver says:

Great video! One leather scent I quite like is Fan di Fendi pour homme

Bjarni Jonsson says:

Do you know about any good discount sites in the UK who sell designer (and also send to other countries in EU)? = )

Chris Sanchez says:

He mainly has these sample looking bottles, where does he get them from? I imagine they are cheaper than the full bottle.

Abhi K. says:

Nice list. Definitely ch men was hyped by Jeremy. I bought it because of him as well and I LOVE that scent. I have Tuscan leather and I don’t for me anything could beat it though. It makes me think of a London gentlemen in a suit from the early 1900’s who smokes tobacco from a pipe and wears a top hat . I have no idea why lol. It’s very masculine and I love it. I only have a decant I’m saving to buy a 100ml of this and tobacco Vanille. ( only have 50 ml of this)

cobra10a says:

Great list, great review…. Thanks for the rundowns. You’re reviews are straight to the point and no nonsense….. Keep em comin…..’

dicksteinj says:

I really enjoy Bottega Veneta Pour Homme Extreme.

Hazazi Hazazi says:

Great video Waseem! I love Dior homme parfum just ordered can’t wait my bottle!

Charlie Scott says:

Tuscan Leather is absolutely killer. Great list.

tanveer Inamdar says:

good review request you to review a few good attars but not very expensive

feralbear3615 says:

Many in this list are not even leather predominant fragrances. There are so many Leather dominant scents: Dior’s Cuir Cannage, Irish Leather, ACD Leather, Cuir de Russie, Cuir Mandarine… stc

Gary says:

Great video, really love your reviews. Do you feel CH men could be worn by an older gentleman? It usually is reviewed as a youthful scent, which is fine, I just don’t want an immature fragrance. I am looking for a daily leather scent, which is hard, most are nighttime frags. Thanks!

FragranceConsultant says:

Ever tried Acqua di Parma’s Leather? Refined, classy, fresh leather. Smells like a pair of fine Italian leather shoes or something.

Michael McDonald says:

Tuscan Leather can only be worn by an alpha male business executive in a suit

trkoby says:

Dude …. PLEASE SPELL OUT THE NAMES. There is no way I can research any of these because I can’t understand a word your saying

Chris says:

Great Takes on these Waseem !!

Muzammil Khan .. says:

Which is the best affordable/inexpensive leather perfume or attar oil? Are there any Armaf or ajmal.

Greggieboy76 says:

Great vid pal. #fahrenheitstillnumber1

A Sally says:

La Yuqawam is a winner and my SOTD. I love Tuscan Leather and La Yuqawam is my new Tuscan leather, to me it’s a a no brainer. I recently purchased a 2nd bottle before everyone gets aware of this Tuscan leather clone. If you like Tuscan Leather then you’ll love La Yuqawam.

Mebrice Depace says:

What a nice guy..sincere and good reviews.

trkoby says:

“monotheme” leather??? what did he say??

Frank Katsaros says:

Acqua di parma leather…. scent of the Gods.

Quan Kamal says:

Fahrenheit ?? leather? where

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