Top Designer Fragrances vs Zara Colognes for Men | With Tiff Benson

Hey guys…In this video I ask the lovely Tiff Benson to join me in a video where she chooses her favorite mens cologne among 5 Zara Colognes that are clones of 5 Top Designer fragrances for men.Will Zara be able to compete? This video was very telling…

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The fragrances featured in today’s video are

Dior Homme by Christian Dior
Dior Homme Sport 2008 by Christian Dior
Sauvage by Christian Dior
Ultra Male by Jean Paul Gaultier
Intense OUd by Gucci


Orange Zest by Zara
Gourmand Leather by Zara
Zara 9.0 by Zara
Aromatic Future by Zara
Exclusive Oud by Zara

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arthur phillips says:

Dope vid! How dare u leave out Rich Warm Addictive??? Lol

dexxhunt says:

Big up y’all!Fresh vid as always!Dope to see two peeps I’m subbed to link up!Bless up/Peace/1 love

Batphink Fred says:

Tiff is a very attractive woman,you have good taste in female co-hosts E!
Great clip,too bad you didn’t do Zara Seoul and Impact Masculin?

Pedro Hernandez says:

Great video! Do more videos with the beautiful and knowledgeable Tiff. I took some notes from it. I went to her Instagram and she loves to dance Salsa, so, go and get some dance lessons, bro.

carlos casillas says:

The winner was you emitsu for having succhhh!!! Of beautiful woman collaborating with you ..tiff I love you!!

K. dot says:

great vid! Tiff is BREATH TAKING!

Charles Montgomery says:

Great Vid ! Tiff a total class act as always. Keep those video reviews coming yall !!

Greg Chisolm says:

she has a nose on her… impressed

Artyom Shipov says:

Zara 9.0 s also very similar to Valentino Uomo but 3 times cheaper. Projection is also very very good. So, to me, it’s a very nice alternative to Dior Homme or Valentino Uomo. Bravo Zara!

MutinyVT says:

Pro Audio Tip. You or your editor need to put your mastered audio to UNITY. Love your videos but they are always way too low. I will even offer to do it for you for the next video just to show your the difference.

MyDude says:

lol. her laugh so cute. smh. great vid.

Arden Powers says:

Really good review guys !! 🙂

Javier Ponce says:

E! – can you try Icon vs Rich Leather? Definitely not the same, but comparable… do you think it could be a replacement?

Also – Black XS vs W/End 3 AM

Inside Brooklyn Property with Dave Lewin Lic RE Agent says:

Glad you guys did this, always good content E and love the clips! LMAO!

Darci Milord says:

What about Zara and women’s fragrances

Brooklyn Fragrance Lover says:

Love this video, and LOVE both of you! Are we still linking up this weekend?

Bob Ono says:


Marv H. says:

Great collab video! Tiff is gorgeous, I could watch her read the tax code and be entertained.

biggbertz1 says:

Loved this just establishing my zara collection. Subscribed

edward gurango says:

How lovely! Oh…this video was about colognes?

elGonzk says:

Great video and great couple! Tiff has an awesome nose for sure
The ambroxan must be some kind of women-appealing molecule (not all women love Sauvage though)… Would be nice to search for other heavy ambrox scents… just a video tip 😉

James Bonneville says:

A Tiff Benson video where she doesn’t mug for the camera the entire time! If she was like this all the time, I would definitely watch her stuff. This is the Tiff I’ve always wanted to see, but didn’t know really existed. She comes across so much more knowledgeable and less Look How Cute I Am! here. Great video both of you, and please Tiff, more of this.

Szabolcs Galambos says:

@9:33 LOL; This is how a comparison video must be done. Jeremy should learn from you to have real women in his videos. 😉

Martijn M says:

You two should smell some of the new Zara winter releases.. Especially the new EDP’s like Tiveden and Norrland. Such great quality! The Tiveden lasts long, projects and is alluring as well. Mark my words on that one!

M Shlock says:

That was fun as well as interesting and what beauty, grace, charm… Tiff wasn’t bad either!

Now, don’t over-dress-to-impress her again next time.

rennyvega7 says:

So Zara is copying all other fragrances?

Jay Cutler says:

She’s fit as fuck!!!

FragranceScience says:

Sauvage is recognizable in every department store

Guinea54 says:

Damn i got to get orange zest.. son of a bitch lol. These fragrances are always impossible to find for me thats the only down side.. Really enjoyed this video.. Very cool to see the both of you… Would you say orange zest is weaker than dior 2017 or 12?

blackrain7917 says:

Internet simping


Great vid!

Rizky Ananta says:

Really love this vid

Ascendo Tuum says:

Tiff = beautiful face + perfect skin

Mike Sousa says:

Great video guys. Sauvage wins again lol.

Jerome D says:

Really Enjoyed this video yall Great Collab!!!!!!!

j myth says:

Her skin is flawless…Date her asap!Plus she’s a fraghead too!!!

ejones9924 says:

Great vid.

kijang777 says:

To be honest, I kind of bored with the video for perfumes review on youtube – all must wear well tailored shirt. Why doing casual video like this 🙂 Thumbs up for this kind of review

Biz Kindred says:

Dope idea man! I do this with my lady lmao

MrMassDeffect says:

I’m kinda shocked she couldn’t tell between DH and Zara 9.0. To me they’re similar, but not at all clones. DH is smoother, sexier, much more well blended. I love 9.0, it’s worth every penny. But if you can afford it, I’d just buy DHI tbh.

James Crawford says:

Great to see Tiff outside and beautifully casual. Absolutely love the hair! Class!

I AM says:

I’ve tried to deny it, but she is fine.  Does she look better in person or on my computer screen? ; )

The Scentral Point says:

E being all LEGEND again! Interesting these comparisons….

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